How to use Google Forms - Course for Beginners

Quickly and Easily Create Your Surveys, Quizzes, and Forms from Start to Finish With Free Google Forms

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44 mins


Apr 2021

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What you will learn

How to create a Google account

How to create Google Form

What is Google Form

How to customize forms

How to navigate the Google Forms

How to use multiple choice questions

How to use checkbox questions

How to use drop down menu questions

How to use linear scales

How to use date and time

How to (automatically) grade your student's online quizzes

How to create a fully functional online quiz

How to share your form with participants through email, direct link and social media

How to add other people to work with your form

How to collect email addresses

How to use sections and titles

How to add images and videos to your form

How to connect form with Google sheets


Hello my future student and welcome to the Google forms course for beginners.

This course is ideal if you want to harness the power of the absolutely amazing and free tool that will allow you to create unlimited forms, quizzes, and surveys.

Google forms will allow you to collect data from across the internet and moreover, it will help you sort data in connected Google sheets, which is super awesome.

In this course you'll learn how to:

  • Create Your First Google Form and get to know the Editor

  • Name your Form and Add Questions

  • Store Answers in Google Spreadsheet

  • Change Question Type and Order

  • Add Titles, Sections, and Form Pages

  • Change Form Settings

  • Add Images And Videos

  • Change Theme and Colors

  • Sending and Sharing Your Form

  • And More!

Google Forms is highly recommended for educational purposes.

If you want a completely free and reliable tool for your teaching, business, or fun, this is a perfect match for you.

Make sure to check out the curriculum to see what’s inside and what you will learn.

Also, I created one practice lesson that will turn your form into a quiz with points and values, and of course, you’ll learn many other things.

Don’t pay anything to anyone when you have a top-tier survey and quiz tool at your disposal!

See ya inside!


How to use Google Forms - Course for Beginners
How to use Google Forms - Course for Beginners
How to use Google Forms - Course for Beginners
How to use Google Forms - Course for Beginners


Introduction to Google Forms

What are Google Forms and Why You Need Them?

What Are We Going to Make?

About Your Instructor

Make Sure That You Have Google Account

Creating the Google Form

Creating Your First Google Form and Editor Preview

Naming Form and Adding Questions

Storing Answers in Spreadsheet

Naming Form and File, Changing Question Type and Order

Adding Titles, Sections, and Form Pages

Question Types

Form Settings

Add Images And Videos

Changing Theme and Colors

Sending and Sharing Your Form

Adding Collaborators

Google Form to Quiz Practice

Nature Quiz Project

Conclusion and What is Next


Where To Go Next?


Matej7 May 2021

Filip really helped me get more into the workflow of Google Form and made my work so much faster! Thank you so much!


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