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Guide to Affiliate Marketing

The Beginners Guide to Success in Affiliate Marketing (2021)

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Apr 2021

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SEO Audit + Keywords Analystics + Competitors Research
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What you will learn

What affiliate marketing is and how you can use it to make money

How to pick a profitable affiliate marketing niche and what you should consider when doing so

Choosing the right hosting for your website and the pros and cons of using an aged or new domain

Finding the right platforms and affiliate marketing programs for your niche

How to develop an effective Affiliate Marketing content process (from keyword research to basic on-page SEO tips)

Link building for affiliate marketing and how to rank your affiliate marketing website

How to utilise paid traffic to get good results

How to use CTR manipulation to drive traffic to your affiliate website

How to buy and sell affiliate websites


Do you want to start making money online with Affiliate Marketing? Why wouldn't you? Affiliate Marketing, if done right, at the very least can set you up with a passive income stream. Or you could make a lot of money by buying and selling Affiliate sites. This course provides you with all the information you need to start and maintain a successful Affiliate Marketing Site.

This course will provide you will all the info you need. You don't need to come into it with a website already. The course will go through the process of:

  • Picking a niche

  • Finding the right affiliate program

  • Building a website

  • Whether to use a new or aged domain

  • The content process

  • Onpage SEO

  • Where to find good content writers

  • Linking building

  • CTR

  • Finding the right Tools and Software

  • How to buy and Sell Affiliate Sites

All you need to do is action the information given to you. If you don't, you're wasting your time and won't see results.

Why go for this Affiliate Marketing Course?

Many people offer Affiliate Marketing courses, but many people don't know what they're talking about. In this course, you'll be getting information and tools from someone who has been deeply involved in the Digital Marketing industry for almost two decades. I make money using affiliate marketing. It's something that I've been doing for a number of years now. I'll get you the BS-free information you need, not fluffy half-truths so that I can peddle the 'real' information to you in a book or another course. You'll get the proper information you need to succeed right here and now.

With this course, you also get access to my private training Facebook group. Here, you'll be able to ask and answer questions with other people who have done this course.

In addition to this course, I also release a lot of free tutorials and information on my YouTube channel. You can find me as Craig Campbell SEO. While this course is accurate as of now, I keep up to date with the latest tools and tutorials on YouTube. I also do a live Q&A session every Tuesday and Wednesday so you can have your questions answered in a video.


Guide to Affiliate Marketing
Guide to Affiliate Marketing
Guide to Affiliate Marketing
Guide to Affiliate Marketing


Introduction and Where to Find More Content


Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Introduction to the Affiliate Marketing Course

Introducing ODYS

Affiliate Marketing Training Success Story

Affiliate Marketing Training Success Story

What is Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing

Cookies Policies in Affiliate Marketing

Cookie Policies in Affiliate Marketing

How Much Money Can Be Made Through Affiliate Marketing?

How Much Money Can Be Made Through Affiliate Marketing?

Picking Your Niche

Things to Consider When Picking a Niche

Finding a Profitable Niche in Affiliate Marketing

Domains and Hosting

Using an Aged Domain or a New Domain

Picking a Domain Name (Where do I Start?)

Choosing the Right Hosting

Platforms and Programs

Choosing the Right Platform for Your Niche

Finding the Right Affiliate Programs

Identifying Affiliate Marketing Companies to Work with

Affiliate Marketing Content Process

Affiliate Marketing Content Process

Keyword Research and Content Planning

Finding Content Writers for Affiliate Marketing

Keyword Clusters and the Benefits

ContentPal: Outsource Your Content

Basic On-Page Content Tips

Internal Linking Guide

Internal Linking with LinkWhisper

Silo Structure

CRO & UX for Affiliate Websites

Amazon Affiliate Plugin AAWP

Table of Contents for Affiliate Websites

Link Building

Link Building for Affiliate Marketing

Guest Posts for Affiliate Marketing

Tiered Links/Powering your Guest Posts

Automate Your Google Stacks

What Not to Do in Affiliate Marketing

What Not to Do in Affiliate Marketing

Paid Traffic for Affiliate Marketing

Paid Traffic for Affiliate Marketing

CTR Manipulation

CTR Manipulation

Does CTR Really Work?

CTR Booster

Microworkers for CTR

Push Notifications to Increase CTR

Using Facebook Ads to Drive Traffic

Using Your Email List for CTR

Additional CTR Tips

Buying and Selling Affiliate Sites

Buying and Selling Affiliate Sites

Places to Sell Your Website

Build an Email List to Increase Your Website's Sale Value


ZeroThree12 May 2021

This is fantastic for anyone looking to explore the opportunities in Affiliate Marketing that is new to the game. Craig clearly has a wealth of knowledge and experience that he shares in great detail throughout the course. You will discover what tools to use, where to get content created, what affilates to work with, things to look out for, mistakes others have made and where to find nuggets of information. 100% recommend

Charles7 May 2021

Terrrible! Zero information in the first 4 videos. He is only marketing himself. Will have to see if the others provide any info. A little more info on the other videos but extremely basic


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