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Google Associate Cloud Engineer: Get Certified 2020

Learn How to Pass the Exam from the Guy Who Wrote the Official Certification Guide for Google

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Google Associate Cloud Engineer: Get Certified 2020


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Aug 2020

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What you will learn

Learn how to pass the Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer (ACE) exam

Use the included practice test to prepare for the real exam

Master working with Compute Engine, App Engine, Cloud Functions, and Kubernetes Engine

Use the Google Cloud Console and command line to manage GCP resources

Master key networking topics on the exam such as VPCs, VPNs, Load Balancing, and Hybrid Cloud

Know how and when to use object, relational, and NoSQL datastores for cloud storage

Explore specialized services such as Bigquery, Cloud Dataproc, Cloud Pub/Sub, and Cloud SQL

Delve into key exam topics including IAM, load balancing, firewall rules, subnets, and the Resource Hierarchy

Review fundamental concepts like IP addressing, CIDR blocks, DNS, and access controls


Updated August 2020: Additional lectures on Anthos, Cloud Run, Cloud Memorystore, Cloud Composer, Cloud Monitoring Agent, Cloud Data Fusion.

Do you want to earn your Google Associate Cloud Engineer certification? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

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Hi, my name is Dan Sullivan, and as an early adopter of cloud technologies, I’m an experienced cloud architect and systems developer. I’m also the bestselling author of numerous technical books, an experienced in-person trainer, and an online trainer whose courses have been viewed over 1 million times.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is an increasingly popular public cloud and the demand for certified professionals is growing. In fact, the top-paying certification is one of Google’s cloud certifications—the Professional Cloud Architect. With that said, Google’s Associate Cloud Engineer certification is an ideal starting point for those new to cloud or GCP, and it can be used as a pathway to Professional-level certifications.

I’ve designed this course to help prepare you for the Google Associate Cloud Engineer exam by introducing all of the major GCP services covered on the test, including Compute Engine, App Engine, Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Functions, Cloud SQL, BigQuery, Bigtable, VPCs, VPNs, Stackdriver, and more. And to reinforce what you see and hear, you can follow along and work with the cloud console or command line utility to get hands-on experience with GCP.

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Create and configure virtual machine instances in Compute Engine using the Cloud Console and command line

  • Dive into Identity and Access Management (IAM), an important part of the exam

  • Develop decision making skills for choosing among compute, storage, and networking options

  • Familiarize yourself with the structure of the test and how to study for it, including tips on other study resources

  • Improve your system management and DevOps skills by understanding how to monitor applications in the cloud

The Google Associate Cloud Engineer exam is two hours in length and contains 50 multiple-choice and multiple-select questions. This course uses demonstrations as well as lectures to ensure you know how to work with GCP and understand its key design and operational concepts. This approach will help you reason through tough exam questions that probe your understanding of GCP’s overall design and recommended best practices.

There is a lot to learn, so let's get started!




Course Structure

First Look at Google Cloud Platform

How to Get Help When You are Stuck

Introduction to Cloud Computing with GCP

What is Cloud Computing?

GCP Computing Services

GCP Storage and Database Services

Networking with GCP

Special Purpose Services in GCP

Quiz 1

Getting Started with GCP Console

Introduction to the Google Cloud Console

Customizing GCP Dashboard

Viewing GCP Activity

Using and Customizing the Dashboard

Exercise: Pin Services in the Home Menu

Getting Started with Cloud Shell

Starting Cloud Shell

Launch a Code Editor

Introduction to Cloud SDK Commands

Exercise: Enter Linux Commands and Gcloud Commands

Enabling APIs & Resource Hierarchy

Create a Billing Account

Enable GCP Service APIs

Introduction to the Resource Hierarchy

Setting up Billing

Quiz 2

Identity and Access Management

Introduction to Identity Access Management (IAM) in GCP

Viewing IAM Assignments

Overview of IAM Roles

Creating Custom Roles

Assigning IAM Roles

IAM Best Practices

Quiz 3

Starting a Virtual Machine

Create a Virtual Machine using Cloud Console

Create a Virtual Machine using Cloud Shell

Installing the Cloud SDK locally

Create a Virtual Machine using Cloud SDK

Accessing a Virtual Machine

Exercise: Create a Virtual Machine

Advanced Virtual Machine Configurations

View Virtual Machine Inventory

Compute Engine Machine Types

Attaching Additional Disks

Attaching GPUs

Custom Machine Type

Creating Snapshots

Using Preemptible Virtual Machines

Exercise: Create a Preemptible VM

Compute Engine Instance Groups

Introduction to Managed Instance Groups

Creating a Managed Instance Group

Autoscaling with Managed Instance Groups

Exercise: Creating an Instance Group

Introduction to Kubernetes Engine

Getting Started with Kubernetes

Kubernetes Architecture

Deploying a Cluster in Kubernetes Engine using Cloud Shell

Deploying Applications in Kubernetes Engine

Quiz 4

Managing Clusters in Kubernetes Clusters

Introduction to Kubectl

Monitoring Kubernetes

Viewing the Status of a Kubernetes Cluster

Quiz 5

Introduction to App Engine

Overview of App Engine

App Engine Standard vs App Engine Flexible

Deploying an Application to App Engine using the Cloud Shell

Scaling App Engine Applications

Splitting Traffic between Application Versions

Quiz 6

Introduction to Cloud Functions

Overview of Cloud Functions

Creating Cloud Functions using the Cloud Console

Cloud Functions Receiving Events from Cloud Pub/Sub using Cloud Console

Cloud Functions Triggered by Storage Events using Cloud Shell

Quiz 7

Review of GCP Computing Options

How to Choose Between Compute Engine, Kubernetes Engine, App Engine and Cloud Fu

How to Read Exam Questions for Computing Requirements

Planning and Configuring Storage

Types of Storage Systems

Cloud Storage Buckets and Types of Object Storage

Versioning and Object Lifecycle Management

Cloud SQL for Regional Relational Storage

Cloud Spanner for Global Relational Storage

Cloud Datastore

Cloud Datastore 2

Cloud Bigtable

Quiz 8

Review of GCP Storage Options

Choosing a Storage Solution

Storage System Exam Tips

Overview of Big Data Services

Introduction to Cloud Pub/Sub - Part 1

Introduction to Cloud Pub/Sub - Part 2

Introduction to Cloud Dataproc

Introduction to Cloud Dataflow

Introduction to Cloud Transfer

Introduction to BigQuery

Quiz 9

Networking in the Cloud: VPCs and VPNs

Introduction to Networking in the Cloud

Overview of Virtual Private Clouds

Creating a Virtual Private Cloud

Overview of Virtual Private Networks

Implementing a Virtual Private Network

Cloud and On Premises Network Integration

Quiz 10

Networking in the Cloud: IP Addressing, Firewalls, Subnets, Load Balancing & DNS

IP Addressing and CIDR Blocks

Implementing Firewall Rules

Overview of Load Balancing

Implementing Load Balancing

Implementing DNS in GCP

Review of GCP Networking Services

Review of Key Network Concepts

Networking Exam Tips

Deployment Manager

Deploying applications using Deployment Manager


Overview of Stackdriver

Using Stackdirver Debugger

Using Stackdriver Trace

Using Stackdriver Error

Stackdriver Monitoring and Alerting

Using Stackdriver Logging

Quiz 11

Preparing for the Certification Exam

Exam Strategies and Tips

Additional Resources to Help Prepare for the Exam


Thank you for taking the course!

Bonus: Practice Exam

Practice Exam


Matthew11 October 2020

Pretty good, but not really leaning toward the use cases (yet?) that are on the test. Also, some the content is over 7 months old.

Nileshkumar8 October 2020

Enjoyed complete course and nicely drafted session. Moreover Certificate making confusion whereas download after 1 day of completion. Thanks !

Nitin30 September 2020

It tells about features, but does not really explain them each. its a high level explanation, means its for a person who already has some background of cloud.

Ajesh23 September 2020

Hi Dan, There are couple of things I noticed during the course which is as 1. Sound of the course is very low. 2. Screens while performing actions in the console and especially in the cloud shell seems to be very small, couldn't make out the commands and texts. Please enlarge the screens. 3. Once we provision any services, please mention to delete it otherwise it will incur cost. It will helpful, if you can explicitly mention it. 4. If you can add exam tips for each section of the course will be very useful. Thanks for the course. Cheers, Ajesh

Sachin19 September 2020

This is not a beginner course if you don't have any prior knowledge of any cloud tool this course not for you.

Mohammed3 June 2020

wish it would have been interactive with instructor, also the audio quality needs an improvement if possible for next update

Hala2 June 2020

Excellent course. Passed the exam from the first time with the help of this course + the official study guide by Dan too. Many thanks.

Guilherme1 June 2020

Amazing course, Dan explains very well and clear the topics. Definitely, this is a good course and must take it before the exam.

Jignesh1 June 2020

It was good learning, Quiz's and Practice test was the best part of training. Thanks to the trainer for the efforts to make the learning so easy.

Sanjeev24 May 2020

Yes the author has presented material in a clear and concise manner. could use some end to end exercises

OBWAPUS15 May 2020

The course is good in learning cloud technologies ,however still need to learn more on creating instances

Thomas14 May 2020

Great course! Also I strongly recommend the book from Dan : "Official Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Study Guide" Thanks for everything!

Diego12 May 2020

At this point very consistently, the course could be better if it uses more practical scenarios, and how to develop those real scenarios. We need more hands on in real like scenarios

Joseph12 May 2020

I think its a good course, but for someone who's not well versed in Google Cloud Computing, its a bit fast paced. But hey, i'll try to keep up ;)

Hafees12 May 2020

Great lessons, kindly provide how the student can execute/practice using the GCP console ; either via a simulator or creating a dummy account .


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