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Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer Practice Exams

By the author of the Official Study Guides for the Cloud Engineer, Architect, and Data Engineer exams.

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Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer Practice Exams


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Jan 2021

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What you will learn

Students will practice with real exam-like questions and learn how to analyze cloud engineering questions to choose the best answer.


Hi, my name is Dan Sullivan, and as an early adopter of cloud technologies, I’m an experienced cloud architect and systems developer. I’m also the bestselling author of numerous technical books, an experienced in-person trainer, and an online trainer whose courses have been viewed over 1 million times.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is an increasingly popular public cloud and the demand for certified professionals is growing. In fact, the top-paying certification is one of Google’s cloud certifications—the Professional Cloud Architect. With that said, Google’s Associate Cloud Engineer certification is an ideal starting point for those new to cloud or GCP, and it can be used as a pathway to Professional-level certifications.

I’ve designed these practice exams to help prepare you for the Google Associate Cloud Engineer certification exam.  You'll be tested on the major GCP services covered on the test, including Compute Engine, App Engine, Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Functions, Cloud SQL, BigQuery, Bigtable, VPCs, VPNs, Cloud Monitoring, Cloud Logging, and more.

The Google Associate Cloud Engineer exam is two hours in length and contains 50 multiple-choice and multiple-select questions. Each of these exams includes 50 questions across all 5 major exam topics:

  1. Setting up a cloud solution environment

  2. Planning and configuring a cloud solution

  3. Deploying and implementing a cloud solution

  4. Ensuring successful operation of a cloud solution

  5. Configuring access and security

These exams can help identify areas that you need to study more. For those, see my course Google Associate Cloud Engineer: Get Certified. To learn more about how to prepare for certification exams and how to analyze exam questions, see my free course How to Pass Google Cloud Certification Exams.

Good luck with your exams!


Gilbert30 April 2021

It was amazing and the explanation of the answers/solution was awesome in understanding the solution.

Evgeniya24 March 2021

Questions in this practice test are not as complex as in the actual exam, but I like that they do test the wide range of knowledge topics and touch on the content in a fashion similar to the actual.

Andres19 January 2021

Buenas preguntas, aunque no salio ninguna pregunta igual en la prueba tienen una similitud en cuanto a casos de estudio y aplicacion de cada tecnologia de Google Cloud, ademas, da buenas bases para saber en que estas debil y reforzar.

Alvaro9 January 2021

Excelente entrenamiento para tener claros los conceptos necesarios del examen. ¡Una excelente inversión!

Andrii7 December 2020

Explanation is so bad, nothing said about other options (very rarely something is), no link to official documentation. Number of question for course is low.


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