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Grow Your Tarot Business: Professional Tarot Card Success

Share your Tarot gifts, find great clients, build a great practice, grow your profits and live the life of your dreams!

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Oct 2014

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What you will learn

Master the Tarot and provide readings that empower your clients, change lives and bring you repeat business

Create a new Tarot business online or transform your current Tarot business into one that generates sustainable sources of income while you a) work smarter not harder

Thrive in your Tarot business online through any economic climate

Create the thriving online community that boosts your Tarot business

Set your business on autopilot while the money rolls in to your bank account

Differentiate yourself from other Tarot readers as an ethical and authentic professional

Maintain a successful and sustainable Tarot business with increased profits while you enjoy a great work-life balance


(Updated March 1, 2017)

Make MONEY(lots of it!) with your professional Tarot business online.

Learn ALL the techniques for a PROFITABLE, PRINCIPLED and PORTABLE business.

Do what you LOVE and love what you do everyday.

Create a thriving UNIQUE Tarot business online that sets you apart from the rest.

Having a Tarot business online can be a lucrative income source while you transform lives doing what you love! This amazing course is specially created for all the aspiring and current Tarot business website owners out there who want to be a spiritual and financial success

The course is designed and taught by a Certified Professional Tarot Reader who has been in business for over 15 years online, earning a six-figure income while teaching Tarot to people across the globe and giving Tarot consultations.

This course is normally a 1:1 course for $1497. Now you will learn the tips, strategies and skills to be a spiritual business success at a fraction of the cost.

JOIN NOW and start boosting your Tarot income.

Now included: Free PERSONAL BRANDING session with the course creator. When you've finished 100% of the course, send an email to tarot@healinguniverse.com to schedule YOUR PERSONAL BRANDING SESSION


Grow Your Tarot Business: Professional Tarot Card Success
Grow Your Tarot Business: Professional Tarot Card Success
Grow Your Tarot Business: Professional Tarot Card Success
Grow Your Tarot Business: Professional Tarot Card Success


Introduction: Welcome to Grow Your Tarot Business


Getting The Most From This Course: Your Learning Style

Why This Course, Now? #1

Nothing New Under The Sun

A Tarot Primer

Tarot Basics

Tarot In Daily Life

Tarot In Film

Top 10 Tarot Cards for Business

Tarot + Entrepreneur = Tarotpreneur

History of Entrepreneurship Intro

History of Entrepreneurship

Why This Course, Now? #2

Rough Riders Of The Revolution: Entrepreneurs

Ready, Set Go to Tarot B-School

This Is How We Do It

The 1st Pillar: DREAM BIG (The Plan)

Dream Big

Example #1: How To Make A Vision Board

Example #2: How To Make A Vision Board

The GROW Model

Ex #1: GROW and Sarah's Tarotpreneur Dream

Ex #2: GROW and Laura's Tarotpreneur Dream

Premium Branding

Finding Your Sweet Spot, Pt. 1

Finding Your Sweet Spot, Pt. 2

Eliminate the Competition

Make the Competition Irrelevant

Blue Ocean Strategy #1

Blue Ocean Strategy #2

The 2nd Pillar: Dream Clients

Your ONE Person - Your Client Avatar

Why Is A Client Avatar Important?

The 3rd Pillar: Website

Website Creation and Control Overview

Take Control Of Your Website

Your Website: A Cash And Conversion Machine

Website Design Tweaks and Tips

Build A Thriving Community

The 4th Pillar: Communication

Communication Essentials

Creating Content That Goes Viral

Free Content

Blog Clarity

Your Newsletter

The 5th Pillar: Offerings

Creating Tarot Offers Your Clients Love

Charging The Best And RIght Price For You

The 6th Pillar: Sustainability

Ethics And The Tarot Professional

Ethics Quiz

Awesome Time Management

Turbo-Charged Time Management Techniques

Authentic Business And Sustainable Leadership

The Care And Feeding Of The Tarotpreneur

Mind/Body/Spirit Self-Care


Congratulations on Graduating


Shanta1 July 2020

This course is old information - four years old. Marketing and the economy has changed A LOT in four years. Some videos are just blank, black squares and only audio. The audio is very primitive and sounds like a 1995 cell phone.

Shanta20 June 2020

While the information was solid, the course really should be called Tarot Business Marketing as that seemed to be the main focus of the course. The information was applicable but it seemed to go back and forth on whether it would be helpful to someone beginning a business or someone with an established business. The information about online marketing is a bit dated as well but I also see now that this course hasn't been updated in some time and if you look up the creator of this course, she hasn't mentioned tarot on any of her platforms recently either.

Erica9 April 2020

It fits the bill-- exactly what I was looking for. I'm a Professional Tarot Reader looking to expand my business!

Laura13 November 2019

very helpful and educated me in to starting my own tarot business online & more very highly recommend for others to take this course.

Jahne26 July 2019

I enjoyed the course, but there was no audio for the last three videos. This left me with a disappointed feeling. i like finishing things, and i left unfinished.

Tanis2 July 2019

This is amazing. It's really helping me narrow down not only my strengths, but how and where to best apply them not only as a reader, but as a business owner. It's giving me a lot of tools to work with, where I need to target, and how to succeed in such a diverse market. Love it.

Kara21 June 2019

This would be a great course if everything was there, several videos are missing and I've had no luck contacting the teacher.

Jill5 June 2019

so far i have learned quite about marketing and building a website for a tarot business. Alot of good information but,i personally thought lecture 45 was of no use in the tarot business course.

Shelly13 May 2019

Marketing and selling services online is hard, especially if one is technically challenged. This class will give me the tools and skills that I need to more forward with my business.

Angela9 May 2019

This course had been great. i spend alot of time adding to my site with free content and find people are so grateful and keep coming back day after day for more free content. Now i have more options because of doing this course to get more conversions rather than just giving l will be making money. Thanks

Christie10 November 2017

Really enjoyed this course! Enlightened me in which directions to take to help my business prosper. Instructor seems very friendly and relaxed. Thank you so much for your help!

Debi6 October 2017

First off, I love taking Udemy classes and have taken several which I found very informative and helpful. This class ... not so much. Lots of lecture with few visual aids/examples. Asks lots of questions and told what to do, but not provided with concrete answers, examples, or the "how to"? People with little or no website or marketing experience will be completely lost with that portion of the class. As a web developer, even I was confused. There are lots of website options other than the ONE recommended (it appears to be an affiliate program). Some background or knowledge is needed on all portions of the class due to the vagueness of the information provided. Very glad I only paid $10 for this course through a promotion. I would hope that the 1:1 clients who pay almost $1500 get more help than this class provided in this format.

Christine29 August 2017

I am leaving this rating because the course is solid, it has the tools to empower you to grow your tarot business on a professional level. The lessons provided encourage you to keep moving forward. I ended up craving to finish another lesson to get a new one and learn more knowledge. This course is a complete course that if you are either an upcoming professional or seasonal professional it will allow you some more ideas on what you have to do to stand out above the rest.

Judy27 June 2017

If you are planning to start a business then you need to some knowledge of what the economic system is all about. What has happened in the past as well as what is going on now to get a feel for what might come in the future? It is almost as if you were doing a 3 card reading of past, present and future.

Tiffany23 June 2017

Great course. Good advice and tips to keep you from failing. Quite a bit of filler videos. But other than that, really good instructor. Very engaging.


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