Grafana Master Course - Time Series Data Visualization

Query, Visualize, Alert on and understand your Metrics. Create, Explore and Share Dashboards using Grafana

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3.5 hours


Aug 2020

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What you will learn

Query, Visualize, Alert on and Understand Metrics using Grafana

Create, Explore and Share Grafana Dashboards

Integrate Grafana with Various Data Sources like Graphite, InfluxDB, MySQL, OpenTSDB, Elasticsearch, CloudWatch, Prometheus, etc.,

Configuring different Panels, Data Source, Alerts within Grafana

Configure Graphite Data Source with Grafana

Configure collectd data collector for Grafana Visualization


  • Covers the functionalities as administrators, Devops Engineer, developers etc

  • Installation of Grafana in Linux, Windows as well as using Docker

  • Setting up various Data Sources within Grafana

  • Detailed discussion on Dashboards, Panels and building blocks of Grafana

  • Adding and Editing of Graphs and Panels

  • Detailed discussion on Panels like Graph, Singlestat, Table, Heatmap, Alert List Dashboard List

  • Advanced discussion on Variables, Annotations, Folders, Playlist, Search, Sharing, Time Range, Export & Import, Scripted Dashboards, Dashboard Version History

  • Configuring various data sources like Graphite, Prometheus, InfluxDB, Elasticsearch, AWS Cloudwatch, MySQL, OpenTSDB, TestData etc

  • Advanced discussion on alert settings and notification

  • Collaborate IoT, Infrastructure and DevOps data and Visualize with very intuitive UI using Grafana


Grafana Master Course - Time Series Data Visualization
Grafana Master Course - Time Series Data Visualization
Grafana Master Course - Time Series Data Visualization
Grafana Master Course - Time Series Data Visualization



Grafana - Introduction - Welcome

Metrics Collection Architecture - Basics of Grafana

Installation and Setup

AWS EC2 Instance setup with CentOS for Grafana Installation

Grafana Installation using Repo file

Grafana Installation Verification

Grafana Docker Installation

Graphite Docker Installation

Datasource Graphite Configuration with Grafana

Collectd Graphite Configuration

Building blocks of Grafana

Metrics of Grafana - Core building block

Data Source of Grafana - Heart of Time Series Data Storage

Dashboard in Grafana - Presentation to the outside world

Panels - Building block of Dashboard

Grafana Panel Visualization using Graph Panel

Grafana Singlestat Panel Visualization

Grafana Table Panel Visualization

Grafana Gauge Panel Visualization

Grafana Bar Gauge Panel Visualization

Grafana Heatmap Panel Visualization

Y Axis Log Scale


Dashboard and Panel Time Range in Grafana


Grafana Alerts Introduction

Grafana Alerts State Change

Grafana Alerts Conditions, Rule Test and State History

Grafana Alert Notification Channel

Grafana Alert Panel List


Grafana Variables Introduction

Interval Query using Variables

Grafana Variables Data Source

Grafana Annotations

Grafana Annotations Introduction

Grafana Annotation Query

Grafana Dashboard Organizing

Grafana Dashboard Folders

Grafana Playlist

Grafana Dashboard Sharing

Grafana Dashboard Version Handling

Administration and Management of Grafana

Grafana Administration Config Files

Users and Organisation of Grafana

Scripted Dashboard

Grafana Plugin Management

Grafana - InfluxDB Integration

InfluxDB in Docker Container

InfluxDB Native Installation

InfluxDB Collectd configuration

InfluxDB Grafana Visualization

Grafana - AWS Cloud Watch - Amazon Web Services Integration

Grafana - CloudWatch - Amazon Web Services (AWS) - Integration


Madhukar7 February 2021

It is good course for grafana. One thing that can be improved is instructor should include a use-case apart from collecting system metrics only

Ted28 December 2020

He presents the information quickly and concisely which is much appreciated. I already have some basic understanding of Grafana. His presentation style allows me to quickly find the information that I want more detail on.

Rachael5 December 2020

I think the topics covered are good, however I'm seriously having a very difficult time understanding the instructor. I have to rewind videos to try and comprehend what he is saying and the sentences/cadence of communication seems to be broken down.

Ana3 December 2020

Was a good match because I needed to refresh some knowledge but also improve onto some specific features. It's really good to understand de basics of each Grafana's feature and deep dive into the aspects you need.

Siddhartha10 November 2020

The course is describing Grafana features at a very high level and it is unclear on what Grafana version is used, and lacks the details on different install configurations and some advanced concepts like authentication and authorization, configuring SSO, dashboard provisioning, etc. Also, it spends lot of time describing installation of docker containers, graphite, etc which are irrelevant to the topic.

Kevin31 July 2020

I like the tutors rhythmic voice, it keeps you engaged and help keep the info in my memory ? Graaaffffannnaaaaaa!

John8 April 2020

This is definitely helping me to understand features of Grafana better than just reading the documentation


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