High Availability cluster with PROXMOX and CEPH

Build your first HA Cluster for small environment

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Mar 2019

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What you will learn

How to build and manage HA cluster for small deployments

You will learn how to install and manage PROXMOX cluster.

You will learn that Ceph is simple and easy to manage storage solution


This course will help you to build your first High Available and Scalable Cluster which will be easy to extend with extra storage space or add extra compute power with NO downtime. The cluster will remain up, even in a case when one or more servers go completely down.

This course includes essential knowledge and skill which will help you to build your first production ready redundant cluster with Proxmox and Ceph. Both Proxmox and Ceph are proven by time technologies.

Proxmox is a Virtualization platform that includes the most wanted enterprise features such as live migration, high availability groups, and backups.

Ceph is a reliable and highly scalable storage solution designed for performance and reliability. With ceph storage, you may extend storage space on the fly with no downtime at all! My goal to show that Ceph is not a black magic box, but a smart solution which can be easy to install and manage

This is an introductory course which aimed to help to obtain essential skills and knowledge to build your first High Availability Cluster.

If you heard or even tried OpenStack, but found it either too complicated for your environment, then the most likely you will enjoy this course as it is aimed for small deployments.

Please note that at the moment I was writing the course the version of Proxmox was 5.2, but the information provided in the course isn't obsolete yet.


High Availability cluster with PROXMOX and CEPH
High Availability cluster with PROXMOX and CEPH
High Availability cluster with PROXMOX and CEPH
High Availability cluster with PROXMOX and CEPH


Building test environment

Requirements for the course

Topology overview and System Requirements

Installation of proxmox

After OS installation. OS preparation for joining the cluster

Creating of new Cluster. Joining servers.

Ceph Storage

Install Ceph along with Proxmox

Cluter Features

Install VM, test live migration

How does HA Group actually work

Ceph advanced level

Pools, Placement Groups, CRUSH

Placement Groups Troubleshooting


OSD Replacement

Cluster Administration and Troubleshooting

Cluster performance troubleshooting

Proxmox and Ceph RBD Backups


The course afterwords


Anwar20 August 2021

Very good explanation of underlying technology of Ceph and Proxmox HA but the course should be updated.

Niki15 March 2021

In the first lessons, the presentation is too fast. Please leave the important screenshots longer than half a second. I've spent most of my day hitting the PAUSE button and trying to understand what's going on. This being said, once I got over the initial frustration, I really enjoyed the course.

Thomas14 February 2021

very nice and well build presentation - from "easy" to "advanced" of the several topics; well explained; good timing; would like to see more on other topics like "Proxmox-HA-CEPH-Networking"

KOTA21 November 2020

It is a very good course, I recommend 100%. The practices are excellent, lots of Virtualization technologies are there but this is some what different. Very Well Explained But i Need it in more detailed on the CEPH storage with some good examples.

András6 November 2020

I was hoping the course would address more of the underlying theory and strategic/design considerations instead of just being an installation cookbook. Here's hoping the next videos will be deeper.

Lawrence13 April 2020

Really great course! Personally I would also like to learn about networking between servers and networking between servers. So perhaps that is something to add to this course, or create a dedicated course depending on the size of the subjects.

Stacy19 February 2020

This course is excellent. Very nice presentation style, not just reading slides/etc, it's like a long lab session with some breaks here and there for some theory. Enjoyed following along very much. I hope there are some more like this in the future from you! Proxmox is on v6.x now and yes, some things are quite outdated from when this course was made. That being said, it's still very valuable firing up VMs of the older image of Proxmox just to follow along exactly. You'll probably be pleasantly surprised at some of the newer niceties added to Proxmox's Ceph integration when you go into production with a more recent version. My only request would be to see some updates for it eventually, and perhaps some more in-depth performance tuning/evaluation topics would be cool to see.

Rémy31 January 2020

First of all, this course is very fine if you have already some experience with virtual machines and linux. I had no problem to understand Ivanov Ruslan and the key concepts. However, one problem is that this training is not up to date from last Proxmox or Ceph release. Furthermore, I needed to check back every parameters used in proxmox WebUI or even within terminals (SSH/VMs) quite often, because it is going really fast on details (specifically when I needed to check for current commands equivalent (`ceph-disk` -> `ceph-volume`, etc...)). Nevertheless, the general concepts are still pretty good. Thanks.

Edgar30 November 2019

Excellent instructor. Easy to understand and explains every critical topic in detail. I have no understanding of how file storage works and after watching Ceph storage RBD video's, I feel comfortable and confident talking about storage on Proxmox VE hyper-converged appliance.

Matheus4 October 2019

Great course!! I never heard about CEPH before but I was asked to architect an infrastructure to run Docker Swarm with CEPH and Proxmox and this course helped me a lot. Thank you.

Warren24 May 2019

Just finished section 1... outdated (perfectly understandable due to Proxmox's iterative nature) but still VERY good... been in the Proxmox space for some time... still busy making my way through this course but so far can honestly say: absolutely no buyer's remorse on this one... well done Ruslan.

Max2 April 2019

Complex matter explained very clearly and instructions are super easy to follow. I have limited knowledge of Linux, but this course helped me to feel more confident with console. Didn't expect this much from such a short course, but everything was to the point and I picked up some very useful commands and tools which is exactly what I need to impress my boss and get a raise later on :-) Thank you for the course. Will wait for more short and informative courses from you. If you can do one on enterprise monitoring systems it would be amazing.


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