Basics of Letter of Credit & Receiving Overseas Payments

Beginner's guide on - How does an LC works? What is UCP?, Types of LCs, Blockchain-Based LC, Role of Banks, Costs of LCs

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What you will learn

Beginner's concepts on how does a traditional overseas letter of credit work

What are the typical parties and banks in a simple letter of credit cycle

What is UCP 500/600 and its role in international L/C operations

What is a blockchain based letter of credit?

What are the different types of letter of credits

What is the basic framework of of typical exports transaction involving a letter of credit

What are the different costs and fees associated with letter of credit and who pays what part.


Mastering International Trade Finance: Basics of Letter of Credit & Receiving Overseas Payments

Welcome to a dynamic exploration of international trade finance! This VJ Export Mastery Series Course is your passport to understanding the fundamentals of Letter of Credit (LC) transactions, decoding the complexities of overseas payments, and navigating the global landscape of trade finance. #TradeFinance #InternationalTrade

Demystifying LCs: How It All Works

Uncover the essential workings of Letter of Credit, a cornerstone of international trade finance. Delve into the intricacies of LC payment processes, grasp the significance of UCP (Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits), and gain insights into the diverse types of LCs that fuel global commerce. #LetterOfCredit #UCP

My Journey: From Educator to Course Creator

With more than 20 courses already under my belt, I recognized a crucial gap in the world of online education – the absence of a succinct, yet comprehensive course that offered essential knowledge about Letter of Credit and the nuances of receiving international payments. This realization was my driving force. It was a call to bridge the gap between complex financial instruments and the need for simple, actionable knowledge. #OnlineEducation #TradeFinanceKnowledge

Pioneering Simplicity

Armed with years of experience and a profound understanding of the complexities of international trade finance, I embarked on a journey to create a course that would serve as a beacon for students seeking clarity in this intricate field. My goal was clear – to provide a sound, effective, and concise course that simplifies the fundamentals of Letter of Credit and international payment reception. #SimplifiedLearning #TradeFinanceSimplicity

A Transformational Learning Experience

Explore Course Highlights: What You'll Learn

  • LC Transaction Insights: Develop a profound understanding of how LC transactions facilitate global trade.

  • UCP Demystified: Navigate the international trade arena by comprehending the significance of UCP.

  • LC Types Unveiled: Explore a diverse range of LC types, from Revocable to Confirmed, and more.

  • Blockchain-Powered LC: Embrace the future of LCs with insights into Blockchain-based transactions.

  • Banks' Vital Role: Gain clarity on the pivotal role banks play in LC operations.

  • LC Costs Unmasked: Learn to decipher and manage the costs associated with LC transactions. #TradeFinanceInsights #BlockchainLC

Who Should Enroll?

  • Business Professionals: Equip yourself with trade finance knowledge essential for international business success.

  • Aspiring Exporters & Importers: Master the intricacies of LCs to streamline your overseas transactions.

  • Finance & Banking Enthusiasts: Enhance your financial acumen by immersing yourself in the world of LCs.

  • International Trade Novices: Embark on your global trade journey with a strong foundation in trade finance. #InternationalBusiness #TradeFinanceFoundation

Enroll Now and Unlock the World of Trade Finance

Join us in "Basics of Letter of Credit & Receiving Overseas Payments" and embark on a journey that will demystify LCs, empower you with trade finance knowledge, and open doors to seamless global transactions. With expert guidance, real-world applications, and a strong foundation, you'll be ready to conquer the international trade landscape. #TradeFinanceCourse #GlobalTransactions

Ready to take your first steps into the world of trade finance? Let's begin this transformative journey together.



Introduction and Course Plan
Overview of the topics covered

A Typical Exports Transaction Framework

Typical Export Transaction Procedure
A Typical Exports Transaction Framework
Quiz 1

How does LC work and different parties in a typical LC cycle

Rationale and operation of LC
How does a typical letter of credit work?
Different parties to a letter of credit
Quiz 2

Role of UCP in a typical merchandise letter of credit

The LC solution for a diverse world
Role of UCP in LC operations
UCP 600 Revision
Quiz 3

Types of letter of credits?

Types of letter of credits
Common Types of Overseas Letter of Credits
Quiz 4

Costs and Fees Associated with International Letter of Credit and Who Pays What

LC costs
LC Costs Usually Associated With the Exporter
LC Costs Usually Associated With the Importer
Quiz 5

Blockchain Based International Letter of Credit

Blockchain Based New Letter of Credit System
What is a blockchain based letter of credit - Overview
Basic Steps For a Typical Blockchain Based LC
Basic Blockchain LC Cycle Explained
Quiz 6

Final Thoughts

Concluding Remarks


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