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How To Research Your Competition With SEMrush

Step-by-step guide to master the No. #1 competitive analysis tool in the market.

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Oct 2018

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What you will learn

Master the #1 competitive analysis tool and grow your business

14-days free trial ($80 value)

Find keywords relevant to your target audiences and optimize your content with them

Find profitable PPC keywords to bid on

How to analyze backlinks and improve your rankings

Track whether your website’s rank is going up

Keep up with your competitors’ online strategies and results

Dominate YouTube Ads with SEMrush

Identify profitable keywords to rank for

… and much more!




Are you interested in developing a successful online marketing strategy and growing your business faster?

Great, because you are in the right place at the right time.

SEMrush is your online marketing toolbox that contains indispensable data for developing SEO, advertising, and advanced link-building strategies.

As a digital marketing professional or a business owner, you no doubt realize how important online strategies are for reaching your business goals.

It was designed to help you speed up and facilitate your daily online marketing activities, and easily monitor the performance of your website(s).

Learn How to Take the Best Seat in The House & Learn How To Use The #1 Competitive Analysis Tool

  • Find keywords relevant to your target audiences, and optimize your content with them
  • Find profitable PPC keywords to bid on
  • Audit your website for technical issues
  • Track whether the rank of your website(s) is going up
  • Keep up with your competitors’ online strategies and results

Contents & Overview

This course will walk you through the process of mastering the #1 competitive analysis tool in the market to supercharge the growth of your business.

First, we’ll cover how to identify keywords your competition is ranking for and how to track changes in keyword positions to improve your SEO.

Next, I’ll show you how to identify your competitors in less than 5 minutes, how to break down your competitors’ domain into different URLs while analyzing their backlink strategy.

Moreover, you’ll discover how to identify profitable PPC keywords, dominate YouTube Ads by legally spying on your competitiors’ PPC strategy and use a little-known featured called ‘Domain vs. Domain.’

Last but not least, I’ll introduce you to a sneaky way to find profitable keywords you can rank for very easily on Google.

By the time you complete this course, you’ll discover how to analyze your competitors like a professional marketing agency to grow your business!


How To Research Your Competition With SEMrush
How To Research Your Competition With SEMrush
How To Research Your Competition With SEMrush
How To Research Your Competition With SEMrush


How To Grow Your Business With SEMrush

Meet & Greet

How To Use SEMrush For Free

Introduction & Dashboard Overview

How To Research Organic Search Positions

Position Changes - My Secret Weapon

How To Identify Your Competitors In Less Than 5 Minutes

Pages Breakdown

How To Analyze Backlinks And Improve Your Ranking

How To Identify Profitable PPC Keywords

How To Dominate YouTube Ads With SEMrush

Domain vs. Domain - Compare Your Competition

How To Identify Profitable Keywords To Rank For


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Fredrico12 September 2020

narrow perspective - one company view with unrealistic example - the value is in comparison and broad use case scenarios [ industries | sectors | niche | - b2b or to c', etc ]

Roos9 September 2020

It wasn't a bad course, but I feel as if it only scratched the surfice of SEMrush. The video's were short and rushed at times. Sometimes I felt like multiple of them would've been better merged into one, as it was basically still about the same subject. The first two course videos are not informative, neither is the last one. They are more introduction and/or promo parts. I had hoped for something more detailed. There is no explenation on how to use the social media tool, amongst the many other options of SEMrush that the course completely skipped. As I said, it isn't a bad course, but I feel like there's quite a lot of things that could be improved upon

Pete9 December 2018

There are useful titbits in the course, for example how to find keywords. What is lacking is a depth of detail and a clear set of steps mapped to a set of defined use cases. i.e. We will teach these 10 things Here is use case 1 with Semrush, here use case 2. I have used SEMRush a lot indirectly and wanted to find a course I could recommend to people I work with. For an absolute beginner useful though my sense would be to recommend the SEMRush training provided by SEMRush the company.

Jessica1 January 2018

Literally a short yet enlightening course! It helped me understand some online marketing strategy and how to grow my business faster than the usual! :)

Mike5 July 2017

A bit too basic and too shallow. Would have liked more in-depth information for the cost of the course.

Mohit22 June 2017

I think it is very fast and not very detailed, a little more explanation would have made this course awesome.

Yes14 March 2017

Corso troppo generico, non fornisce competenze dettagliate. Chiunque smanetti 10 minuti su semrush è capace di capire in meno tempo come funziona.

Estal27 October 2016

download link did not work, no response to message. Only appears to work for very large organizations

Enzo27 September 2016

One of the best course in researching your competition This course gives you a guide on how to be really profitable in your online business Once you applied this course you will be able to skyrocket your profits Thank you so much :D

Stephanie14 June 2016

I took this course because I needed to learn what the title implied I would learn. Instead, one example is used throughout this course, using only one domain "amazon". Obviously this domain will have lots of results and backlinks and keywords... What if I am in a smaller niche? And why not demonstrate features such as being able to compare domains instead of just mentioning them. Finally, this promises a way to use SEM Rush for free and does not deliver. I will be asking for a refund.


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