Google Drive : Master Google Drive from Beginner to Expert

Become Google Drive Expert : Practical Guide to Google drive and all its Integrated Apps, Master Google Drive today !

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May 2020

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What you will learn

How to use Google Drive from scratch

Explore all latest 2020 features of Google Drive and its Integrated Applications

Learn tips and tricks on how to use Google Drive and its Integrated Applications to increase productivity of your work

Set up Google account / Set up Google Drive Desktop App.

My Drive , Computers

Shared with me




Storage information

New File, Folder Creation

File Upload

Folder upload

Important Feature : How to Backup and sync Files and Folders

Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides - Tips and Tricks for all these Apps.

Google Forms, Google Drawings, Google Jamboard

Google Site - How to create and publish professional website using Google Sites.

Google My Map vs Google Map

Google Calendar ,Google Keep, Google Tasks

Connect more Apps


If you have the intention of learning Google Drive to meet the following requirements then you are at the right place.

  1. Do you want to master Google Drive and Explore its latest 2020 Features and its all Integrated Applications then this course is for you.

  2. By the end of this course you will gain complete proficiency over Google Drive and its applications even if you are currently a complete beginner.

  3. Here in this course you will not only learn and master Google Drive but also you will learn cool quick tips and tricks to increase your productivity at work.

  4. Learn Google Drive by doing.

  5. Note : Google Suit is not covered here.

Overview of Topics Covered :

We go step by step from creating a Google account to learning different applications that are integrated within Google Drive by following some tips and tricks. We will also create a professional demo website with the help of Google Sites.

  1. Create Google Account

  2. Setup/Download Google Drive for Desktop

  3. Understanding interface of Google Drive

  4. Explore and understand the main features related to Backup and Sync

  5. Google Drive : Introduction, interface, tips/tricks, file sharing, backup and sync and much more!

  6. Google Docs : Interface, Document Setup, tips/tricks and much more !

  7. Google Slide : Interface, menus, tips/tricks, presentation, layout, and much more!

  8. Google Sheets : Document set up, tips/tricks and much more!

  9. Google Forms : Building different types of forms, sharing and much more!

  10. Google Drawings

  11. Google My Maps vs Google Maps

  12. Google Calendar

  13. Google Keep

  14. Google Tasks

  15. Google Jam Board

  16. Google Sites : How to create a professional website and publish to web.

  17. Google Classroom

  18. Connecting apps to Google Drive


Google Drive : Master Google Drive from Beginner to Expert
Google Drive : Master Google Drive from Beginner to Expert
Google Drive : Master Google Drive from Beginner to Expert
Google Drive : Master Google Drive from Beginner to Expert


Introduction to Google Drive

What is Google Drive ? and How does it work ?

What can we store in Google Drive ?

Why Google Drive ?

How 2-step verification authentication works ?

Basic Requirements to set up Google Drive

Create Google Account

Different ways to open Google Drive and Download/Setup Google Drive Desktop App

Google Drive Web App UI Features

Introduction to Google Drive UI

Google Drive 'New' Feature



Shared With me






Google Drive 'New' Web UI Features

Google Drive 1: Introduction

Google Drive 2 : 12 Tips and Tricks

Google Drive 3 : Back up and Sync Feature

Google Docs 1 : Introduction

Google Docs 2: 15 Tips and Tricks

Google Slides 1 : Introduction, How to use Google Slides

Google Slide 2 : 10 Tips and Tricks

Google Sheets 1 : Introduction, How to use Google Sheets

Google Sheets 2 : More Functionality

Google Forms : How to use Google Forms

Google Drawings : How to use Google Drawings and Logo Creation Example

Google Jamboard 1 : Introduction

Google Jamboard 2 : Interface, How does Jamboard works

Google MyMaps 1 : Google Map vs Google My Maps

Google MyMaps 2 : Google My Map Explanation with Tour Planning

Google Classroom 1 : Introduction

Google Classroom 2 : How to use Google Classroom

Google Sites : How to create professional website for free using Google Sites.

Other Integrated Applications

Other Integrated Applications : Introduction

Google Calendar 1: Introduction

Google Calendar 2: How to Create Event

Google Calendar 3: How to Add New Calendar

Google Calendar 4 : How to Add Google Tasks to Google Calendar

Google Calendar 5 : Settings

Google Calendar 6 : General Settings

Google Calendar 7: Search Feature

Google Keep

Google Tasks




Denise15 July 2020

Overall it was a good class. However, there could have been some exercises given for student engagement and understanding. In addition, I need the CC captions to understand the teachers.

Alyssa17 May 2020

Instructor is very knowledgeable a lot of good information, but with her the accent it would be helpful if she would slow down a bit and not rush through the material.

Ashish13 May 2020

Its good course, But it only giving the lot of theory and not practically all lesson which is what it should be in my view, like live(practical) demo of how the folder & files are sync from pc to drive and drive to pc like such..rather than just telling it.

Nehal21 April 2020

ya it was very good for myself but few querries i have. if its possible can i connect to her personally via call or video call for some querries

Bharatkumar19 April 2020

It will help me to organise my different work on time and definitely will help me in my professional life.

Sachin18 April 2020

Very easy to learn online course with details, explain by examples. I suggest other student to learn with Udemy online classes. thanks & regards

Khalid17 April 2020

it was a course full of information .. very useful and it will make your work easier by learning this course.

Matthew16 April 2020

when I started this course, I had just bought a brand new chromebook, with no idea how to use it, throughout the training provided, I feel confident enough to start taking on and completing projects that were otherwise just frustrating and overwhelming, thank you for the time you took to put this course together it has helped me tremendously

Muhammad9 April 2020

Its a very good course of Mastering Google Drive, so that we can understand cleary about the function of them.

Sanjeet4 April 2020

This course is very helpful for beginners to learn about Google integrated applications and about its cloud storage Google Drive.

Vijay3 April 2020

till now it was all basic that everyone knows, you should not demonstrate how to open a google account i guess everyone knows it , it was a detailed course from beginning to end.

Vijendra2 April 2020

Faculty was very good in explaining all contents, packaging of entire course is carefully done to grasp each aspect of application and their features. Thanks a lot.

Ramasamy2 April 2020

Google drive is so commonly utilized in this period. This program serves as a good insight into all the features provided by the Gdrive and how an individual can expand his usage in this field.

Sally2 April 2020

This was really useful in showing my the tricks and tips. I skipped some of the basic areas as I have been using Google drive for a while. However I know that this course would be useful for anyone using Google Drive for the first time. The information was clear and easy to follow. I could easily watch the demo then pause and have a go myself which I found really useful. The "Hi" at the beginning of each unit was a little annoying. (Sorry). I would have liked more information on Google Forms. I am struggling to get it to work properly for use in the classroom, for educational assessments. I noticed it didn't work in the demo either, so this area needs looking at again. Thank you for all your clear explanations I found this really useful and I'm ready to use Google to its full capacity.

Eager30 March 2020

This course is simply amazing! It puts together all the features of Google Drive along with the supported integrations in one place with neat detailed explanations about each of the integrations. What is more is that it also introduces some other interesting applications such as Google Sites which allows you to create a professional website for free with no code!! A highly recommended course for anyone who uses or intends to use Google Drive and the set of related applications effectively for their day to day tasks and work.


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