Helping Writers to Write and Keep Writing

This limiting factor with most writers is their mind. This course will help get your state of mind into Success Mode

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Feb 2016

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What you will learn

Understand what is really holding you back from publishing success.

Learn how to handle the things that distract authors from the business of writing and publishing.

Gain confidence in your ability to be a successful author.

Get the right mindset to build a better business as a writer and publisher.


One of the biggest struggles writers have is with their mind. Doubts, fears, negative thoughts, dealing with reviews and opinions. These things can derail your business and take energy away from what is most important...writing and publishing your books.

Through this training, I will help you gain a better understanding of how to deal with these problems, so you can build your business more easily by focusing on what you can do and what is most important for your ultimate success.

Too many talented writers don't get what they deserve because they are distracted with obstacles that are beyond their control. How you react to those obstacles can make or break you.

When you know what's holding you back, and you counter with the right methods, you will be able to free your creativity to succeed writing books.

Even if you question your ability to write good books, I will put that into perspective for you too.

You don't need to be a university educated author to do well publishing your own books. In fact, you could be doing yourself a disservice writing to that standard in most markets. You just need to write what your readers can enjoy reading as I will explain.

I focus on keeping everything simple so you can learn and get back to your writing.

The videos are short, the messages are direct, and they are based on the correspondence I've had over the years dealing with thousands of authors, many who have gone on to unbelievable success once their own belief systems have been reset correctly.

There are downloadable transcriptions of each video.

After you've completed this course you should have a whole new level of confidence that you can write, publish and profit from the skills you currently have now.


Helping Writers to Write and Keep Writing
Helping Writers to Write and Keep Writing
Helping Writers to Write and Keep Writing
Helping Writers to Write and Keep Writing


Getting Started

Let's Get Started

Your First Task

The Right Mindset





Writers Block

More on Writers Block

No Ideas

1000 Words

Reviews and Opinions

Write Simple

Getting Good at Writing

Getting Stuff Done

Past Change

Additional Thoughts and Advice

Additional Thoughts and Advice


CL29 September 2020

Enjoyed this course. There's lots of great advice on getting on track and staying on track with your writing. I'll probably be returning to this course every 6-12 months to review and remotivate myself.

Melanie14 September 2019

Informative and easy to follow. Tackles common problems writers face and presents achievable solutions.

ROBERT7 April 2019

Sometimes I have had negative thoughts that get caught in my head. When I try to push them away, they often come back but Geoff Shaw is showing me how I can change my reaction of these negative feeling and opinions

Thomas17 July 2018

The course is great because the instructor deals with specific problems and gives you specific solutions around the writing mindset.

Alison30 October 2017

Talks mainly about moving past mental blocks that prevent writers from writing. More marketing focused than writing focused -- but still good to hear.

Anca-Mihaela11 October 2017

I realized while going through the course a second and third time that your advice is applicable to all kinds of situations and I dare say life changing. Thank you, Anca A.

Ashwani1 July 2017

Great source of motivation with the right direction. Often come to these videos when I am stuck, really helpful.

Caitlin1 June 2017

I enjoyed listening to what the instructor had to say. It actually really inspired me. I do wish we could've had some writing exercises between videos or something, but otherwise I have no complaints.

Bonnie5 April 2017

I feel that the information provided was applicable to helping an author (or "author in training") create a good foundation for their writing.

Barbara31 March 2017

I love that he goes right to the point without wasting any of my time. He give logical no nonsense advice. You can be sure to get your moneys worth if the course has his name on it. My favorite is his course on short reads - if you want to do yourself a favor pick it up today.

Christa25 March 2017

While nothing completely new to me - sometimes you just have to be in the right place at the right time, to really HEAR it - and I love this guy's no nonsense, even-keeled style and practical examples (as opposed to a lot of the 'ra-ra' approach to this topic). The gold for me was in the 'small habits' content. Thank you.

Liz19 February 2017

Motivating and inspiring. Excellent course. It makes me want to take action. It addresses many fears and mental blocks. I highly recommend it.

Sno31 December 2016

Good advice and tips on how to keep going when writing. Excellent tips about going back to the outline if you get stuck. Discipline suggestions were very good.

Sally7 December 2016

I keep coming back and replaying this course, to keep fueled with inspiration to keep moving forward.

Tabatha7 September 2016

I loved this course. It made me realize how much negativity I had with writing and really helped me overcome not only writers block but heal my spirit. Thank you Geoff Shaw! You are amazing!


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