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Google Analytics Certification - 1 Day Certification Guide

Get Your Google Analytics Certification Quickly to Get a Job, Earn More or Start a New Career in Digital Marketing.

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What you will learn

Pass the OFFICIAL Google Analytics certification exam first time!

Access TONS of practice questions to see what you got right/wrong and why

Get a COMPLETE certification training (Beginner to Advanced)

Use TWO METHODS to promote your certification and get hired


Become Google Analytics Certified Quickly with this Best Selling Course!

Google Analytics is a requirement for any digital marketing or digital advertising position.

So enrol today to become Google Analytics Certified in the shortest time possible.

What's Included

  • Complete certification training (Beginners to Advanced)

  • Detailed exam overview

  • 200+ Google Analytics Certification Exam questions

  • 2 ways to promote your certification and get hired

  • Lifetime access to all future updates

  • 30-day money back guarantee

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  • ★★★★★ "I passed on the 1st attempt with 1 day of study!" - Kushal Shah

  • ★★★★★ "Very detailed and easy to understand course" - Aaron Callaway

  • ★★★★★ "I appreciate the simple language and examples" - Magdalena Purska

What is the Google Analytics Certification?

The Google Analytics Certification is an industry recognised certification in analytics. Adding this industry wide certification will really increase your chances of getting a job in digital marketing.

No Experience Required

  • You don’t need to be part of a company to become certified

  • You don’t need to have any on-the-job experience

  • You don’t even need to spend a penny to take the official exam

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

This course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee - so there's no risk to get started!

Claim Your Limited Time Discount

Enrol today to claim your discount and get your Google Analytics Certification today!


Google Analytics Certification - 1 Day Certification Guide
Google Analytics Certification - 1 Day Certification Guide
Google Analytics Certification - 1 Day Certification Guide
Google Analytics Certification - 1 Day Certification Guide



How to Become Google Analytics Certified in 1 Day!

Google Analytics Demo Account & Help Centre

Google Analytics Glossary - Top 50 Terms

Complete Certification Training

Google Analytics for Beginners

Advanced Google Analytics

Practice Exam

Practice Test With Timer (70 Questions)

30 More Practice Questions

Official Exam

Detailed Exam Overview + 4 Tips to Pass First Time (text)

How to Take the Google Analytics Certification Exam

Promote Your Certification

5 Ways to Promote Your Google Analytics Certification

How to Change the Name on Your Google Certification


Thank You & Conclusion

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Bonus: 100+ More Practice Questions

Get Access to the Official Practice Questions (90 Questions)

Troubleshooting: New Registration Step

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Updated : Google Analytics for Beginners Assessment 4 Answers (10 Questions)

Updated : Advanced Google Analytics Assessment 1 Answers (15 Questions)

Updated : Advanced Google Analytics Assessment 2 Answers (12 Questions)

Updated : Advanced Google Analytics Assessment 3 Answers (15 Questions)

Updated : Advanced Google Analytics Assessment 4 Answers ( 10 Questions)


Madelaine8 October 2020

The Closed caption is really off. I would say it is automatic because a lot of the words don't make sense. I am a bit hearing impaired and this was very disappointing.

pulkit7 October 2020

I got my certification in first attempt!! Thank you @Daragh Walsh for amazing course and explanation on basics of google analytics

Micheleigh5 October 2020

I'm sure this instruction style works well for others, but instead of the instructor leaping quickly to show concepts in the Google Analytics demo account, I learn best by going through the info together first, then reviewing the information in context within the demo account (not doing both at the same time), and then recapping key points in summary. So the structure wasn't ideal for me. I also experienced the rate of speech faster than I prefer, but slowing it down one notch to .75x was laboriously slow, so I'd like to see the speaker slow his speed. The info appears solid; however, this method of presenting is not ideal for me.

Vishal5 October 2020

If you want to get a certification in just 1 day. This is the course to go for. This is a completely theoretical course and delivers on what is promised.

Hyunjin5 October 2020

This morning, I sat and started watching this course from section 1 to 2 for two hours and took the practice exam in section 3. Then, I took the actual Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) exam for the first time and passed it. Now I am officially a certified Google Analytics professional! Before this course, I took Google Analytics courses offered by Google Analytics Academy. They were very helpful but I wasn't totally confident about my understanding of Google Analytics. So, I took this course and it really helped me understand how Google Analytics works because Daragh explains the use and functionality of each feature in layman's terms (not programmers' lingo) with demonstrations. I'm glad that I took this course and I recommend this course to anyone, including those who are totally new to Google Analytics. As promised, this course will get you certified in one day!

Chinmay25 February 2020

I got the beginners certification before i went through the course. I think the certification by google is way more elaborate than this course. Would encourage people to go through the google course first then use this course as a brush up.

Ioannis24 February 2020

Very nice summary of GA, it really emphasize the key points. I would like this lesson to have more hands-on training like creating and verifying custom metrics and more

Chih22 February 2020

I really dislike lectures that read through slides and trying to rush through all the contents. There are a lot of details in every topic which should be explained in a more hands-on approach. I find the effectiveness of learning is very limited unless people only care about passing the certificate instead of really learning what Google Analytics is.

Jeff22 February 2020

This is a very thorough class, with tons of practice questions that really helped me grasp some "new-to-me" concepts. I will be referring back to this course often!

Ashish20 February 2020

That was quick! Daragh Walsh, you and your content made the learning and the eventual certificate a cake walk. More power to you. Completed the course with 97%.

Shiven18 February 2020

Wohoo ! got certified with 85% in first attempt ! Thanks a lot Daragh for providing a well designed course complete with detailed demos, practice tests and extra questions.

Nirmal18 February 2020

Got my certificate within hours of starting this course and really thanks to valuable tips & tricks and passed with help of this course well i get a 97%.

Daniel16 February 2020

Course does exactly what it says on the tin. I started the course and received the qualification within hours, while also gaining a full understanding of the google analytics platform to effectively use it and make data driven decisions!

Sundhar15 February 2020

This tutorial is great!!! This knowledge is a must for every internet user , should know how our data is processed.

Eleni15 February 2020

96% !!! Passed ! It was perfect, every well explained with lots of examples and access to a real google analytics account!


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