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Drop into Heart Coherence

Align your Heart with your Mind for enhanced Self-Regulation and Performance

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May 2021

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What you will learn

How to align your heart, your mind, and your nervous system

How to get into a state of coherence

What causes emotional stress

How to quickly neutralize stress

How to build resilience

What the Amygdala is, and how to reset an 'Amygdala Hijack'

How to improve mental performance by increasing electrical activity in the Neocortex

How to reset your Autonomic Nervous System

What causes Sympathetic Dominance

How we evolved and why we want to return to the Parasympathetic for better digestion and sleep

The double edged sword that is the hormone Cortisol

What brainwaves are and how to shift from Beta into Alpha

What Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is

Why increasing HRV reduces biological age and improves physical performance

How to increase HRV

How to read and understand coherent/incoherent heart rhythm patterns

What the Corpus Callosum is and how to activate it for enhanced creativity

What the Hippocampus is and how to increase its size and electrical activity

What the Parietal Lobe is and how to reduce its electrical activity

What the Temporoparietal Junction is and why we want to enhance its function


"I had so many food sensitivities that eating was just a chore, something I had to do to continue living. I couldn’t enjoy food the way that most of us do. I had a tumor on the side of my skull that was quickly growing. And no, none of these issues were genetic. They were caused by chronic stress and a lack of good quality sleep. I was oblivious to these two issues until I tried everything else and boiled it down to these two. That’s where my work, and passion began. Discovering Heart Math was a game changer. I’ve come a long long way since then, healed myself by optimizing my sleep and learning how to neutralize stress by connecting my heart, my mind and my nervous system. And this is what I wish to offer you." - Bob

Emotional stress is something we all battle on a daily basis. Most of it is brought on by the people, things, and information that we expose ourselves to, be it on our devices, social media, nasty emails, the never-ending-negative-news-cycle, the people we surround ourselves with who complain about everything... Would it not be empowering to have in our toolbox the knowledge of and the ability to practically apply a technique that quickly shifts us out of a state of energetic depletion and into a state of renewal, repair, and regeneration?

Heart Math is a tool and a technique that brings us, as practitioners, into a state of heart-mind coherence. This is a state where our body functions optimally, our ego becomes silent, healing is facilitated, our nervous system comes into balance, our endocrine system secretes appropriate hormones and neurotransmitters into our blood stream. This state is associated with sustained positive emotion and a high degree of mental and emotional stability. It's called heart-based living.

In collaboration with the Heart Math institute, Both Dr. Joe Dispenza, and Gregg Braden use Heart Math tools and techniques in their life-changing workshops, and now you have the ability to experience it from the comfort of your own home, or on the go. It is the most powerful tool for self regulation that you will ever learn.


Drop into Heart Coherence
Drop into Heart Coherence
Drop into Heart Coherence
Drop into Heart Coherence




Heart Math Institute

The Inner Battery


The Neocortex and the Amygdala

The Sympathetic and the Parasympathetic

Hunter Gatherers - An evolutionary perspective on the Nervous system

Depletion and Renewal of the Inner Battery

Cortisol - A Double-edged Sword

Comprehension Quiz 1

Resilience, Coherence, and HRV


Heart Coherence


Heart Rate Variability

Biological Age and Performance

Heart Rhythms Patterns - Coherent and Incoherent

Police Officer Resets

Effects on the Brain

The Corpus Callosum

The Hippocampus

The Parietal Lobe

The Temporoparietal Junction

Comprehension Quiz 2


Guided Session

Conclusion + Device Session


Angie10 August 2021

I have heard about the heart math Institute but had no clue on exactly what it was.Ignorance to the max.Now I am very interested as I am always in a state of panic all the time. He explained amazingly simple such a complicated system. I am very grateful and I will start right away,performing the meditations.

Karolina6 July 2021

I couldn't listen to the guided session and I was disappointed you needed to buy a device to get the maximum out of this course. Apart of that the information was clear and interesting.


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