ESL Foundational English - Complete Course for Beginners

A complete 12-week course designed specifically for ESL learners to help them build a strong English foundation.

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Jul 2021
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What you will learn

Alphabet Phonics - The sound of each letter

Numbers - How to count to 100

Pronouns - 7 Types

Verbs, Nouns, Adjectives - Forming simple sentences

Question Words - Asking Questions

Prepositions - Describing Places

Grammar - Verb to be, Simple tense.

Conversational English - Describing Yourself


The Problem with American & British English Curriculums

In my many years of teaching ESL English at schools in China, Taiwan, and Thailand, I have noticed a key systematic problem preventing most children from learning effectively - They are taught American or British standard curriculums not designed for ESL learners.

The problem is, these courses are only effective when taught to Native English speakers who already have a solid foundation in the English language. However, in countries where English is the second or third language, these American and British English courses are highly intimidating, difficult to understand, and not engaging or interesting to the students.

This course is designed for ESL Learners

When children from a young age fail to understand the English courses taught at school, they quickly lose interest and stop learning effectively. After observing this learning difficulty for many years from countless students, I decided to create a course specifically for ESL learners to develop a strong English foundation.

This course teaches 12 fundamental topics that each include the lesson content, practice worksheets with explanation, and topic tests that consolidate the students' understanding. Video classes are all highly engaging while being less than 10 minutes long so students don't get bored. I have seen that once children have developed a good foundation, all future learning becomes much more fun, easy, and effective!

Topics covered:

Chapter 1 - Introduction - About Yourself

Chapter 2 - Phonics of the Alphabet

Chapter 3 - Numbers and Digits

Chapter 4 - Subject Pronouns

Chapter 5 - Common Verbs

Chapter 6 - 4 Types of Nouns

Chapter 7 - Basic Adjectives

Chapter 8 - Question Words

Chapter 9 - Prepositions of Place

Chapter 10 - Verb To Be

Chapter 11 - Simple Tense Grammar

Chapter 12 - Conversation Practice & Course Review

Thank you and let's have fun learning together!


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Introduction - About Yourself


Phonics - Alphabet

Phonics Lesson
Phonics Worksheet Class
Phonics Topic Test

Numbers - Digits

Numbers Lesson
Numbers Worksheet Class
Numbers Topic Test

Pronouns - Subject Pronouns

Pronouns Lesson
Pronouns Worksheet Class
Pronouns Topic Test

Verbs - Common Verbs

Verbs Lesson
Verbs Worksheet Class
Verbs Topic Test

Nouns - 4 Types of Nouns

Nouns Lesson
Nouns Worksheet Class
Nouns Topic Test

Adjectives - Common Adjectives

Adjectives Lesson
Adjectives Worksheet Class
Adjectives Topic Test

Question Words

Questions Lesson
Questions Worksheet Class
Questions Topic Test

Prepositions - Place

Prepositions Lesson
Prepositions Worksheet Class
Prepositions Topic Test

Grammar - Verb To Be

Verb To Be Lesson
Verb To Be Worksheet Class
Verb To Be Topic Test

Grammar - Simple Tense

Simple Tense Lesson
Simple Tense Worksheet Class
Simple Tense Topic Test

Conversation & Revision

Conversation - Talking About Yourself
Full Course Revision


July 18, 2021
Haven't finished the course but so far it's great! Byron covers everything from the very basics and build you up. Thank you!
July 18, 2021
Very impressed with the course. It is very basic for me and my son to learn together and the worksheets are excellent! Happy =)



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