Zoom | How to Use Zoom like a Pro 2024 + Look Good Doing It!

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Zoom | How to Use Zoom like a Pro 2024 + Look Good Doing It!
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Jun 2023
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What you will learn

How to use Zoom

A SECRET that Will Let You Work From Anywhere (Background Noise Will NEVER Be a Problem Again)

The most current, professional, and highly reviewed Zoom course on Udemy!

Screen sharing, more than just PowerPoint Presentations

How to Beautify (or hide) your face

How to keep unwanted guests out of zoom meetings

How to attend Zoom Meetings

How to Schedule Meetings in Zoom

When and how to MUTE people

Utilize Breakout Rooms for Unique Experiences

Zoom Essentials and Zoom Basics

Zoom for Meetings

How to Host Meetings in Zoom

How to Change Your Background in a Zoom Meeting

How to Switch Off your Camera in a Zoom Meeting

How to Chat in a Zoom Meeting

How to Chat Privately in a Zoom Meeting

How to Record a Zoom Meeting

Why take this course?

🌟 Master Zoom like a Pro with Hassan Ghiassi's 2023 Course! 🌟

#1 most current, professional, no-nonsense Zoom course | Zoom tips, tricks & meetings

Course Title: Zoom | How to Use Zoom like a Pro 2024 + Look Good Doing It!

Why Choose This Course? 🚀

This is the most current, professional, and highly reviewed Zoom course on Udemy! Join 2,000+ other students in this straight-to-the-point, no-fluff, powerful course. You can learn everything you need to know before you finish drinking your morning coffee ☕️.

Who is this course for? ğŸŽ“

This course is tailored for beginners and intermediate users who want to master Zoom. Whether you've been using Zoom for years or have only just signed up, you will be guided through everything you need to become a PRO at Zoom video meetings and chat.

What you'll learn: 🖥️

  • Essential Skills: From scheduling meetings to screen sharing, this course covers all the essential Zoom features in an easy, step-by-step manner.
  • Advanced Features: Discover advanced features like virtual backgrounds, touch up my appearance, and more to enhance your video quality.
  • Pro Tips: Learn insider tips and tricks that will make you a Zoom power user.
  • Look Your Best: Get tips on how to present yourself well on camera.

Become Zoom Certified: 📜

Upon completing this course, you'll receive a Certificate of Completion that you can add to your resume and LinkedIn Profile to showcase your new skills.

Student Reviews & Testimonials: 💬

Here's what students are saying about this Zoom course:

  • Sarah L.: "BEST course I've seen on Zoom! I had been trying to figure out how to share a video with computer audio, and it was covered in this course. I also really enjoyed the updates as items change."

  • Anand B.: "Very detailed and step-by-step lucid and articulate explanations on how to use Zoom."

  • Randy C.: "I'm liking the hands-on knowledge and expertise being brought to the videos!"

  • Karen S.: "Very informative step-by-step guide to Zoom."

  • Vonney N.: "Nice presentation. Good tips. Saw some things I wasn't aware of."

  • John A. C.: "This was a good match because of all the detailed information (unlike most tutorials which tend to gloss over a lot of particulars). That makes a great difference. Well done!"

Enroll Now & Transform Your Zoom Experience! ğŸŽ¯

Take control of your virtual meetings and impress your colleagues, clients, or students with your newfound expertise in Zoom. Enroll in this course today and step into the world of professional communication with confidence. Let's make your next Zoom call the best one yet! 💻✨


Zoom | How to Use Zoom like a Pro 2024 + Look Good Doing It! - Screenshot_01Zoom | How to Use Zoom like a Pro 2024 + Look Good Doing It! - Screenshot_02Zoom | How to Use Zoom like a Pro 2024 + Look Good Doing It! - Screenshot_03Zoom | How to Use Zoom like a Pro 2024 + Look Good Doing It! - Screenshot_04

Our review

Course Overview and Rating

The course in question has received an average rating of 4.46 from recent reviews. The reviews encompass a wide range of opinions, from satisfaction with the content provided to some critical feedback regarding the presentation style and course comprehensiveness.


  • Comprehensive Content: The course offers a thorough overview of Zoom's features, including detailed information that is not typically glossed over in other tutorials. It provides a solid foundation for both beginners and those looking to enhance their skills with Zoom.

  • Professional Insights: Many users appreciated the insider tips and tricks that added a professional touch to Zoom meetings, which are often overlooked in free video training tutorials.

  • Updated Content: The course is kept up-to-date with the latest features and updates from Zoom, ensuring that learners receive relevant and current information.

  • Engagement and Interaction: Users enjoyed the interactive elements of the course, such as activities that guided them through hosting a meeting.

  • Quality Information for Beginners: The course is deemed great for beginners who want to get started with Zoom, offering clear instructions and useful tips for new users.


  • Presentation and Pacing Issues: Some reviews mentioned that the facilitator jumped between topics without sufficient distinction, which could lead to confusion. Additionally, certain sections were deemed too fast or vague, particularly regarding advanced features like scheduling meetings.

  • Resource Availability: Learners expected more in-depth resources and follow-up activities, with some feeling that the course lacked comprehensive material on specific aspects such as screen sharing and handling large groups.

  • Technical Glitches: A few users reported technical issues, including difficulties in accessing certain modules and a purple buffer line that prevented full playback of content.

  • Expectation Mismatch: Some reviews highlight a discrepancy between the perceived expertise and the actual content provided, with a few learners expecting more advanced or unique teaching methods beyond what is available for free on Zoom's official resources.

  • Course Consistency: There were mentions of inconsistencies within the course, including videos that cut off prematurely, as well as a previous instance where users attempted to refund the course upon realizing it was similar to one they had already purchased.

Additional Tips and Advice:

  • Lighting and Webcam Quality: The course emphasizes the importance of good lighting and a high-quality webcam for professional Zoom meetings.

  • Professional Presentation Techniques: Users would like to see more content on how to present oneself professionally during online meetings, including tips on using PowerPoint and teleprompter apps effectively.


Overall, the course is generally well-received for its comprehensive coverage of Zoom features and its usefulness for beginners. However, learners have highlighted areas for improvement in terms of presentation style, resource provision, and course consistency. Potential students should consider these pros and cons when deciding if this course aligns with their learning goals and expectations.

Note to Instructors:

Based on the feedback provided by the recent reviews, it may be beneficial to address the issues raised. Consider revising the course content to ensure clarity and depth in complex topics, improve the consistency of the presentation, and resolve any technical glitches that could impede learning. Additionally, incorporating advanced tips for professional presentations and ensuring all promised bonus content is delivered as described could enhance the overall value of the course for learners at all levels.



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