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Google Cloud 2021: More than GCP Certification

GCP Design Develop Security Storage Google Cloud Networking, Manage App Google Cloud Architect Certification for DevOps

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Mar 2021

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What you will learn

Complete Cloud Infrastructure for Google Cloud Certification

Learn the Skills needed to be successful Cloud DevOps Engineer

Make informed decisions about Containers, VMs and AppEngine in Cloud

Save time in preparing Multiple Google Cloud Certification exams.

Learn about the infrastructure and platform services provided by Google Cloud Platform


Becoming Google Cloud Certified choice of your certification - Google Professional Cloud Architect, Google Associate Cloud Engineer, Google Professional Cloud Developer, Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer (Beta).

Do you know 85% of global IT professionals hold at least one certification, of which over half were earned in the past 12 months? Another 66% plan to attain a new certification this year. These findings are published in the Global Knowledge 2019 IT Skills and Salary Report.

You always have Free $300 Credit for Google Cloud Platform

Becoming Google Certified choice of your certification - Professional Cloud Architect, Associate Cloud Engineer, Professional Cloud Developer, Professional Cloud Network Engineer (Beta), Upcoming -> Cloud Data Engineer, Cloud DevOps Engineer, Cloud Security Engineer.

This course is not for Lazy learners - The course has comprehensive coverage of Google Cloud Platform and students need very long focus/attention to complete.

The course does not assume you have knowledge on Google Cloud Platform or any cloud Platform. We cover almost everything on GCP to become "Hero" from whatever your current GCP understanding (it may be Zero or Beginning or Intermediate)

Advance Students - Joining this course only for certification -> Please at least run through the foundation section once for you to understand the certification syllabus.

Why waste time learning the same foundation concepts again and again for each certification around the same technology. This course divided into the section where you learn all concepts in once course and then focus individually on each certification - Incrementally.

Single Course FULLY Prepares you for all FOUR certifications below ->

  1. Associate Cloud Engineer,

  2. Professional Cloud Architect

  3. Professional Cloud Developer

  4. Professional Cloud Data Engineer - Expected in Dec 2020

  5. Professional DevOps Engineer - Expected in Jun 2021

Each Certification

> 100 % Coverage for Certification.

> Section by Section mapping syllabus (after foundation) so that you don't have to hunt for any other options for syllabus coverage

> One Practice Question set for each Certification - Besides Google Readiness Test

> Labs will help you understand each service in detail.

Our Target at the end of Dec to have 2 Questions Sets for each certification.

Time is Money nowadays - We all want to optimize our time to learn new things and add it in our profile in a smart way. This course will take out duplicate learning work which you may need to do if you are planning for more than 1 certification on Google Cloud Platform.

Each Certification gives additional dimension about Google Cloud Platform and this Course committed to giving you will give you 360 view of the Google Cloud platform so - you don't have to refer any other course.

Thank You for your time and stay connected!

Happy Learning !!


Google Cloud 2021: More than GCP Certification
Google Cloud 2021: More than GCP Certification
Google Cloud 2021: More than GCP Certification
Google Cloud 2021: More than GCP Certification


Course Introduction

GCP Course Introduction

Introducing Google Cloud Platform

Introducing Google Cloud

What is Cloud Computing

How We Reached on Cloud

GCP Services Overview

Google Network Infrastructure

GCP Regions & Zones

GCP User Friendly Pricing

Why Choose Google Cloud

GCP Multi Layered Security

Google Cloud Account SetUp

Create Free Tier GCP Account

Google Cloud Web Console

SetUp Billing Export in GCP

SetUp Billing Alerts

Getting Started with Google Cloud Platform

Lab : Cloud Shell

Functions of Cloud Shell

GCP Resource Hierarchy

The Google Cloud Platform resource hierarchy

Interacting with Google Cloud Platform

Cloud Marketplace

Get Start with Cloud Launcher

Google Cloud Compute Engine

About this Section

Google Compute Engine

Lab : Create Google Virtual Machine

Lab : Edit Running Compute Engine

Lab: Create Custom Machine in GCP

Lab: Submit StartUp Script | Execute Tomcat on Compute Engine

Source Code Repository for this Course

Lab: Create VM using Command Line

Kubernetes & Google Kubernetes Engine

Docker & Kubernetes Complete Course

GKE : Google Kubernetes Engine

Google Kubernetes Engine Lab 1

Google Kubernetes Engine Lab 2

Text Direction : Google Kubernetes Lab

App Engine In Google Cloud

App Engine Standard Environment

App Engine Flexible Environment

Standard vs Flexible Environment

Google Cloud Storage

About this Section

Storage Options Overview

Cloud Storage in GCP

Interact with Cloud Storage

Lab : Working with Cloud Storage Buckets

Lab : Create Bucket & Data using CLI

Lab : Execute Application and Create Data in Cloud Storage

Transfer Services in GCP

Lab : Transfer Service in GCP

Lab : SetUp Cloud Storage SetUp for CLI

Text Direction : Lab SetUp Cloud Storage SetUp for CLI

Lab : Custom Encryption key in Cloud Storage

Architect Relational DataBase(RDBMS) In GCP

About this Section

Understadaning of Cloud SQL & Cloud Spanner

Lab : Create Cloud SQL DB

Lab : Execute Cloud SQL DB

Text Direction : Execute Cloud SQL DB

Lab : Bulk Load in Cloud SQL DB

Lab : Demo on Cloud Spanner

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Network in GCP

About this Section

VPC in GCP Intro

Global Network and Subnets

Role of IP Addresses In GCP

Lab : VPC IPs Distribution

Routes in VPC

Firewalls in VPC

Firewall Rules Logging in GCP

Lab : Network Firewalls in GCP

Lab : VPC Network in GCP

Interconnecting Networks in GCP

Lab : Cloud VPN & VPN Tunnels

Text Direction : Cloud VPN & VPN Tunnels Lab

Function of Cloud Router

Lab : Cloud Routers for Routing in GCP

Shared VPC in GCP

Instance Management & Load Balancing in GCP

About the Section

Instance Templates of Compute Engine

Lab : Create Instance Template & Instances

Dive in Instance Groups

Lab : Manage Instace Groups

Help : Load Balancers in GCP

Load Balancers in GCP

HTTP/HTTPS Load Balancer

Components of HTTPS Load Balancer


Steve8 March 2021

Cadence and accent of the instructor is difficult for English speakers to follow. One example is the tendency to hard stop speaking after the word "the". That doesn't happen in English and makes the train of thought very difficult to follow. The audible pause word or "right?" is definitely noticeable and overused. All of these complaints are in addition to the presenter basically just draining slide after slide. I might abandon this course and just get a book.

Yogesh27 February 2021

Your course so far seems good. For international audience the accent can be an issue which if possible please try to neutralize (few words like region, version, hop, metrics - pronounce this as may tries.. (and not metrices)... ). 1) But you are saying 'right' quite often and that's pretty annoying for me. You sometime say right after every 5 seconds... Can you edit your entire recorded script and remove those 'Rights' please? 2) networking section needs more explanation. I am on Routes and its just too difficult to follow what you are saying. Why don't you create examples while you are speaking the script. 3) Load balancing is complete bouncer. Also you have-not explained the TCP/UDP load balancer? I plan to complete your complete course...

Swaroop25 January 2021

The it is very distracting to try to understand the accent. Please work on your pronunciations and try not to read. Add subtitles. Take a neutral accent training and English grammar training. Fastestly, ezstack, reason (region), and many other words like 2018 sounds like twenty-eighty are confusing and I had to play back again.

Gajanan16 January 2021

I'm in middle of course . But i will tell you its simply amazing and all the topics which i studied till now is explained in detail. Thank you sir for amazing course

Jitendra2 January 2021

This was finest course delivery for a beginner. Appreciate the effort done from your end. Thanks much .

Ijajali1 January 2021

Great Journey so far, Theoretical and Practical explanation is very and good and at a Point. Would recommend this course to others.

K1129 December 2020

1. The Indian-English is a bit annoying (a lot of words are not pronounced correctly) (region is pronounced as reason). For me personally it is extremely distracting. 2. I have expected more than just reading from a PowerPoint presentation.

Pablo15 December 2020

The rhythm of speach and phonetic, makes it a little difficult to follow, entonation to keep attention, and a more international accent, would be really appreciated. Anyway, interesting and good, so far.

Mouna1 December 2020

Thank you for your efforts but there is some difficulties concerning cloud shell and script as we have no previous experts concerning them, so we will not apply them like SUDO...

Devin30 October 2020

You can't understand what the instructor is saying for most of the lessons. To add insult to injury most of the written content seems like ads for his other "courses".

Shital9 September 2020

Througly explained almost all topic, Only suggestion is to add more flowchart/diagram to explain the concepts.

Debashish9 September 2020

This course is by far the most easy to understand as well as detailed course i have seen. It is sometimes tiring to remember all the things but as it is rightly said there is no short cut if you want to have a detail understanding of a subject. I would strongly recommend this course to people who are appearing for GCP exams. This course on Udemy is certainly a concept builder and the foundations will be cleared on the GCP cloud. Request the Author to put more stress on the gcloud command line in the course material because it is very essential for any google certification

Amir2 September 2020

Excellent coverage to a broad set of topics ; digging in many options for practicing those technologies like the google console and cloud shell...good job

Sascha24 August 2020

The content seems to be complete and a good basis for the several certifications. Nevertheless there are some points, which prevent a higher scoring for me. - yes, english is not the native language of the tutor, but the pronunciation is really bad at some points. This makes it very exhausting to follow. The word "region" is a good example, because it is pronounced every time as "reason". - First point can be mitigated (a little bit) by adding subtitles - Tutor also has to put some effort into his coaching style, because 90% is just read aloud a power point presentation. More graphics / animations would help.

Gopinadh28 May 2020

i'm very happy after taking this course. the subject he is delivering will not be delivered anywhere.


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