Watch & Learn Baseball: Understand the Game Like a True Fan

A-Z guide on how the game of baseball works including chalkboard-style video lessons, quizzes, and fun videos.

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May 2021

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What you will learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to watch a baseball game, understand what is going on, and even impress your friends by throwing out stats like RBI, ERA, & WHIP!

Know baseball terminology that broadcasters use during the game.


Did you know that BASEBALL is America's true past time? Football is cool and everything. But baseball is really where it's at!

Baseball fans come in all shapes and sizes. My very own fiancée was once just a casual baseball observer with little knowledge of the intricacies of the game. Now, after more than 5 years of being together, she is a BASEBALL FANATIC! I ask her when the games are. I ask her who is pitching. It's fantastic!

And you can learn to love the game just the same. With this course, you'll understand all of the basics of the game including:

  • The Field
  • Positions
  • Scoring Runs & How to Win the Game
  • Equipment
  • Major League Baseball structure
  • Outs, Innings, Games
  • Types of Hits
  • Fielder's Choices
  • Pitching & Defense
  • Wild Pitches, Passed Balls, & Errors
  • Strategy
  • Types of Pitches
  • Hitting, Pitching & Field Stats

As you can see, there is a lot that goes into the game of baseball. And this course is the perfect way to learn to love the game!


See you inside the course - go enroll!



Watch & Learn Baseball: Understand the Game Like a True Fan
Watch & Learn Baseball: Understand the Game Like a True Fan
Watch & Learn Baseball: Understand the Game Like a True Fan
Watch & Learn Baseball: Understand the Game Like a True Fan


Introduction to Baseball

Baseball Explained in 5 Minutes

The Baseball Field

Baseball Positions

Scoring Runs & Winning the Game


Major League Baseball - teams & structure

The baseball basics quiz.

Baseball - Outs, Innings, Games

What's an out?

3 Outs equal an inning? Huh?

What's an out?

Baseball - Offense

Hey batter, batter, batter... Swing batter! It's a hit!

Ways to get 'on base'

Scoring Runs - Dos

Stealing is a good thing in baseball... for the offense!

Sacrifice Hits

The fielder has a choice - and it's called a 'fielder's choice'

Do you know your offense?

Baseball: Pitching & Defense

Wild Pitches, Passed Balls, & Errors

Double Play / Triple Plays

Infield Fly Rule

Pitching Strategy

Curves, Fastballs, Screwballs, and Knucklers - types of pitches

Intentional Walks - but why?!?!

Do you know your pitching & defense?

Baseball Stats

Hitting Stats

Pitching Stats

Fielding Stats

Do you know your stats?

Wrap Up

Thank YOU!

BONUS: Baseball Key Terms

Baseball Term - DOWNLOAD PACK

Base on Balls

Bases Loaded


Called Strike

Caught Looking

Check Swing



Designated Hitter

Disabled List

Double Header

Double Play


Earned Run Average

Extra Innings

Grand Slam

Ground Rule Double

Hit and Run

Hitting for the Cycle


No Hitter

Perfect Game

Pick Off

Run Batted In

Runners on the Corners

Scoring Position

Set Up Man

Seventh Inning Stretch

Shut Out

Solo Home Run

Squeeze Play

Tagging Up

Wild Pitch

Wind Up

Bonus Lecture: What's Next for You?

Bonus Lecture: What's Next for You?


Vikram2 May 2020

so far good, but could have been better with some simplistic explanation of how game starts, how players comes to bat as game goes on, all I mean is little practicality would have increased the impact of the course.

Camille8 April 2019

As far as the instructor's information and approach he did great. The only reason I knocked a star off is when something is labeled a bonus ...to me...that feels as if someone is saying 'you don't need this for the certificate, but you can have it if you want. However, clearly UDEMY won't give you a certificate of completion without it. So, I'm not sure what is up with that, but it's the only reason I dinged half a star off.

David23 February 2019

It's a free course. It is what it is. If you have zero knowleged of the game, you'll probably get a lot out of it.

AmirSadegh23 February 2019

The course is great... I'm learning new things already, but I already had a very basic background. I think for someone with absolutely zero knowledge or information about baseball, so far the course is a bit fast. But for me it has been great so far. EDIT: Well, I'm halfway through, and I gotta admit that it's not the instructor's fault that baseball is by far one of the most complicated games out there. :D I love it already, but man it's hard to learn. Just like many other things, you have to watch games as well in order to fully understand the concepts. Watching the games will be like a practice for this course, and without practice you won't fully understand the game.

Aisha15 May 2018

I'm really really very grateful for this course ..I'm a new fan for baseball and never really understood how is it played before and now I can understand thanx to this course ..really awesome .

Jeffrey1 April 2018

The course provides a comprehensive overview of just about everything to do with baseball. The course was a bit dry, however it is functional course to learn and understand baseball.

Margaret19 February 2018

I've learned so much already! I didn't know what a shortstop was or the different leagues. I'm so grateful :)

Margaret26 February 2017

I'm a baseball fan, but still managed to learn a couple of new things, especially in the stats lectures. This is a comprehensive overview of what's involved in a baseball game and helps fans keep track of what's going on. I definitely recommend this course.

James15 November 2016

Would be better if it b rolled some actual game footage. But this a perfect intro for my kids and I to watch to introduce them to the game.

Prem7 October 2016

Just moved to Canada and started following baseball. I'm an avid cricket fan and wanted to know more about this sport. Enjoying so far. Good work Phil :)

Anil10 September 2016

Good course for anyone that wants to learn about baseball. If you already know about baseball don't get it, it'll bore you! lol

Joy22 July 2016

Phil speaks slowly and clearly. His talks are organized by topic, so a beginner can really understand.

Kathleen26 February 2016

Liked the course and generally good explanations. I am a lifetime baseball lover but I did learn a few things!

Luís17 October 2015

I knew nothing about baseball before starting the course and now I can easily watch a game and understand what is going on. Very easy to follow and instructive.


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