Mergers & Acquisitions - M&A, Valuation & Selling a Company

Mergers and Acquisitions - Step by Step M&A, Company Valuation, Negotiation Skills, Business Plans and Finance

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Approach the sale of their company with greater confidence

Better understand the role of Advisers and how to manage them

Gain valuable insights into the Sales Process to avoid making expensive mistakes

Better understand Corporate Valuation

Gain an introduction to Negotiation and Term Sheets

Find out what is important to both sides in a Management Buyout (MBO)


Welcome to my World... of Corporate Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions and Selling Companies

This is my Corporate Finance Course - for you

If you are an Entrepreneur, a Senior Manager or a Business School Student - this is going to help you!

Are you struggling to master M&A?  Then lets join forces as I have nearly 30 years experience in this field!

Let me explain:

  • Process

  • Valuation

  • Negotiation

  • Strategies

  • Tactics and Tips

And much more!

In M&A the difference between right and catastrophic can cost you a fortune, some times literally millions of dollars.

As an adviser, I have been there many, many times in the last 29 years.  I have seen good, sometimes even great. And I have seen downright awful!  (Of course, that was good news if I was on the other side at the time).

So this course is for you...

These are my real insights from my experience, pulled together to help you understand some of the pitfalls of the sales process which will hopefully prepare you for your company's sale.

You don't have to follow my advice here, but you have nothing to lose by checking it out and then using what works for you!

This is my Corporate Finance Centre of Excellence and all my Corporate Finance content will be updating in this course - I will no longer create more and more related courses, so join me today and tell me what you want me to add to improve the course!

Above all, I want your company's sale to be a success.  Hopefully, this will help. And if it does, even a little bit, the value multiplier for you could still be worth thousands of dollars.

Come, join me today, enroll in the Course and discover how you can discover what Corporate Finance, M&A and Selling Companies is all about!


Mergers & Acquisitions - M&A, Valuation & Selling a Company
Mergers & Acquisitions - M&A, Valuation & Selling a Company
Mergers & Acquisitions - M&A, Valuation & Selling a Company
Mergers & Acquisitions - M&A, Valuation & Selling a Company


Introduction to the Course

Welcome to The Course! What We Are Going To Cover!

My Personal Perspective on Mergers and Acquisitions based on 30 Years Experience

What does the term Mergers and Acquisitions Mean?

What Do We Mean By Mergers and Acquisitions?

What is the Difference between a Merger and an Acquisition

Why Do Companies Merge?

Why do Companies Make Acquisitions

What do we mean by Synergies?

Who are the Advisory Players in the Mergers and Acquisitions Market?

Financing an Acquisition

How are Companies Valued in the Mergers and Acquisitions Market?

The Mergers and Acquisitions Process

Mergers and Acquisitions Deal Game Plan

Corporate Finance Crash Course: How to Value a Business

Corporate Finance Crash Course: Introduction to Company Valuation

Selling a Business - Valuation

Corporate Finance Crash Course: Balance Sheet and P&L Methods

Corporate Finance Crash Course: Company Valuation Cash Flow Methods

Corporate Finance Crash Course: Calculating the Weighted Average Cost of Capital

Corporate Finance Crash Course: Weighted Average Cost of Capital Calculation

Corporate Finance Crash Course: Common Errors in Company Valuation

Initial Planning

Introduction How to Maximise Value when Selling your Business

Understanding the Sale Process

Selling a Business - Transaction Timing

Selling a Business - Planning for the Sale

Selling a Business - Sale Objectives

Pre Sale Preparation

Selling a Business - Pre Sale Preparation Introduction

Selling a Business - Legal and Admin Issues

Selling a Business - Operational Preparation

Selling a Business - Asset Review

Preparing the Sale Process

Selling a Business - Preparing the Information Memorandum

Selling a Business - Identifying the Best Buyers

Selling a Business - Buyer Segmentation

Selling a Business - Preparing for Due Diligence

Marketing the Business

Key to a Successful Deal

Selling a Business - The Deal Process

What Does a Sale Process to Private Equity Buyers look like?

Introduction to Selling your Company in a Buyout

The Sale Process

What is an MBO or Management Buyout?

Business Valuation in a MBO

How does Private Equity value a Business?

Maximising Exit Value

What is EBIT and EBITDA?

Business Assets

Debt Free - Cash Free - What does it mean?

What is Normalised Working Capital?

The Working Capital Cycle

Negotiating Normalised Working Capital

Buyout Summary

Introduction to Venture Capital Term Sheets

What is a Term Sheet Part 1

What is a Term Sheet Part 2

Key Concepts in Term Sheets

What is a Term Sheet Trying to Achieve

Letters of Intent in M&A Transactions

LOIs and MOUs Introduction

LOIs and MOUs in M&A Transactions

LOIs Binding or Non Binding?

The Pros and Cons of LOIs

The Key Components of LOIs Part 1

The Key Components of LOIs Part 2

Example of a UK Style LOI

Example of a US Style LOI

Section Summary and Additional Resources

The Due Diligence Process

What is Due Diligence and Why is It Important?

Make the Most of Virtual Data Rooms

Managing the Process - People

Due Diligence Process Key Learning Points

Activity – Virtual Data Room

An Introduction to Negotiation

What is Negotiation?

Principles of Negotiation

Principles of Exchange

Negotiation Objectives

Negotiation and Transaction Process Management


Thinking Fast and Slow

Negotiation Preparation

Transaction Process Management

Negotiation and Transaction Process Management Key Learning Points

Activity - Deal Timetable

The Sale and Purchase Agreement

Sale and Purchase Agreement

Concurrent Drafting

What are the Key Issues you need to Negotiate?

Complexities and Issues Arising

Sale and Purchase Agreement Key Learning Points

Activity - Deal Review and Deal Breakers Checklist

Mergers and Acquisitions - Deal Closing Getting Started

Mergers and Acquisitions - Deal Closing Getting Started

Its not just about the Price

Actions speak louder than Words

Everything is always negotiable (even after you have signed)

Deal Closing - Key Learning Points from this Section

Activity - Convene a Negotiation Strategy Meeting

Deal Closing

Overcoming Obstacles

Keep the Principals Involved

Closing Deal Points

Deal Closing – Timing

Closing - Complexities

In Person or Virtual Closing?

Deal Closing Key Learning Points

Activity - Deal Closing Checklist

Summary and Wrap Up

Downloadable PDF Summary Maximising Your Sale

Summary and Wrap UP


Gilberto16 September 2020

This overview program was well planned, organized and coordinated. Your disclosure of the skills sets at every juncture of the process was clean and broad in scope. This has been a very enlightening experience, even with my background and a limited exposure to this field of study. Thank you.

Miloud29 August 2020

Great insight, clear explanation. The facilitator seems very experienced and he definitely has the ability to share his experience with an unexperienced audience! Very excited about this course!

Nischal29 August 2020

Good Course , Great Content, Experienced Speaker, The Flow of the course indeed makes much sense . Thanks for such a wonderful Course.

Maurya27 August 2020

There should have been more financial models and valuation exercises for LBOs and other deals. A section can be dedicated to calculating post-money and pre-money valuation etc

Sudhir16 August 2020

Very badly presented. I respect the fact that the presenter is a highly experienced person but the content and way of teaching is below par. I will not recommend this course to the people who want to learn mathematical part of M&A. But who is here just for the theoretical part of knowledge, I think this might can help you.

Helen24 December 2019

This course improved my understanding of mergers and acquisitions, which benefits me a lot in daily work.

Wahyudhi6 August 2019

Currently, I need the M&A knowledge due to in the near future I will involve in M&A in sell side position.

Mary13 May 2019

The teaching is good however, I wanted to see the transaction in figures for the merger and acquisition, the calculation

Megat12 April 2019

Hi John, An amazing course, I would say. Quite a practical course than most I see out there, merely theoretical. Thank you.

John15 March 2019

It is early in the course and so far the content meets my expectations. I am learning a lot of terminology that will help me better understand company reports when M&A activity occurs.

Thabiso6 February 2019

I'm busy training on a merger and the information correlates to what the client/partners have given me.

Mark7 January 2019

First session could be broken down into shorter bite sized chunks. Full of information but could do with some actual examples to back up the content

Bowen2 January 2019

Definitely a great course from an experienced M&A adviser, a lot of details and explanations. The course format is a little bit boring, this is the course for those with real M&A drive and motivation.

Alex17 October 2018

While I understand there are confidentiality issues, it would have been great to see some real examples included in the course.

Jeff26 September 2018

Excellent, as a thorough and comprehensive overview with comprehensive breadth and adequate depth. I found John Colley's content and delivery to be excellent, unto itself, and clearly well-above other courses on the subject matter I have experienced on the Udemy platform. Good supporting materials and production value as well. Mr. Colley sets a pretty high bar for his fellow Udemy instructors, IMO! Although the subject is relatively complex, the course is sufficiently comprehensive in breadth without getting to deep and detailed or "bogged down" in any particular topical area. Having recently completed a year-long consulting-CFO engagement involving financing and fund-raising and an eventual liquidity event, I found myself quite often smiling and nodding in agreement as John's lesson points triggered one recollection after the other from my recent experience which served to support the course content and commentary and further underscore Mr. Colley's depth and breadth of experience on the subject matter. Well done, Mr. Colley! To add icing to this tasty cake, when information is readily available and accessible to the author/public, Mr. Colley might consider adding more specific, real-life examples from actual and notable M&A deals and/or founder/shareholder experiences to sprinkle and additional dose of reality and further reinforce lecture points. Additionally, it would serve to direct motivated students to specific cases and examples for their own additional research and/or deeper dive on a topical matter. And, lastly, while I don't think this is the fault of any Udemy instructor, I wish Udemy would clean up the absolutely horrendous written transcription on these Udemy courses. Transcription is needed but the inaccuracy is unfortunately both distracting and detracting, in my opinion. Maybe consider Crowdsourcing editing services in exchange for Udemy credit? Summary: Bang up job, Mr. Colley. Well done and highly recommended! I look forward to taking more of your courses.


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