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Google BigQuery & PostgreSQL : Big Query for Data Analysis

Become BigQuery expert by mastering Google BigQuery for data analysis. Cover all SQL qureies in PostgeSQL & Big Query

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Nov 2020

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What you will learn

Knowledge of all the essential SQL commands in BigQuery and PostgreSQL

Become proficient in SQL tools like GROUP BY, JOINS and Subqueries

Become competent in using sorting and filtering commands in SQL


6 Reasons why you should choose this PostgreSQL and BigQuery course

  1. Carefully designed curriculum teaching you everything in SQL that you will need for Data analysis in businesses

  2. Comprehensive - covers basic and advanced SQL statements in both PostgreSQL and BigQuery

  3. Business related examples and case studies

  4. Ample practice exercises because SQL requires practice

  5. Downloadable resources

  6. Your queries will be responded by the Instructor himself

A Verifiable Certificate of Completion is presented to all students who undertake this SQL course.

Why should you choose this course?

This is a complete tutorial on SQL which can be completed within a weekend. SQL is the most sought after skill for Data analysis roles in all the companies. So whether you want to start a career as a data scientist or just grow you data analysis skills, this course will cover everything you need to know to do that.

What makes us qualified to teach you?

The course is taught by Abhishek and Pukhraj. Instructors of the course have been teaching Data Science and Machine Learning for over a decade.

We are also the creators of some of the most popular online courses - with over 400,000 students and thousands of 5-star reviews like these ones:

I had an awesome moment taking this course. It broaden my knowledge more on the power use of SQL as an analytical tools. Kudos to the instructor! - Sikiru

Very insightful, learning very nifty tricks and enough detail to make it stick in your mind. - Armand

Our Promise

Teaching our students is our job and we are committed to it. If you have any questions about the course content, practice sheet or anything related to any topic, you can always post a question in the course or send us a direct message.

Download Practice files, take Quizzes, and complete Assignments

With each lecture, there is a practice sheet attached for you to follow along. You can also take quizzes to check your understanding of concepts. Each section contains a practice assignment for you to practically implement your learning. Solution to Assignment is also shared so that you can review your performance.

By the end of this course, your confidence in using SQL will soar. You'll have a thorough understanding of how to use SQL for Data analytics as a career opportunity.

Go ahead and click the enroll button, and I'll see you in lesson 1!


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Why learn SQL?

  1. SQL is the most universal and common used database language.It powers the most commonly used database engines like PostgreSQL, SQL Server, SQLite, and MySQL. Simply put,If you want to access databases then yes, you need to know SQL.

  2. It is not really difficult to learn SQL. SQL is not a programming language, it’s a query language. The primary objective where SQL was created was to give the possibility to common people get interested data from database. It is also an English like language so anyone who can use English at a basic level can write SQL query easily.

  3. SQL is one of the most sought-after skills by hiring employers.

  4. You can earn good money

How much time does it take to learn SQL?

SQL is easy but no one can determine the learning time it takes. It totally depends on you. The method we adopted to help you learn SQL quickly starts from the basics and takes you to advanced level within hours. You can follow the same, but remember you can learn nothing without practicing it. Practice is the only way to learn SQL quickly.

What are the steps I should follow to learn SQL?

  1. Start learning from the basics of SQL. The first 10 sections of the course cover the basics.

  2. Once done with the basics, try your hands on advanced SQL. Next 10 sections cover Advanced topics

  3. Practice your learning on the exercise provided in every section.

What's the difference between SQL and PostgreSQL?

SQL is a language. Specifically, the "Structured Query Language"

PostgreSQL is one of several database systems, or RDMS (Relational Database Management System). PostgresSQL is one of several RDMS's, others of which are Oracle, Informix, MySQL, and MSQL.

All of these RDMSs use SQL as their language. Each of them have minor variations in the "dialect" of SQL that they use, but it's all still SQL.

What is BigQuery used for?

BigQuery is a web service from Google that is used for handling or analyzing big data. It is part of the Google Cloud Platform. As a NoOps (no operations) data analytics service, BigQuery offers users the ability to manage data using fast SQL-like queries for real-time analysis.

Is BigQuery free?

The first 10GB of storage per month is free and the first 1TB of query per month is free. Post these limits, BigQuery is chargeable.

Which is better, PostgreSQL or MySQL?

Both are excellent products with unique strengths, and the choice is often a matter of personal preference.

PostgreSQL offers overall features for traditional database applications, while MySQL focuses on faster performance for Web-based applications.

Open source development will bring more features to subsequent releases of both databases.

Who uses these databases?

Here are a few examples of companies that use PostgreSQL: Apple, BioPharm, Etsy, IMDB, Macworld, Debian, Fujitsu, Red Hat, Sun Microsystem, Cisco, Skype.

Google BigQuery is used by companies such as Spotify, The New York Times, Stack Etc.


Google BigQuery & PostgreSQL : Big Query for Data Analysis
Google BigQuery & PostgreSQL : Big Query for Data Analysis
Google BigQuery & PostgreSQL : Big Query for Data Analysis
Google BigQuery & PostgreSQL : Big Query for Data Analysis



Welcome to the Course

Course Resources

Installation and getting started

PostgreSQL and PGAdmin Installation

Setting up BigQuery on Google Cloud Platform

BigQuery Interface

Fundamental SQL statements


CREATE in BigQuery

Exercise 1: Create DB and Table


INSERT in BigQuery

Import data from File

Importing data from File using BigQuery Web User Interface

File Upload in Google Big Query through Google cloud sdk

Importing data from Google Drive

Exercise 2: Inserting and Importing


SELECT in BigQuery




WHERE in BigQuery

Logical Operators - AND, OR, NOT

Logical Operators in BigQuery

Exercise 3: SELECT & WHERE


UPDATE in BigQuery


DELETE in BigQuery


ALTER in BigQuery

Exercise 4: Updating Table

Restore and Back-up

Restore and Back-up

Data Set creation in BigQuery

Exercise 5: Restore and Back-up

Selection commands: Filtering


IN in BigQuery


BETWEEN in BigQuery


LIKE in BigQuery

Exercise 6: In, Like & Between

Selection commands: Ordering


ORDER BY in BigQuery


LIMIT in BigQuery

Exercise 7: Sorting



AS in BigQuery

Aggregate Commands


COUNT in BigQuery


SUM in BigQuery


AVERAGE in BigQuery


MIN MAX in BigQuery

Exercise 8: Aggregate functions

Group By Commands


GROUP BY in BigQuery


HAVING in BigQuery

Exercise 9: Group By

Conditional Statement


CASE WHEN in BigQuery


Introduction ot Joins

Creating Datasets for Joins in BigQuery

Inner Join

INNER JOIN in BigQuery

Left Join

LEFT JOIN in BigQuery

Right Join

RIGHT JOIN in BigQuery

Full Outer Join


Cross Join

CROSS JOIN in BigQuery


EXCEPT in BigQuery


UNION in BigQuery

Exercise 10: Joins



Subqueries in BigQuery

Exercise 11: Subqueries

Views and Indexes


Views in BigQuery


Index in BigQuery

Exercise 12: Views

String Functions


LENGTH in BigQuery







Exercise 13: String Functions

Bonus Section

Congratulations & About your certificate


Rahul25 August 2020

With very high hope, I started this course but unfortunately, this is really a very 2 basic level. You should not mention this for a working IT professional who is having even 1 yr of experience. This could be useful for undergraduate college students. I will not recommend this course to my working IT friends who were asking me about this.

Vinit16 August 2020

It's a great learning experience so far, you guys both the database like PgAdmin and Cloud database which is Big Query. I really loved SQL this journey. Thanks!

Joel5 August 2020

This is kind of harsh considering the content is really nice but I just can't get in terms with the way of teaching. I think it needs to be more candid and engaging which it isn't. The tonality of one of the instructors(don't want to name who) puts off the learning experience. I just hoped that it wasn't this dull. Again, the course and the slides are designed so well, but the narration needs a lot of work. Apologies for being critical.

Frank25 July 2020

It was a great journey and from my experience on this course, i am now ready to face a real world challenge. it was a classroom feeling all along.

Leandro22 July 2020

The presenters speech is too slow; the heavy accent wasn't helping either. I had to set the "playback rate" to 1.5x. The course started ok and then it turned into a "basic SQL commands" course, rather than focus on Google BigQuery.

Ahmed2 July 2020

Was Awesome learning SQL with you, everything i needed was expalained. Thank you very much. I joined your Facebook Group and also the Youtube Chanel.

Alexander28 June 2020

I was interested in learning from BigQuery and found this course very valuable to learn new techniques relating SQL.

Ashish26 June 2020

Was great but I faced an error with the course which was not solved. reported the error too but didnt get any replies

Chirag24 June 2020

there should be something if a student does not have card details to register on cloud platform.Disappointing.

Vijay24 June 2020

Best thing about Start-Tech courses are that they are very simple, easy to understand, putt less stress and require less effort to practice and implement the topics covered. Thanks


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