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Google Data Engineer Certification Practice Exams

100 Practice Exam Questions for Preparation of the Google Professional Data Engineer Certification Exam

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Students will get an understanding about level of preparation required to clear actual Google Data Engineer Certification Exam.


Two practice exams having scenarios related to Data Engineering aspect of GCP which enable you to master Google Professional Data Engineer Certification Exam

  • Assess yourself for the Google Professional Data Engineer Certification Exam

  • Ensure that you are fully prepared for the exam

  • Appear for these exams only when you feel you are ready to take the exam

Topics covered in the exams -

  • Storage - BigQuery, BigTable, Spanner, Cloud DataStore, Cloud Storage etc.

  • Processing - DataProc, DataFlow, Spark, Beam etc.

  • Analysis - BigQuery, Hive etc.

  • Visualization - DataStudio

  • Ingestion - Cloud Pub/Sub, Kafka etc.

  • Modeling - ML APIs, ML Concepts, AI Platform, Accelerator, Troubleshooting etc.

  • Misc - Dataprep, Data Catalog, Auto Scaling, Stackdriver, IAM etc


This course is not dump of the actual exam but it is for assessing your preparation before the real exam.

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Google Data Engineer Certification Practice Exams
Google Data Engineer Certification Practice Exams
Google Data Engineer Certification Practice Exams
Google Data Engineer Certification Practice Exams


R7 April 2021

needs to be updated with newer product and service names. some of the questions are awkwardly worded. some of the questions are too open-ended, picking any number of responses or "none of the above" - overall i'm glad i purchased it and it has helped.

Soumya10 March 2021

It's an excellent approach to get a feel of the actual exam. Nicely implemented. I'm very much impressed.

Eilyn29 November 2020

The explanations are short, not well explained and some of the answers can be misleading or incorrect. There were also some incorrect answers for example one about "preemptible and non-preemptible VMs" were it was indicating that the right answer was to use a combination of both types, despite de GCP documentation states that for all secondary workers in your cluster must be of the same type, either preemptible or non-preemptible, but not both https://cloud.google.com/dataproc/docs/concepts/compute/secondary-vms. Not good for preparing for the exam.

Greg26 September 2020

Kudos to the instructor. Unique questions that I have not seen elsewhere. Good explanation of the correct answers and links to supporting documentation.

Pavan8 August 2020

This is pathetic!! not only are the questions silly and pointless but the answers given are wrong too!! cant believe udemy has such poor stuff to host!! absoluteley pathetic and this is just highway robbery, will get my money back filing a dispute!!

Akanksha29 March 2020

This was a very informative course with a good insight on some use cases implementations. These practice tests clarified a lot about data engineering concepts and helped me to prepare for the exam.

Rahul21 March 2020

Very well laid out course practical and must have if you are preparing for Google Data Engineer Certification. This is really amazing course , I really loved this. Great work by author- Bhavuk. Thank you!!


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