Governmental Accounting 200 Capital Projects & Debt Service

Governmental Accounting-Capital Projects Fund & Debts Service Fund-Long Term Capital Projects Transactions

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Governmental Accounting 200 Capital Projects & Debt Service
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Sep 2019
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What you will learn

Governmental accounting core concepts

How to record capital assets for governmental accounting

How to record transaction to the capital project fund

How to record transaction related to large capital projects

How to create financial statements for the capital projects fund

Financing options including the issuance of bonds for capital projects

How to record transactions to the debt service fund

How to record transactions related to capital projects to the government wide activities, capital project fund, debts service fund & General Fund

Why take this course?

Course Title: Governmental Accounting 200: Capital Projects & Debt Service 🚀

Headline: Master the Intricacies of Governmental Accounting for Capital Projects & Long-Term Financing 🏗️💸


Dive into the complexities of governmental accounting with our comprehensive Governmental Accounting 200 course, where we delve deep into the specifics of managing capital projects and debt service through dedicated funds. Designed to build upon the foundational knowledge from our Governmental Accounting 100 course, this program is tailored for accounting professionals seeking to navigate the nuances of government accounting for large-scale endeavors.

What You'll Learn:

📕 Course Overview:

  • Governmental Accounting Objectives: A thorough review of the core principles from Governmental Accounting 100.
  • Capital Assets: Understand what constitutes a capital asset within governmental accounting and how these are recorded differently than in for-profit organizations.

Key Topics:

  • Capital Projects Fund (CPF): Learn the ins and outs of setting up and managing a CPF for long-term capital projects.
  • Debt Service Fund (DSF): Gain expertise in tracking and managing the repayment of debt related to capital projects.
  • Government-Wide Accounting: Record transactions for bond issuance at both the government-wide level and individual funds.
  • Financial Statements: Prepare financial statements for the CPF and DSF, ensuring accurate and transparent reporting.

Real-World Application:

  • Comprehensive Problem: Test your knowledge with a detailed problem that spans multiple funds.
  • Excel Worksheets: Downloadable worksheets to solve problems step by step, accompanied by instructional videos for clarity and depth.
  • Hands-On Practice: Each Excel worksheet comes with three tabs: one with the solution, one with a preformatted worksheet, and one for you to work on from scratch.

Course Structure:

  • Engaging Content: Each topic is covered through engaging text, clear examples, and practical exercises.
  • Multimedia Learning: Benefit from a blend of videos, worksheets, and interactive content to cater to different learning styles.
  • Real-World Scenarios: Apply your knowledge to real-life situations with case studies and problem sets that mirror actual governmental accounting challenges.

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Accounting professionals looking to specialize in governmental accounting for capital projects and debt services.
  • Students pursuing degrees in accounting, finance, or public administration with a focus on governmental entities.
  • Anyone interested in the financial management of governmental capital projects and long-term obligations.

Join us to transform your understanding of governmental accounting and become proficient in managing capital projects and debt services with confidence and expertise. Enroll in Governmental Accounting 200: Capital Projects & Debt Service today and elevate your career! 📚✨


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March 3, 2021
This course has the same values as the basic course (Governmental Accounting 100). I still feel good about Governmental Accounting.
May 11, 2020
It is extremely useful and informative lectures, although the sessions seemed a bit long but its valuable sessions.



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