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How to Get Over a Breakup: And Attract a Much Better Partner

Prevent the Same Mistakes From Happening Again and Find Someone Better!

How to Get Over a Breakup: And Attract a Much Better Partner



39 mins


Apr 2021

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What you will learn

How to let go of the past and feel more positive about your future

How to mine the past for lessons so you can apply them to future situations

What drives your behaviour in your romantic relationships?

Get to know yourself better and develop a deeper sense of self worth

Learn how to relax, feel calmer and more in control - WINNING


It's been a horrible year for many, but especially those who are suffering in bad relationships, or going through a break-up. I'm a coach and the author of The Heartbreak Cure, which you can find in all your best online bookstores of choice and which teaches you how to get over a breakup quickly. I've learned first-hand what a good relationship feels like, and how a bad breakup can absolutely deal a body-blow. I've learned through many mistakes and experiences how to piece myself back together, and I want to help you do the same - QUICKLY! Not in 30 days, not in a week, but TODAY.

This course is designed to rapidly help you get over a break-up and release the grip and residue of past lovers. So in this concise course, you will:

- Learn vital information from your past relationships that you can take forward into the future

- Find out what went wrong and how you can stop repeating the same mistake again

- Create a better future for yourself through goal-setting and focusing on your own needs

- Feel more excitement and joy about the future

- Attract a better, healthier partner and relationship.

In this course, you'll do the work on looking back over your past relationship (s) and seeing what went wrong, how things could have been different, and what lessons you can draw from it to take into the future. We'll analyse our parents' relationships, because these are a huge indicator of what our own relationships often look or feel like, and see what we can do differently. We'll bring the sub-conscious into the conscious so we can shine a light and make changes that suit us and are good for us – in the long term.

Then we'll look at creating a healthier, more positive future, with all the right things in there. By spending time planning and visualising the future we want and deserve for ourselves, we set ourselves up for success. So when the right person does come knocking, we'll know it in our hearts and minds if it is right for us, and we can move forward with self-esteem and self-knowledge. Otherwise, we are forever doomed to repeat the same patterns over and again.

Let's take this positive journey together. See you there.

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The Pattern of a Break-Up

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