Credit Scores: How Personal Credit Works

Learn everything you need to know about how your credit score works and how to improve it!

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Credit Scores: How Personal Credit Works


1 hour


Feb 2014

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What you will learn

A complete understanding of the credit score calculation

Knowing who calculates your credit score

Different ways to boost your credit score

How to build or rebuild credit

How your credit score can save you thousands of dollars

How to make your credit score work for you


Do you know how your credit score actually works?

Did you know that a bad credit score can cost you thousands of dollars?

Neither do most people, until they find out the hard way…

Information on credit scores isn’t widely taught, even though it’s one of the most important parts of personal finance.

And you probably know your credit score is something you should know about, but you’ve just never set aside the time to look into it.

Well it’s time to take action.

Presenting Credit Score 101: How Personal Credit Works

A 1 HOUR COURSE that completely covers all the ins and outs of credit scores.

I’m Huntly Mayo- my credit score is over 800 (in the best range possible), and I’m a personal finance blogger and lifestyle entrepreneur. One of my areas of expertise is credit scores, and I’ve put together this quick course to bring you up to speed on everything you need to know on the subject.

What you’ll learn in this short but comprehensive class:

    ·How your credit score is calculated, and by who

    ·Proven Strategies to boost your credit score!

    ·How to check your credit score online, completely free

    ·How to potentially make your credit score work for you

    ·How to monitor your credit activity, completely free

Sign up now to take control of your credit score, and avoid potentially having it cost you thousands of dollars down the line.


Credit Score Introduction

Credit Score 101 Introduction

Why You Need to Take This Course

Who Am I?

Course Overview

What's a Score, and Why is it Important?

How Credit Scores Work

How Credit Scores are Calculated

Credit Score Components: Payment History & Amounts Owed

Other Credit Score Components

Credit Score Calculation Summary

Credit Score Mythbusting!

How to Check Your Score & Understand It

Checking Your Credit Score Online

Get Your Score Online

How to Use Credit Sesame

Checking Your Credit Report Online

Understanding Your Credit Report

Sample Credit Report

Improving Your Credit Score

Introduction to Improving Your Credit Score

Credit Score Research

Disputing Errors

Getting Late Payments Removed

Collections Accounts

How to Build Credit

Curing High Utilization

Course Conclusion

Course Review

Bonus Lecture: How to Make Your Credit Score Work for You!


Michael3 September 2020

Great course. A lot of great information that should be spread and more people should listen too. Learn a lot and gonna learn more.

Azra30 June 2020

This course gives good basic information about the credit report. It's good for those who do not have severe credit problems. But what about those who have the worst credit history? What if someone has a CCJ? or default notices? also, this is mostly about the US. The link provided as a resource is not secure or were showing not results.

Travis21 March 2020

This course was a good match for me. I am in the process of rebuilding my credit and found the content to be very helpful and useful.

Sergiu9 September 2018

Thank you for the course. I am happy to have taken this course as I got to learn more about how to improve my credit score and what are the tips of maintaining a good credit score. The course starts from the beginning explaining what credit score is and how it is impacting your day to day life. The instructor then goes ahead and provides advice on what you should do to improve and maintain your credit score, or what you should do if you are having a bad / poor credit score. Thank you, a useful course indeed.

Anonymized13 June 2018

Carefully takes time to explain the course details but the actual learning takes a bit of a delay of sorts. but overall, a pretty good experience!

Ekene6 November 2017

Quite interesting and fun. There is a lot to be learnt about how personal credit works, both for those without knowledge in this area, and those who want to brush up on their knowledge.

Bryan1 October 2017

The course is Great. Understanding Credit Repair make things easier to Understand how to apply for Loans when trying to become an Adult. The Lesson plan was easy to follow. I would recommend this Lesson to Family and Friends.

N19 August 2017

Informative and entertaining course. Unfortunately the instructor has not answered questions since 2 years ago.

Gary12 September 2015

If you want to boost your credit score and remove bad marks from your report, try the practical advice offered in this course. It just might work! Thank you for a lecture well done.

Karin6 August 2015

I didn't learn a whole lot about credit that I didn't already know but what I did learn helped boost my score by 10 points and gave me helpful ideas about how to keep my score high.

Marco20 May 2015

This short lecture helped explain how credit scores work and why maintaining a higher score is important. It also provided clear and concise tips on how to raise your credit score. The overall lecture was easy to follow and maintained my interest throughout.

Shauna25 December 2014

I have to commend Huntly for his teaching style. I am currently enrolled in several Udemy courses and most of them have not captured my interest like this one. He was able to appeal to my visual learning side while remaining upbeat on the complexities of credit scores. The only downside was that the course only lasted for a hour and it left me wanting to know other ways to boost my credit score. I would definitely recommend this course to a friend. <3

Scott15 October 2014

I have followed different credit "gurus" and Huntly is saying exactly what the others have said. I was hoping to possibly learn some new strategies for improving my credit score, as well as my wife's, but did not pick up on anything I didn't already know. We both are about 700 but want to get to that magical 720 mark so I guess time will be the only thing that really does it because I have pretty much done everything he, and others, have said to do to make it better.

Elemental16 February 2014

Very good and solid info in this course. Excellent tips on understanding your credit score, why its important, and building/repairing your credit. Great tip on the Authorized Spender technique, which I plan to utilize immediately!

Sean14 February 2014

This has a lot of useful information. If you’re ever going to get a loan then you need to learn this material so you can make sure you have a good credit score. I’m saving for a new car next year and now I know that if I boost my credit score up I will be able to get a nicer one. Its only in the average range but I’m going to use these tips to build my credit and get it above 700. That should mean lower payments.


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