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Ultimate Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Nov 2020

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Prepare for Google Cloud Platform : Cloud Engineer Certification


Welcome Cloud Professionals !

After being successful 275,000+ Students 395,000+ Subscriptions for Google Cloud Courses -  We are welcoming you to new course for Cloud Engineer Certification!

200+ Questions with one timed Actual Questions Paper-like Quiz !

We have covered all you need to understand Google Cloud Platform and Prepare for Google Cloud Engineer Certification with  Plenty of Demos and labs. 

650+ Students passed the Certification Exam !!!

Recent Feedback ->

Hi Dhanaji,  -> First of all I wanted to say thanks to you for Udemy GCP Training.

Last week I passed the Google Associate Cloud Engg exam and your training are really help me a lot.

Especially screenshots that are highlighted in training's.

Antonio Camacho

I'm passed the exam....!! Now I`m a Certified Engineer.....!! Thanks a lot, your course are very helpful for me...!

The structure of this course

- Align exact Certification Syllabus with training materials.

- Detail Theory and Hands on Demo and Practice Labs !

- Questions on each service and Sections + Final Practice test (in weeks period) 

- Syllabus coverage Analysis for every sections.

Section - 1 to 1 mapping with google certification outline for Certification Cloud Engineer

Section 1, 2, of the course is to get you started with Google Cloud platform

Google Certification syllabus mapping with the course is as follows

Section 1: Setting up a cloud solution environment -> Section 4 of this course

Section 2: Planning and configuring a cloud solution -> Section 5 of this course

Section 3: Deploying and implementing a cloud solution -> Section 6 of this course

Section 4: Ensuring successful operation of a cloud solution -> Section 7 of this course

Section 5: Configuring access and security -> Section 8 of this course.

Still, you think missing something - Please let us know and we will add it. 

Please remember - you can always let us know on anything you want to add or if you have any questions, I or one of our teammates will respond to you shortly.


Google Cloud Gurus !

Seattle, USA.


Ultimate Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020
Ultimate Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020
Ultimate Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020
Ultimate Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020




Associate Cloud Engineer Certification and Course Structure !

Course Refresh Oct 2019 !

Your Feedback is Very Important to us !

Google Cloud Platform overview

Google Cloud Platform Introduction

Getting Started ! - Login and $300 GCP Credit

Getting Around : GCP Cloud Console

Regions , Zones /Data centers

Google Fiber Optic network around the world

Google Cloud Platform : Services

GCP Interfaces

GCP Projects

GCP Resources

Identity and Access Management

Billing Account and Usage Alerts

Quota and Limits

Different Type of Account : Service Account

Infrastructure Service

GCP : Cloud Shell

GCP : Cloud SDK

Cloud APIs

Google Cloud Platform Summary

Section 1: Setting up a cloud solution environment

1.1 Setting up cloud projects and accounts.

1.2 Managing billing configuration

1.3 Installing and configuring the command line interface (CLI) - Cloud SDK

gcloud Commands Practice and Setup

Setting up Env. Quiz

Please let us know - How we are doing !

Section 2: Planning and configuring a cloud solution

Section Background : Planning and configuring a cloud solution

2.1 Planning and estimating GCP product use using the Pricing Calculator.

2.2 Planning and configuring compute resources.

2.3 Planning and configuring data storage options.

2.4 Planning and configuring network resources

2.4 Planning and configuring network resources : Load Balancer

Planning and Configuration - Assignments

Quiz : Planning and Configuring Cloud.

We need you !

Section 3: Deploying and implementing a cloud solution

Section Background : Section 3: Deploying and implementing a cloud solution

3.1 Deploying and implementing Compute Engine resources.

Compute Engine - Machine Types

Compute Engine - GPU's - Graphic Processing Unit

Compute Engine - Disks & VM Storage

Compute Engine - VM Images

Compute Engine - Instance Templates and Groups

Compute Engine - Networking

Startup Scripts

Preemptible Virtual Machine

Compute Engine - Other Concepts

Compute engine - Other Concepts in Console !

Compute Engine - Pricing & Discount

Lab: Creating Virtual Machines

Quiz : Compute Engine

We need you !

3.1 Deploying and implementing Compute Engine: Load Balancer

Load Balancer in Cloud Console

Load Balancer - Health Check

Content Aware Load Balancing

Load Balancer - Load Distribution Algorithm

Load Balancer - Session Affinity

Types of Load Balancer

Load Balancer - Auto Scaling and HA

HTTP Load Balancer

TCP/SSL Proxy Load Balancer

Optional FYI : Network OSI in simpler form

Regional Internal/External Load Balancer

Load Balancer - Pricing

Optional - HTTP Load Balancer - Demo

HTTP Load Balancer - Cleanup

Lab : HTTP Load Balancing

Quiz.: Compute Services - Load balancre

3.2 Deploying and implementing Kubernetes Engine resources.

Kubernetes in Google Cloud Platform.

Kubernetes Engine - Cluster

Kubernetes Engine - POD

Kubernetes Engine - Service

Kubernetes Engine - Deployments

Kubernetes Engine - Node Pools

Kubernetes Engine - Auto Scaling

Kubernetes Engine - Regional and Multizone Clusters

Kubernetes Engine - Load Balancing

Kubernetes Engine - Node Images

Kubernetes Engine - GPU's Support

Kubernetes Engine - Labels & Selectors

Kubernetes Engine - Local SSD Support

Kubernetes Engine - GPU's Support

Kubernetes Engine - Node Repair

Kubernetes Engine - Anthos

Kubernetes Engine - Networking

Kubernetes Engine - Other Concepts

Avoid Cloud Charges deleting cluster !

Cluster Creation : Other options in Summary !

Lab : Kubernetes Engine

Quiz: Kubernetes Engine

3.3 Deploying and implementing App Engine

App Engine - Services, Version & Instances

App Engine - Traffic Splitting

App Engine - Standard Environment

App Engine - Flexible Environment

App Engine - Deployment configuration app.yaml

App Engine - Security Scanner

App Engine - Pricing

Avoid Cloud Charges - Disable Application

Lab : App Engine

Quiz : App Engine

3.3 Deploying and implementing Cloud Functions resources.

Quiz : Cloud Function

Cloud Run - Basics

Cloud Run - Service

Cloud Run - Revisions

Cloud Run - Container Instance

Cloud Run - Fully Managed

Cloud Run for Anthos

3.4 Deploying and implementing Data Solutions- Introduction

Quiz : Database and Storage Solutions

3.4 Dep. & Imp. Data Sol : Cloud Storage - Part 1

3.4 Dep. & Imp. Data Sol : Cloud Storage - Part 2

Cloud Storage - Consistency Model

Cloud Storage - Buckets

Cloud Storage - Objects

Cloud Storage - Storage Classes

Cloud Storage - Object Life-cycle policies

Cloud Storage - Data Transfer Services

Cloud Storage - Data Encryption

Cloud Storage - Objects Change Notification

Cloud Storage - Audit Logging

Cloud Storage - IAM

Quiz : Database and Storage Service

3.4 Dep. & Imp. Data Sol : Cloud SQL


Cloud SQL - PostgreSQL

Cloud SQL - Performance

Cloud SQL - Backup and Restore

Cloud SQL - Logging & Point in Time Recovery

Cloud SQL - High Availability

Cloud SQL - Read Replica and Performance

Cloud SQL - Pricing

Cloud SQL - Cleanup Reminder

LAB: Cloud SQL

Quiz: Cloud SQL

3.4 Dep. & Imp. Data Sol : Cloud Spanner Basics

Cloud Spanner - Features

Cloud Spanner - Architecture

Cloud Spanner - Performance

Cloud Spanner - Interleaved Tables

Cloud Spanner - IAM

LAB : Cloud Spanner

Cloud Spanner - Cleanup

Quiz : Cloud Spanner

3.4 Dep. & Imp. Data Sol : Cloud BigTable

Cloud Bigtable - Architecture

Cloud Bigtable - Migration from HBASE

Cloud Bigtable - Schema Designing

Cloud Bigtable - Performance

Cloud BigTable - Application Profile

Cloud Bigtable - Quotas and Limits

Cloud BigTable - Pricing

Cloud BigTable - IAM

LAB : BigTable

3.4 Dep. & Imp. Data Sol : Cloud Firestore/Datastore

Cloud Firestore in Datastore mode

Cloud Firestore - Schema Design

Cloud Firestore - Features

Cloud Firestore - Pricing

Cloud Firestore - IAM

Optional - Cloud firestore in DataStore - Demo

LAB : Cloud Firestore in Datastore mode

3.4 Dep. & Imp. Data Sol : Cloud Dataproc

Cloud Dataproc - Cluster Architectural Aspects

Cloud Dataproc - Additional Components

Cloud Dataproc - Storage Options

Cloud Dataproc - Jobs

Cloud Dataproc - Workflows

Cloud Dataproc - Quota and Limits

Cloud Dataproc - IAM

Cloud Dataproc - Pricing

Lab : Cloud Dataproc

Cloud Dataproc - Cleanup Reminder

3.4 Dep. & Imp. Data Sol : Cloud DATAFLOW

Cloud Dataflow - Pipeline Concepts

Cloud Dataflow vs Cloud Dataproc

Cloud Dataflow - Quota and Limits

Cloud Dataflow - IAM

Cloud Dataflow - Pricing

Lab : Cloud Datraflow

Quiz : Dataflow , Dataproc

3.4 Dep. & Imp. Data Sol : Cloud BigQuery

Cloud BigQuery - Best Practices

Cloud BigQuery - IAM

Cloud BigQuery - Pricing and Others

Lab : Cloud BigQuery

3.4 Dep. & Imp. Data Sol : Cloud PubSub

3.4 Dep. & Imp. Data Sol : Cloud PubSub Demo

Lab : Cloud PUBSUB

3.4 Dep. & Imp. Data Sol : Cloud DataStudio and Datalab - Bonus

Quiz : Cloud Pubsub, Cloud DataStore, Cloud BigQuery

3.5 Deploying and implementing networking resources.

Cloud VPC - Basics

Types of VPCs

Project and VPCs

Cloud VPC and Subnetworks /Subnets

Cloud VPC - Internal IP Addresses

Cloud VPC - External IP Address

Cloud VPC - Routes

Cloud VPC - Firewalls

Cloud VPC - Shared VPC

Cloud VPC - Demo

Cloud VPC - Peering

Cloud VPC - Quota and Limits

Cloud VPC - Flow Logs

Cloud VPC - Pricing

Optional - Cloud VPC Demo

Security - NAT Gateway

Security - Bastion Host

Optional - Security - Bastion Host Demo

Cloud Hybrid Networks

3.5 Cloud Interconnect

3.5 Cloud VPN

3.5 Cloud Router

Quiz: Hybrid Networks

3.5 Cloud Network - DNS

3.5 Cloud Network - DNS Demo

Quiz : Cloud DNS

3.5 Cloud Network - Cloud CDN

Quiz : Cloud CDN

3.6 Deploying a Solution using Cloud Launcher.

3.7 Deploying an Application using Deployment Manager.

Quiz Cloud Launcher , Deployment Manager

Section 4: Ensuring successful operation of a cloud solution

Section 4: Ensuring successful operation of a cloud solution - Introduction

4.1 Managing Compute Engine resources.

Quiz Managing Compute Engine

4.2 Managing Kubernetes Engine resources.

Quiz : Managing Kubernetes Engine

4.3 Managing App Engine resources.

Quiz : Managing App Engine.

4.4 Managing Cloud Function

4.4 Managing data solutions - Cloud SQL

Quiz : Managing Cloud SQL

4.4 Managing data solutions - Cloud Spanner

Quiz : Managing Cloud Spanner

4.4 Managing data solutions - Cloud Storage

4.6 Monitoring and logging Introduction

4.6 Stackdriver Monitoring

4.6 Stackdriver Logging

4.6 Stacidriver Error Reporting

4.6 Stackdriver Debug

4.6 Stackdriver Trace

4.6 Monitoring and logging - Summary

Quiz : Stackdriver

Section 5: Configuring access and security

Configuring access and Security - Background

5.1 Managing Identity and Access Management (IAM).

5.2 Managing service accounts.

5.3 Viewing audit logs for project and managed services.

Quiz : Configuring Access and Security

Question Set

Google Cloud Rediness Questions - from Google Web site

Practice Test : Associate Cloud Engineer

We Need Your Feedback !


Darrell15 September 2020

The instructor is not showing me the steps. He is moving and open applications without tell me where to go. He is teaching as if no one is watching.

Arun12 September 2020

First of all, I didn't feel its a professional training and if the trainer wants to give some information, give the clear information then. I don't understand why the trainer says like you don't need this information in detail. I felt like the trainer just run over the syllabus ASAP, not thinking from learner's perspective. I started with better expectation but disappointed.

Shubham20 August 2020

The topics do not have consistency. Same information is being shared again and again and therefore this course is for 22 hours. The speaker should have a script and should actual be aware about what he is going to speak and teach.

Jayaprakash16 August 2020

Covers most of the aspects that are required to know GCP.Thanks for all the effort to make us understand the concepts. The course is little slow, but understand, you have tailored to all types of audiences.

Kheng9 August 2020

Overall a good introductory course to GCP however several areas of improvement can be considered, such as the duration of the most video subjects can be further shortened if the moments of pauses and multiple typo errors in the demo can be removed. I also find the different videos has somewhat different voice volume and need to adjust up and down from one video to next. Lastly if additional explanation can be included in the quiz questions to further clarify the concept and knowledge for the questions answered incorrectly, it will be most helpful for student.

Miroslav26 February 2020

I had no problem with the accent. Instructions were clear and the course is a very comprehensive introduction into Google Cloud. Highly recommend!

Naga5 February 2020

I am new to GCP and expected engaging overview of Google platform introduction in Section 2. Unfortunately the first 3 sections did not meet my expectations. Narration is dull and in very low voice. I tried listening to these chapters multiple times and felt the same and it is sometimes frustrating very low voice. I do not have previous knowledge of GCP and that might be the reason I found it very hard to continue from there on. Author most of the times, talks to himself doing activities on the website. I felt this course to be more of commentary of his actions on screen than explaining a concept to students.

Venkappa30 January 2020

good explanation, trainer has patience to brief everything that is required by a student to understand the topic thoroughly ... Thank you Dhanajay

Cynthia10 January 2020

- Not presented in logical sequence. Billing first, then history of computing? -Trailed off frequently and often appeared to be looking for items as if unfamiliar with GCP -Phone calls, alarms and frequent unexpected stopping, interruptions - Did not enunciate clearly - Volume was different from section to section and most of the time incomprehensible. I kept my volume at max most of the time and still could not hear clearly -Spent too much time in lecture then only minutes display of everything. If you don't have two monitors to watch online while listening to him you may get lost when he finally displays the pictures of what he is talking about

Joshua5 January 2020

Thank you for helping pass my ACE exams. It is perfect training course except that there too much repetition of some the concepts. My recommendation is to get a video Editor to help you trim your material. Great stuff though.

Truyen2 January 2020

Really so good. I passed all AWS exam with guarantee parts on awslagi.com I now going to gcp with really useful course.

Muralidharan15 December 2019

I can see now the cmds were covered in the assignments pdf document, But I really think the assignment notes need a proof reading once again. The steps are not clearly mentioned, very difficult to follow and understand. Lot of duplicate data which is not so important but important steps/information is not covered. Also noticed in this course throughout none of the concepts are clearly explained. Immediately jumping to demo for each and every topic in Google cloud platform not helping here. Unless we know the concepts able to create instance etc in GCP is not going to help.

Manabu21 November 2019

The contents of this course is so really good to understand so that Instructor teach so kindly. I'm so satified with this course!

Lahari2 November 2019

The concepts were broken , a single concept was broken into different parts and explained at different levels of the course . Repetitive explanation , the course was completely a console based one , command line interface documentation or guide was not given.

Abyee20 October 2019

Thanks You for new Course Updates. Very Well done.. I have subscribed the course around months ago but started learning just week back and I realized that content is changed. I lost the track but its good surprise - New version for services looks amazing. I think course still have some ling lectures which needs to be reduced. Thanks AW


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