Web Development


How the Internet Works & the Web Development Process

Learn how the Internet Works - HTTP/HTTPS, Mail Delivery (SMTP), LAN, WAN, Network Basics & Firewalls

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37 mins


Jul 2019

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What you will learn

How the Internet Facilities the movement of Data Packets

The Difference between Local and Wide Area Networks (LAN, WAN)

The Basics of the HTTP and HTTPS Protocols

How DNS Lookups Work

How Email Exchange works using SMTP and IMAP

How Network Ports and Firewalls Work

The difference between Hardware and Software Firewalls

An Overview of the Web Development Process

How to Plan the Development of a Small Website


This course explores how the internet works, including the composition and transmission of data packets over both Local and Wide Area Networks. We take a look at the HTTP and HTTPS protocols as applicable to client and server side communications - including DNS Lookups. This course will also teach students how email exchange works over SMTP and IMAP. The role of Network Ports and Firewalls are also introduced.

The course comes complete with two bonus sections which offer a quick guide for aspiring Web Developers. Here we offer a brief overview of the Web Development Process and Basic insights into the planning stages of a small website.


How the Internet Works & the Web Development Process
How the Internet Works & the Web Development Process
How the Internet Works & the Web Development Process
How the Internet Works & the Web Development Process


How the Internet Works

The Internet Overview

The HTTP Protocol

The HTTPS Protocol

The SMTP Protocol and Local Mail Delivery

Outbound Mail Delivery

Network Basics - LAN and WAN

Network Ports and Firewalls

The Web Development Process - An Overview

Web Development Process Overview

Planning a Website

Web Application Planning Overview


Wojciech18 November 2020

It is hard to even say that these were the basics. All of topics are very briefly explained. Reading the descritpion of the course you nearly get as much as after watching the videos. In addition this is an excerpt from a larger course.

Evander14 November 2020

The course is simple and average. This course is just a basic course and does not cover most of the topics. Just basics have been covered. However the first video consists of Network cables all around the world which is a fascination i got from this course.

Nadine20 October 2020

Il y a un problème au niveau du texte écrit. L'automate qui fait la traduction ne comprend pas bien les sigle. Il est écrit HDDP au lieu de HTTP, et d'autre choses du genre.

S.16 September 2020

Slightly outdated. Presentation - could - be - a - bit - more - engaging. Part of "Internet and Web Development Fundamentals". Quite nice for the very basics though.

Rajkumar17 August 2020

Section 1 is very informative. Section 2 & 3 looks just started but didnt go anywhere. I feel could you have added few more informations on section 1 instead of section2 & section 3.

Kriti1 August 2020

Informative and good delivery but it was really really short.. Could find the same information on youTube for free..

Sugali26 July 2020

I can learning this course future very interesting and informative valuable information. Useful this course same interest classes...

Chimata25 July 2020

we need some extra examples on our daily life and need more explanation on back end and front end development

Mihir24 July 2020

This course is very helpful and informative, I learn about the Internet, network basics and web development process and how to plan a website.

Liliana8 February 2020

Excelente Elección, claro, didáctico, sencillo y gráficas muy ilustrativas. Very Clear, Excellente choice. Ilustrative Charts. Simple and educational. Thank you

Annemarie28 January 2020

For me it barely explains the Web Dev process. It's just an easy over view slide with no explanation whatsoever.

Michael28 January 2020

A short but informative course. I would recommend this course if you would like to know how the internet works.

Everest26 December 2019

Things are quite clear and concise in his explanations. It's good for people are really new to network fundamentals.

Zabil1 September 2019

This course was good, easy to understand for beginners. But this course is incomplete it gives only web dev process overview and a detailed first process info. but other 11 processes aren't showing at all. This course is good for some basic networking terms so thats why I am giving it high ratings plus it was free... so worth trying

Chris21 July 2019

Since I paid nothing for this course, I got mostly what I paid for. The main first section about how the internet works lacked depth. Again, free course, probably shouldn't have expected much. There was quite a bit they didn't go into depth about like what are get and post requests, why 301, 400, and 404 response codes, and even how an http data packet is structured. If more content is added, it might become worth while, but not as it stands now.


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