The Grant Hunt Simplified

Your Grant Search Just Got A Lot Easier

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The Grant Hunt Simplified


39 mins


Mar 2021

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What you will learn

Learn the most efficient way to search for grants, including the tricks that will drastically cut down your funding search time

Understand the difference between federal and foundation grants, and which would be best for you

Master grant search databases, including grants .gov

Uncover a little known resource that will get you closer to the funding you deserve


This free course will teach you the most efficient way to search for grants. Plain and simple. No wasting time. No aimless web surfing. Just getting right to the grants and funders that best match you or your organization. Plus you will be shown a little known resource that will drastically cut down time spent on your grant hunt. Whether you’re a grant writer for hire, a government employee looking for federal funds, a non profit leader, or simply part of an organization that needs funding, this course will help anyone find grants that are right for them. See the course outline below.

  • The Search For Funding

    Lecture 1: Getting Started - Meet your Instructor and learn the best way to get started on your search for funding

  • Understanding Your Organization

    Lecture 2: Identify Your Keywords - Learn how to analyze your organization to create a comprehensive list of keywords that will be crucial for your search

  • Finding Government Grants

    Lecture 3: Government Funding - Learn about the federal grant landscape as well as get a walk-thru tutorial of the grants(dot)gov platform. Discover techniques for finding state and local grant opportunities.

  • Finding Foundation Grants

    Lecture 4: Foundation Funding - Learn the ins-and-outs of Foundation funding including community and private foundations. Uncover the secret search tool that armed with your keyword list will help find potential private funders for your organization.

  • Conclusion

    Lecture 5: Final Thoughts


Introduction - The Search For Funding

Getting Started

Quiz 1

Part 1 - Understanding Your Organization

Identify Your Keywords

Quiz 2

Part 2 - Finding Government Grants

Government Funding

Quiz 3

Part 3 - Finding Foundation Grants

Foundation Funding

Quiz 4


Final Thoughts

Quiz 5

Grant Readiness Quiz

Quiz 6


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