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Google Maps JavaScript API for beginners

Google Maps JavaScript API is a guide for beginners to create Google Maps Application for Web and Mobile Devices.

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Jun 2015

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What you will learn

able to setup google map apis

able to create Google map for devices

able to create Google map in your websites

control the maps UI events


Did you want to integrate Google Map in your Websites or Mobile application like Android,IOS and don't no how to integrate and create programs in Google Map by using Google Map JavaScript APIs.

"This is a perfect startup guide for YOU"

This conceptual Course is designed to let you quickly start exploring and developing applications with the Google Maps API. This 45 minute tutorial contains videos with complete explanation of Google Map APIs and guide you from the scratch to create google map application and integration of google map apps in your websites or Android / IOS application.

This course structured in a Video format tutorial and at the end of each section source code is included for future reference.

Take this course if you want to have a good startup in Google Map JavaScript API or want to integrate Google Map in your Websites/Android/IOS apps.


Google Maps JavaScript API for beginners
Google Maps JavaScript API for beginners
Google Maps JavaScript API for beginners
Google Maps JavaScript API for beginners


Introduction and About Instructors

About Course and Instructor

Installing Netbeans

Navigating and Downloading Netbeans IDE

Installing Netbeans 8.0.2

Getting Started with Google Map API

Introduction to Google Map JavaScript API

Obtaining API Key

Initialize a Simple Map

Loading Google Map API

Initializing Google map

Run Simple Google Map

loadScript function with mapoptions object

Adding Button event to Load Google Map

Using input element for locating location coordinates in Google Map

Developing for Mobile Devices

Making Google Map Devices compatible

Alert to check Device compatibilities

Using meta tag for Android and IPhone Devices compatibility


Google map for Language Localization

Controlling the versions of Google Map

Map Controls

Map control overview

Disable Default UI control

Enabling with Map Control Options

Zoom Control options

Displaying map with Map and Zoom controls options

Control Positioning in Map

Events in Google Map

Accessing arguments in UI events

display marker on mouse click in particular location

Practical : Placing Markers from input type select

Map Types in Google Map

Basic Map Types

Basic Map Types continue.....

Global and local map object

Rotate map to 45 degree imaginary

Signed - In Maps

Sign in to Google map with gmail account

Testing Google Signed in Map

Testing Google Map Sign in and Android Device

Info Window

Save to Google Map with Info Window

Info Window Output


Add a Marker to the Map

Removing a Marker

Animate Markers

Bounce function for markers

Adding Simple Icon

Make a marker draggable


Marking with Polylines

Inspecting a Polyline

Marking a Polygon

Add a Image Ground Overlay

Source Code

Download source code for sample examples


David15 October 2020

Beginning - The videos keep cutting short. They run until the end of the time, but then cut off the instructor mid sentence. Its like they were uploaded wrong. Also the instructor doesn't explain why he does anything. He just says what he is doing. If I want to parrot the instructor that is fine, but if I want to learn I need more of an explanation. Halfway - Halfway through it does get better, but the beginning gave such a poor foundation that I can barely follow what he is doing now. Bonus points for the Blade Runner font though.

Apolo23 July 2019

Esta empezando le voy a dar una oportunidad, puede ser que no este acostumbrado al acento, pero en este momento lo que veo es que estás viejos los ejemplos que usa

Fernando23 July 2018

I don't like this course... it's not good and is so many hours to explain so little and is awful... needs to make it better...


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