Grant Professional Certification (GPC) Exam Prep

Increase your "generalist" knowledge of the grant profession while preparing to become certified by passing the GPC exam

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Oct 2019

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What you will learn

By the end of the course, you will increase your knowledge and prepare to take and pass the GPC exam.

In this course, you will learn how to complete your eligibility packet.

In this course, you will learn all 9 core exam competencies.

In this course, you will learn 65 sub-competencies.

In this course, you will learn test-taking strategies.


Attention experienced grant writers: 

Have you written at least 5 successful grant proposals over the past 7 years and have a minimum of 3 years of professional experience in the grants field within the last 5 years? If "yes", you may be eligible to take the Grant Professional Certification (GPC) exam and become certified. This GPC Exam Prep home study course is perfect for you! 

The GPC Exam Prep home study course helps you become certified by helping you complete your eligibility packet while preparing you to pass the GPC Exam! It includes polls, group discussions, practice with real-life scenarios (case studies), presentations, Google library, orientation and unique practice exam. 

The GPC exam (and practice exam) have two parts: a writing sample and multiple choice section. Some  skills measured include funder research, program and project design, crafting an effective grant application, post-award management, ethics, professionalism, relationship-building, and  writing a convincing case for funding. 

GPC Exam Prep covers all 9 core exam  competencies and 64 sub-competencies. It was designed and taught by faculty with GPCs and certified as webinar facilitators. 

The GPC Exam is independently administered by the Grant Professionals Certification Institute (GPCI). Cost for taking the GPC exam is separate. GPC Exam Prep is designed for advanced grant writers


Grant Professional Certification (GPC) Exam Prep
Grant Professional Certification (GPC) Exam Prep
Grant Professional Certification (GPC) Exam Prep
Grant Professional Certification (GPC) Exam Prep


OVERVIEW: Orientation and GPC Exam Registration

Orientation & Faculty Introductions

What is the GPC Exam?

Why is the GPC Exam important?

What is the GPC exam timeline?

Where can you take the GPC Exam?

How To Get Your Eligibility Packet Approved

How the Registration Process Works and After You Pass

The Grant Professor's Story

GPC Competency 1 - Funder Research

Overview of Competency 1

1.01 Trends in Public Grant Funding

1.02 Trends in Private Grant Funding

1.03 Methods of Locating Funding Souces

1.04. Identify techniques to learn about specific funders.

1.05 Methods of Tracking Funders

1.06. Identify effects of applicants’ organizational cultures, values, etc.

1.07 Fundable Programs & Projects

1.08. Determine best matches between funders and specific programs.

1.09. Interpret grant application request for proposal (RFP) guidelines

GPC Competency 2 - Organizational Dev/Grant Seeking

Overview of Competency 2

2.01 Coordinating, 2.04 Grant Readiness, 2.05 Strategic Plans

Part 1 of 2 - 2.02 Capacity, 2.03 Readiness, 2.06 Needs Assessments

Part 2 of 2 - 2.02 Capacity, 2.03 Readiness, 2.06 Needs Assessments

2.07 Obtaining Internal Institutional Support

2.08 Working with Local/State/Federal Agencies & Stakeholders

2.09 Practices Outside Boundaries of Applicable Laws

GPC Competency 3 - Program and Project Design

Overview of Competency 3 and Sub-Competencies 3.01-3.08

3.01 Stakeholder Input - Poll & Group Discussion

3.02 Collaborations - Poll & Group Discussion

3.03 Accountability, 3.08 Evaluations - Poll & Group Discussion

3.04 - Logic Models, Part 1 of 2

3.04 - Logic Models, Part 2 of 2

3.05 Project Design Elements - Quiz

3.06 Data-Based Decisions - Resources

3.07 Community Resources - Poll & Group Discussion

GPC Competency 4 - Effective Grant Applications

Overview of Competency 4

4.01 Interpretting RFPs 4.02 Elements of Applications

4.02 Part 2 - Review of 2 Applications

4.03 Strategies for Submitting High-Quality Proposals on Time

4.04 Data Sources

4.05 Narrative Elements and 4.07 Visuals

4.06 Approaches, Styles, Tones and Formats for Audiences

4.08 Realistic, Accurate Line-Item and Narrative Budgets

4.09 In-Kind Matches

4.10 Factors That Limit How Budgets Should Be Written

4.11 Evaluation Models - Part 1 of 2

4.11 Evaluation Models - Part 2 of 2

4.12 Submitting Proposal Electronically - Part 1 of 2

4.12 Submitting Proposal Electronically - Part 2 of 2

GPC Competency 5 - Post-Award Grant Management

Overview of Competency 5

5.01 Standard Elements of Regulatory Compliance

5.02 Grant Management Key Functions

5.03 Roles and Responsibilities

5.04 Transitions to Implementation

GPC Competency 6 - Ethics

Overview of Competency 6

6.01, 6.03, 6.04 Representations, 6.05 Heritage, 6.06 Conflicts of Interest

GPC Competency 7 - Professionalism

Overview of Competency 7 and 8

7.01 Grant Reviewers and 7.04 Building Social Capital

7.02 Professional Associations

7.03 Grant Professional Networks

GPC Competency 8 - Relationship Building

Overview of Competency 8

8.01 Mutually Beneficial Relationships 8.03 Collaborations

8.02 Funder-Relations 8.04 Appealing to Funders

GPC Competency 9 - Writing Convincing Cases for Funding

Scoring Criteria for Sub-Competencies 9.01, 9.02, 9.03, 9.04, 9.05

How the Writing Prompt Works 9.01, 9.02, 9.03, 9.04, 9.05

Format - Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance

Format - Letter of Inquiry

Final Thoughts

Exam - What to Expect

Consultant Information


Jennie18 January 2021

The content of this course was helpful; there were some good points shared. It was dated material and in several parts inaccurate information. There were some other "converting to recording" version issues- for example, the speaker says he'sll tell you how to submit questions if you're watching recording-- but he never does. I liked the mix of presentation (didactic) and conversations, but it was not what I was expecting. Perhaps a better description up front of how the course is formatted- disclosing it was a pre-recorded webinar and many portions include group work, would be good to know up front. In some instances, presenters talk over once another; in one case she mentions that she had to go "take a call." SUPER unprofessional when you're converting a webinar to a timeless course. Seems woudl be easy enough to snip that out. As it relates to the build and technical items in the course, I have to say I was dissapointed and found it sloppy. It appears no one piloted this course for technical issues after it was built: I made numerous notes along the way of issues I found. Things like audio transitions, words cut off, audio missing in varoius portions, in at least two circumstances the wrong video was uploaded to the sections (handouts didnt match/duplicate recording in two places). If you want to ask, I'd be happy to share where and where these issues occur as I made notes. Was it worth my time for my purposes of a quick review for my exam? Yes. Was I impressed with how the course was built and presented? No. I hope this is helpful to you; I manage our own LMS system and those tiny details of piloting the course, making sure its current, and high quality, and technically clean are SO important to the overall experience.

Jo3 September 2019

The written portions were hard to read unless I put these on a full screen, which meant I couldn't see the written transcripts. Transcripts were incorrect a lot of the time, wording was strange and not what the speaker was referring to. I found the logic model information confusing...still not sure about quantitative, qualitative, etc. Wish you could find a way to make this clearer, even for seasoned grant writers.

Andrea17 December 2018

The course provided a nice blend of information by way of PowerPoint presentation and conversation with actual participants to further address specific competency areas. The course appears to have been designed in 2011, and this being 2019 I am quite sure that there are new grant development/management practices that have evolved over the past 8 years.

Sheila17 May 2016

Doesn't help with preparation. I can read the website on my own and see the directions on the site. I want to know what is on the exam.


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