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SECRETS of COFFEE. Part 1.HISTORY (Coffee Expert in 3 hours)

How to UNDERSTAND COFFEE (30 lessons) - for COFFEE LOVERS and BARISTAS - The Most Complete Course (Simple + Interesting)

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3 hours


Sep 2021

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What you will learn

You will get acquainted with unknown legends about the origin of coffee.

You will follow the path of the coffee tree by which it spread throughout the world.

Learn what the famous words "Moka", "Geshir" and "Gahwa" are.

Learn the types of "Oriental coffee" and distinguish Turkish from Greek coffee.

Experience the Ethiopian ceremony, the oldest coffee tradition in the world.

You will be able to structure the world's major coffee formats.

Understand how the Ottoman Empire became the world's first coffee promoter.

You will understand how Yuri Kulchitsky became a true coffee legend.

Learn about such important but unknown drinks as Bicherin and Mazagran.

Learn the origins and real meaning of the words "Espresso" and "Barista".

Find out how "tips" appeared in England, and America became a coffee country.

Once and for all, you will understand the most complicated term Speciality Coffee.

Explore the history of the world's main coffee technology - Espresso.

Clearly categorize all "Coffee Waves" of modern coffee history.


Hello, dear friends, and welcome to my first course of the «Coffee Basics» series – «The HISTORY of COFFEE».

It is intended for Coffee Lovers and Baristas who want to know more about their favorite drink and understand all its diversity and versatility.

I will introduce myself to those who are not yet familiar with my other course – «The BOTANY of COFFEE.» By the way, I strongly recommend that you take it, because, together with the «HISTORY», it will help you form a COMPLETE picture of basic coffee knowledge.

My name is Sergio Reminny, I am a coffee expert with 25 years of experience in the coffee industry, a businessman, a writer, and the first Coordinator of the European Speciality Coffee Association (SCAE) in Ukraine (2003-2008).

After thousands of articles on my Coffee Blog, hundreds of videos on my YouTube channel, and a series of coffee books, I created this online course.

The main task that I set for myself in the course was to translate the complex coffee world knowledge into SIMPLE and INTERESTING lessons for both ordinary coffee lovers and baristas. And also to teach you to UNDERSTAND the relationship between different coffee categories and, to help you use this knowledge in your life.

«The HISTORY of COFFEE» will give you a complete chronological understanding of how coffee won peoples’ hearts and became a favorite drink of mankind.

You will not find on the Internet the materials presented in my lessons. Because they are all derived from my many years of experience and are based on my personal view of the history of coffee after studying it for a quarter of a century.

Here I am not going to teach you what is right and what is not. My goal is to teach you to UNDERSTAND the world of coffee and to use your knowledge.

As one of the greatest coffee lovers of our time, the great French writer Honoré de Balzac, said: «Study the past, and it will teach you the future...»

You know, instead of offering my arguments in favor of your taking this course, I want to give a perfect example of how the understanding of the history of coffee can help you in your life. For this, please, watch the free intro of my course. An interesting example of a clear understanding of the difference between Latte and Cappuccino is waiting for you.

The purpose of this short story, pals, was to draw your attention to the fact that knowledge of history is not just erudition.

Knowing the PAST is important for understanding what you are doing TODAY and who you will become TOMORROW.

This is exactly what my course is about.

Take it and I assure you will not regret it. And I promise that it will be interesting ...))

Well, we have a lot of work today, so let's get down to business right away.


SECRETS of COFFEE. Part 1.HISTORY (Coffee Expert in 3 hours)
SECRETS of COFFEE. Part 1.HISTORY (Coffee Expert in 3 hours)
SECRETS of COFFEE. Part 1.HISTORY (Coffee Expert in 3 hours)
SECRETS of COFFEE. Part 1.HISTORY (Coffee Expert in 3 hours)


CONTENT ▪ 27 Lessons + Bonus Video!

CONTENT of the COURSE ▪ All You Need to Know About the History of Coffee.

INTRODUCTION ▪ 1000 Years of History in 3-hour Unique Course.

ABOUT this COURSE ▪ Why Should You Study History (Latte vs. Cappuccino).

ETHIOPIA ▪ The Birthplace of Coffee: How It All Began.

Lesson 1. KALDI and the GOATS ▪ Unknown Version of the Most Famous Legend.

Lesson 2. Other Legends about Coffee: "BULL", "FOREST FIRE" and "SCHOLAR KHALID"

Lesson 3. The Origin of the Word «Coffee» ▪ Harrar vs. Kaffa.

YEMEN ▪ Happy Arabia: Origins of the World Coffee Trade.

Lesson 4. «MOKA» as a Synonym for «Coffee» ▪ 300 Years of Monopoly.

Lesson 5. GAHWA: Dinosaur of the Coffee World ▪ Gahwa vs. Geshir.

COFFEE TREE ▪ How the Coffee Plant Conquered the World.

Lesson 6. How a Monk Stole Coffee Beans and How Ceylon Switched to Tea.

Lesson 7. TYPICA: The Coffee Variety that Started It All.

Lesson 8. BOURBON: French Kings and Coffee ▪ The Story of the Reunion.

OTTOMAN EMPIRE ▪ The First Marketers in the Coffee History.

Lesson 9. How the Sultans Made Coffee a Centuries-Old Tradition.

WORLD COFFEE FORMATS ▪ The World of Coffee in 4D View.

Lesson 10: From Oriental Coffee House to American Coffee Shop.

+ BONUS: Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony (in all details).

Lesson 11. ORIENTAL-STYLE Types of Coffee ▪ "Yellow Coffee" ▪ Turkish vs. Greek.

Lesson 12. VIENNESE COFFEE ▪ Kulchytsky: the Coffee Genius Who United the Eras.

Lesson 13. ITALIAN ESPRESSO ▪ the Full History of the Coffee Machine.

Lesson 14. True Meaning of fhe Word «Espresso» ▪ How Spaghetti Were Espresso Too

Lesson 15. First Steps of Coffee in America ▪ «COFFA» and «СOAVA» by John Smith.

Lesson 16: ENGLAND: Tokens and Newspapers ▪ Where the Word «Tips» Comes From.

Lesson 17. LONDON: How a Coffee Shop Became an Empire ▪ Edward Lloyd's Story.

Lesson 18. How AMERICA Became a Coffee Country ▪ The Boston Tea Party.

UNKNOWN HEROES ▪ The Forgotten Drinks that Made History.

Lesson 19. IRISH Coffee ▪ Joe Sheridan - the King of Coffee with Alcohol.

Lesson 20. BICERIN of Turin: the Father of Coffee with Chocolate.

Lesson 21. MAZAGRAN and «Moorish Cafes» ▪ How Cold Coffee was Born in Algeria.

COFFEE WAVES ▪ From Coffee Gold Rush to the Robots.

Lesson 22. - 1st WAVE: Gold Coffee Rush ▪ Folgers, Diggers and Marketing.

Lesson 23. - 2d WAVE: The Birth of a Giant and of a Modern Coffee Shop.

Lesson 24. - 3d WAVE: Coffee as a Personality + Love for Coffee as Highest Value

Lesson 25. - 4th WAVE: Look into the Future ▪ The Main Criterion for Survival

SPECIALITY COFFEE ▪ Full History and Explanation of the Term.

Lesson 26: The Most Complicated Coffee Definition (in simple words).


Lesson 27. DAY of COFFEE ▪ National vs. International ▪ Why October 1st

BONUS Lecture.


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