Healing Your Sacral Chakra

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Healing Your Sacral Chakra
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What you will learn

Feel their divine energy moving thru their bodies

Experience intimacy at a deeper level

Be more in touch with their sexuality


Dive deep into healing and keeping the sacral chakra open and balanced. The sacral chakra is where we connect emotionally to ourselves and others. It is our current family, our business and personal relationships.

When open and balanced the sacral chakra is where we express our emotions, creativity, enjoy pleasure and have healthy reproductive and digestive systems. 

The sacral chakra, or Swadhisthana in Sanskrit, is located in the lower abdomen just below the coccyx or tailbone. The chakra color of the second chakra is orange, and its element is water. It is associated primarily with emotional responses and regulation and is often referred to as the seat of emotions. It is also associated with the sense of taste and with reproductive function.

I enjoy life fully” could be the sacral chakra’s motto. An open, balanced sacral chakra allows you to experience intimacy and love freely and fully, to be honest and non-judgmental about your desires, and to live as your authentic self without fear.

You will learn: 

  • Healing with a sound/imaginal meditation.

  • Sanskrit mudra

  • Healing with gem stones.

You will clear:    

  • Procrastination 

  • Low Libido

  • Co dependency

  • Neediness and the need for reassurance

  • Social anxiety

  • Inability to feel and express emotions or too much emotion.

  • And more...

Upon opening and strengthening the sacral chakra:

  • You will become more creative

  • Enjoy a more stable mood

  • Express your emotions easily

  • Enjoy pleasure

  • Have a healthy libido

  • Enjoy relationships

  • Healthy digestive and reproductive systems

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Introduction: Welcome to Healing Your Sacral Chakra
What are the Chakras?
Reasons to seek balance and clear Your Sacral Chakra

Healing your Sacral Chakra

Clearing the Sacral Chakra through Sound Meditation
Clearing the Sacral Chakra through a Mudra While Chanting VAM
Clearing the Sacral Chakra through Gem Stones and Crystals

Specific Sacral Chakra Healing Sessions

Co dependency
“I don’t deserve go out and have fun.”
“I am afraid to tell my partner what I enjoy during sex.”
Sex is a chore – not fun.”
“I cannot express my feelings. I don’t even know what they are”
“I cannot conceive.”

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Next Steps
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November 12, 2020
So precise and informative, I learnt a lot about sacral chakra, thank you and yes I have increased my libido and I am able to talk to my partner now with openness and comfort
June 4, 2020
I really enjoyed your course, it has certainly made me more aware of things. I will get the crystals out! Thank you
April 27, 2020
I really appreciate Joan for her heart-felt clarity in speech and her direct and simple, yet dynamic and practical teachings that can be understood and applied by everyone. Thank you and bless you, Joan Kaylor.
February 10, 2020
I took this course not having any idea what it was about. I just thought it might be a fun learning experience. It turned out to be an interesting course. Unfortunately, I couldn't get access to the resource mentioned in the course, so I was a little confused at times. The instructor said this is part of a three part course and I hadn't taken the other two courses so maybe that was part of my confusion.
February 7, 2020
It was a good course, but i think i will be exploring a course that includes information on all the seven chakras and how to balance them. I already have a basic understanding and practice yoga, meditation and i am a certified Holistic Life Coach. So chakras are quite important to my health, work and emotional stability
February 6, 2020
I felt the course is interesting to start. This course kept me fixed to my seat till the completion. Amazing, how and what Chakra control does to oneself.
February 6, 2020
Yes, it has been a good match for me. I've been aware for some time that my Sacral Chakra is not balanced and I'm very curious to learn more especially through a course rather than going down the rabbit hole that is the internet.
February 6, 2020
It feels like it is what I was searching for and I want to enjoy life to the fullest and be able to express my emotions safely and properly.
December 5, 2019
Before taking this course I did know a lot about chakras and specifically sacral chakra. I did advanced courses on Pranic healing and chakra healing previously. Yet , I felt I got lot of insight and help from this course. The thing that touched me THE MOST is



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