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Google Maps JavaScript API - Complete Training

Embedding Google Maps In Websites and Phonegap Apps

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Google Maps JavaScript API - Complete Training


1 hour


Aug 2015

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What you will learn

Learn Google Maps API JavaScript V3

Makes websites more informative using Maps

Embedding maps into phonegap apps


Maps make websites more useful; they can help users find businesses and areas of interest, get directions, or gain insights into new communities. In this course, learn to add interactive maps to your websites with Google Maps JavaScript API v3. Narayan Prusty first shows you how to set up the tools and get an API key. After an introduction to presenting simple maps with the JavaScript, the course describes how to set a map's initial state, switch between different map types, work with map markers, draw shapes, and work with zoom controls, the My Location button, and Much more.

Topics include:

  • Setting up the developer tools
  • Adding required permissions
  • Getting a Google Maps API key
  • Setting a map's initial state
  • Geocoding an address
  • Adding map markers
  • Handling marker events
  • Drawing lines, polygons, and circles
  • Adding maps to existing apps



Introduction To Course


Setting Up Environment and Understanding Layers

Google Maps API Key

Basics Of Google Map API

Creating a Sample Map

Setting Up Basic HTML Template

Creating a Map Object, Passing Map Properties and Loading the Map

Map Types

Google Maps Overlays

What is Google Maps Overlays

Adding a Marker

Animate a Marker

Icon Instead of Marker





Google Maps Events

What is Google Maps Events

Click the marker to zoom

Pan back to marker

Google Maps Controls

What are Map controls and what are the default controls

More controls

Disabling the default controls

Custom controls


Using HTML5 Geolocation to show current location with Google Maps API

Creating Google Maps Sample App with AngularJS and Onsen UI




Greg22 July 2020

Would have been nice to include the sample code snippets as downloads. During th section on controls, it was very difficult to see what was being clicked on in the lower right corner

Tommy8 August 2019

No code download. PDF download did not bring images just a blank spot in a page. So many more areas of the API that were left out. Truly not well presented. Waste of my money.

Hybride11 November 2017

Great introduction to Google Maps JS API. I needed a quick starter course amidst all of the documentation Google provides, and this definitely delivers.

fern23 November 2015

The method present is very easy-going and cool-calm & collected approach to something very cool but potentially scary.

DMA16 May 2015

It is a very good start into to the Google Maps API. I took the course and do not regret it. If there was an advanced version i would enroll to it aswell. Basic unterstanding of JS and some OOP-knowledge really helps a lot understanding the whole concept. Sourcecode was readable to me without any problems. Audio quality could be better though. Anyway, Thanks a lot for the sweet course.

Simon12 May 2015

It's too difficult to follow as the resolution of the video recording pretty low. Hardly can see the codes typing and no scripts provided. I wish this can be recorded again as I believe the instructor is knowledgeable. You need a pair of eagle eyes to follow the tutorials ^^


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