Google Docs - Beginner

Learn the basic functionalities of Google Docs.

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What you will learn

Getting Started with Google Docs

Working with Text

Text navigation, selection, and entry

Proofing and Viewing Documents

Finalizing Documents


This course is designed to introduce students to the basic functionality and user interface of Google Docs. In this course, students will learn the basics of saving and opening documents and review the interface. Students will practice text navigation, selection, entry, and various other text formatting and editing commands and features. Students will also work with graphics and the various tools available in Docs to format and edit them. Lastly, this course will cover various options for viewing documents, proofing options for documents, and settings to prepare documents for distribution and publication.

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This course aligns with the CAP Body of Knowledge and should be approved for 1.5 recertification points under the Technology and Information Distribution content area. Email with proof of completion of the course to obtain your certificate.




Getting Started with Google Docs

What is Google Docs?
Opening Google Docs
Importing and Converting Word Documents to Docs
Navigating the Docs User Interface
Creating Documents
Using Templates
Using Help
Opening and Editing a PDF
Saving a Document

Working with Text

Working with Text
Working with Formatting
Using Paint Format
Using Paragraph Styles, Borders, and Shading
Inserting or Removing Breaks
Inserting Special Characters
Inserting an Equation

Enhancing with Images and Graphics

Inserting an Image
Using Text Wrapping and Positioning
Formatting Images
Replacing an Image and Alt Text
Working with Drawings
Inserting Word Art

Proofing and Viewing

Proofing a Document
Exploring Automatic Corrections
Using the Dictionary
Using Find and Replace
Advanced Finding and Replacing
Translating a Document

Finalizing Documents

Adjusting Document Setup Options
Adding Accessibility Settings
Working with Headers and Footers
Printing a Document
Emailing as an Attachment
Exporting to Another Format
Sharing a Document


Course Recap

Assessment Quiz

Google Docs Beginner Assessment Quiz


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