Help With GCSE Maths

A bunch of video tutorials to make GCSE Maths a whole lot easier. This course is pitched at the D/C borderline.

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Help With GCSE Maths
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What you will learn


A series of tips and tricks to make the basics of GCSE Maths easier, followed by a whole bunch of past paper questions, with step by step video solutions. This course is designed for anyone looking for GCSE Maths Help and to consolidate at the GCSE C grade, or perhaps looking to improve from a high E or solid D to a grade C within a few weeks with GCSE Maths Online.



Some Basic Tips

Doubling Any Number
Halving Any Number
Dividing Any Number by 5
Multiplying Any Number by 5
Percentages in Your Head
Chinese Multiplication
The KISS Method for Adding and Subtracting Fractions
Converting Fractions to Percentages, the slightly rude way...
Converting Fractions to Percentages - More Examples
Converting Fractions to Decimals the 'Quick' Way
Converting Fractions to Decimals the Easy Way

Number Questions (Generally increasing in difficulty as you go through)

Number - Using Information, factors of 10, place value, decimals
Number - Estimating
Number - Drawing Fractions Exam Question
Number - Fractions Problem Solving Exam Question
Number - Simplifying Fractions, Converting Fractions to Percentages
Number - Money, Problem Solving
Number - Comparing Fractions, Decimals and Percentages
Number - Adding Fractions Using the KISS Method
Number - Reciprocals & Fractions
Number - Comparing Fractions & Decimals

Algebra Questions - again, generally getting harder, just like exam papers.

Algebra - Simplifying Expressions
Algebra - Solving Equations
Algebra - Expanding brackets and solving
Algebra - Solving Equations with Geometric Shapes - Angles in Triangle
Algebra - Solving Equations with Geometric Shapes - Perimeter
Algebra - Exchange Rate/Conversion Graph using Magic Formula 2
Algebra - Exchange Rate/Conversion Graph using Magic Formula 1
Algebra - Exchange Rate, 2-part Question using Magic Formula
Algebra - Exchange Rate, 2 Part Question using Magic Formula
Algebra: Ratio Using the Magic Formula

Geometry Questions

Geometry - Angles on a Straight Line
Geometry - Angles in Regular Polygons
Geometry - Angles along Parallel Lines
Geometry - Problem Solving - Area of Composite Shapes

Data Questions

Data - 2-way table 1
Data - 2-way table 2
Data - Probability - Exam Question
Data - Probability Tree - 2 Events
Data - Probability - Expected Value from Sample Size and Probability
Data - Probability - Solving Equation to find 'missing' probability
Data - Probability - Expected Value
Data - Pie Charts - Calculation using Magic Formula
Data - Pie Charts - Drawing using Magic Formula


July 19, 2019
it was very well explained and I hope this will help me pass my GCSES and help me become a more knowledgeable person
March 16, 2018
was able to grasp the concepts quickly and found it a great help to anyone just want's to brush up on their math....
June 4, 2017
This is what I would have loved at school, the simple voice of some one Id prefere to call an enabler rather than some negitive teacher macking life hard. It,s so simple this way
July 10, 2016
Thank you for this course! It actually contains a lot of useful simplifications, so I can better understand many basic concepts.
December 26, 2015
I liked how the course is presented in a breakdown where the material is easily understood and I enjoyed learning some basic tips.
July 17, 2015
I educate my two girls outside of the school system. This course is very useful for us. It compliments our current chosen maths programmes very nicely. I love it when passionate people share their skills online. It is very much appreciated, many thanks!!
September 3, 2013
Very well put together and given at a manageable speed. Please could we have a similar one on trigonometry/functions and calculus. Thanks, its heart-warming to see some teachers are willing to help people upgrade their arithmetic skills when broke.
January 24, 2013
I have joined Udemy at the beginning of this January and this is the first course I have ever taken AND completed here. For those who are new to the world of mathematics this course includes a solid introductory section, and for those who have an attention span of a toddler the lectures are kept very short – even the longest one is about 13-minute long. I used to find maths boring, but I think I actually like maths now. Highly recommended. Thank you Mr Cassidy for providing these superb lectures for free!
January 14, 2013
This course provides students with very useful tips and tricks to solve GCSE Maths in an efficient manner. In addition, it shows solution of several exam questions with clear instructions. Although the course is brief but it's comprehensive. It would have been very useful if course included assignments for further practice along with possible answers.



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