Auto Spray Paint Learning - 12 Days Restoration Challenge!

Custom Paint Your Scooter in Exact 12 Days!- Auto Body & Painting Course -Do You Have the Guts to Take on the Challenge?

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Auto Spray Paint Learning - 12 Days Restoration Challenge!
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Jan 2023
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What you will learn

1. Will learn exactly how to restore your scooter in exact 12 days.

2. Will learn what to do on each day to finish the project on time.

3. Will learn how to dismantle your entire scooter in 2 days.

4. Will learn how to paint a silencer the right way.

5. Will learn how to remove stickers and decals

6. Will learn what type of primer to use when.

7. Will learn how to paint plastics the right way.

8. Will learn how to test paints.

9. Will learn how to apply Matt clear coat.

10. Will learn how to apply and level body filler.

11. Will learn how to modify rear view mirrors.

12. Will learn how to deal with cracks or frying of primer or paint if it occurs during paint job.

13. Will know which sandpaper to use when.

14. Will learn how to apply Pearl Silver Base-Coat, Clear-Coat, Single-Stage Paint, Primers etc

15. Will learn how to do color sanding and buffing.


Are you prepared to step into the spotlight and showcase your true potential? This thrilling intermediate-level auto body and painting course will push your boundaries, challenging you in ways you never imagined. Do you possess the courage, determination, and resilience to accept this challenge? Enroll now and unlock your hidden talents!

Welcome to the Auto Spray Paint Learning's 12-Day Restoration Challenge—an intermediate-level course that takes your skills to new heights, building upon the foundation laid in our beginner-level program (Auto Spray Paint Learning - Learn Auto Body and Paint). Prepare to delve into advanced techniques and processes that transform ordinary automotive bodies into masterpieces.

Picture this: Your old, worn-out scooter, magically reborn into a head-turning, envy-inducing ride that sets you apart from the crowd. With our expert guidance and step-by-step instructions, you'll uncover the closely guarded secrets of professional auto body and paint work, acquiring skills that will serve you for a lifetime.

Embark on this extraordinary 12-day restoration challenge today!

Enrolling in our course doesn't just save you thousands; it opens doors to potential income streams as you share your newfound skills. Imagine the delight of impressing your friends and family with your expertise!

But that's not all. As a valued member of our community, you gain access to ongoing support and camaraderie from fellow enthusiasts who share your passion for auto body and paint. Together, you'll strive for mastery in this art form.

I'm Ryson, your Auto Body and Paint Expert, Author, and Instructor. I'm here to teach this remarkable skill to anyone eager to learn. With it, you can customize, repair, or restore any project you desire, armed with professional auto body instructions and materials. Subscribe to stay connected and return frequently to refine your expertise.

Our 12-day restoration challenge course isn't limited to scooters; it's a blueprint for painting success in any endeavor. The process remains the same—it's about knowing the right steps and painting like a seasoned pro.

Here's a glimpse of what you'll gain when you enroll:

  • Precise restoration techniques for your scooter in just 12 days.

  • A daily action plan to keep you on track.

  • Expert insights on dismantling your scooter in only 2 days.

  • Silencer painting mastery.

  • Decal and sticker removal know-how.

  • Choosing the right primer and when to use it.

  • Proper painting of plastics.

  • Paint testing expertise.

  • Matte clear coat application.

  • Body filler application and leveling.

  • Rearview mirror modification skills.

  • Handling primer or paint issues like a pro.

  • Sandpaper selection savvy.

  • Application of Pearl Silver Base-Coat, Clear-Coat, Single-Stage Paint, Primers, and more.

  • Color sanding and buffing mastery.

Please note that results are typical and depend on the effort and actions you invest.

Experience the Mind-Blowing Auto Body Multimedia Course EVER! Join us now!




Day 1 & 2

Things to do on Day 1 & 2.

Day 3

Day 3 Video 1
Day 3 Video 2

Day 4

Day 4 Video 1
Day 4 Video 2

Day 5

Day 5 Video 1
Day 5 Video 2

Day 6

Day 6 Video 1
Day 6 Video 2

Day 7

Day 7 Video 1
Day 7 Video 2

Day 8

Day 8 Video

Day 9

Day 9 Video 1
Day 9 Video 2
Day 9 Video 3
Day 9 Video 4

Day 10

Day 10 Video 1
Day 10 Video 2
Day 10 Video 3
Day 10 Video 4

Day 11

Day 11 Video 1
Day 11 Video 2
Day 11 Video 3

Day 12

Day 12 Video 1
Day 12 Video 2
Day 12 Video 3
Day 12 Video 4


Color Sanding and Buffing
Assembling the Scooter TIME-LAPSE
Full Restoration Video With Finished Paint Job!


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