Goodbye PCOS

Manage your PCOS through Yoga, Nutrition & Natural therapy

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Apr 2021

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Diet & Nutrition Holistic Nutrition strategies in PCOS: what, why, and how? Meal planning and diet plan for PCOS Effect of foods on Hormonal balances Tips for setting up the kitchen for a natural lifestyle Natural Healing Therapies Sun therapy for skin Hydrotherapy to restore digestion Fasting for Detoxification Sleep & Relaxation Yogic relaxation -Yoga Nidra Journaling & Affirmations Improving sleep Reducing Toxins Natural alternatives to synthetic chemicals Reducing toxins from kitchen


Welcome to the Wellcure e-learning course

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or Disease affects one in five women (of reproductive age) in India. It causes enlarged ovaries and the formation of cysts in the ovaries. Associated symptoms & effects include weight gain, hirsutism, abnormal periods, pigmentation, hormonal imbalance & difficulty conceiving a baby.

It is believed that a combination of genetic & environmental factors cause PCOS.

Medicines can only help alleviate the symptoms of PCOS and not cure the condition. However, Yoga, Diet & few nature cure therapies are effective in relieving the symptoms and even cure the disorder.

We have curated this course to help you control PCOS effects & symptoms by implementing the principles of Nature Cure & Yoga.

The nature cure diet, therapies & yoga practices included in this course are targeted at:

  • Correcting hormonal imbalance

  • Making the right food and lifestyle choices

  • Reducing stress & anxiety

  • Managing your emotions & thoughts

  • Elevating the health of your reproductive organs

During the course, you will understand:

  • The real cause of PCOS, it’s underlying mechanisms, and how medicines cannot cure it

  • Why you need a multi-pronged approach including diet, lifestyle habits, and yoga to truly get well

  • The link between certain environmental factors and PCOS symptoms

  • How this disorder puts not just your health, but your unborn children’s health at risk too.

    Course Coaches:

    Asha Shivaram (Nature Cure Educator & Health Coach) Nature Cure Practitioner & a Whole food, plant-based exponent from Wellcure. Asha has been living a healthy, high raw plant-based lifestyle for several years now. She has coached many people to undertake their own healthy journeys and reverse diseases.

    Ishita Lote (Yoga Wellness Instructor)
    Ishita Lote is a qualified Yoga Wellness Instructor and a yoga practitioner for 8 years. Her teachings are inspired by her gurus who are affiliated with the Bihar school of yoga. Having experienced the immense healing benefits of yoga, she is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge and helping people recognize their own inner healing potential.

Program Contents:

  • 5 pre-recorded sessions with Asha Shivram, explaining the PCOS from the lens of Nature Cure

  • 4 Pre-recorded PCOS Yoga Sessions with Ishita Lote

  • Demo of tasty, oil-free and dairy-free recipes

Understand PCOS through the Lens of Nature Cure

Learn about diet, nutrition, natural therapies and mental de-stressing techniques from the perspective of nature cure that bring back hormonal balance and help the body to health from PCOS.

Three-Pronged Yoga Approach for PCOS Correction

Focus on practices that increase metabolism, practices that reduce stress & restore hormonal balance, and mindful awareness to increase the prana or microcirculation in the pelvic region.

Work on Your Mind & Body

Restore the health balance which you lost due to a sedentary lifestyle, stress, or poor dietary choices. PCOS special diet plan and yoga will focus on enhancing the health of your reproductive organs & reduce PCOS symptoms.


Goodbye PCOS
Goodbye PCOS
Goodbye PCOS
Goodbye PCOS


What is PCOS and how does it develop?

Healing from hormonal issues - Health journey

Understand PCOS and its development

Understand the root cause of PCOS

PCOS- Progression through different stages of toxaemia

Diet and Nutrition for PCOS

What are whole foods?

Animal based foods - toxins and hormonal balance

Plant based acidic foods

What is intuitive eating & nature synced eating?

Daily diet plan recomendation

Eat when it's right - digestive fire

Nature Cure Therapies

Heal with water - hydrotherapy for PCOS

Shine with sunshine - solar therapy

Healing with fasting

Rest, Relaxation and De-stress

Techniques to manage stress

Sleep - Nature's regenerative process

How to Execute the daily action plan?

How to execute in daily life what you have learnt?


Whole Plant-Based Recipe Ebook

Herbal Drink

Protein Laddoos

Fruit Smoothie

Pumpkin Carrot Dal

Malabari Mushroom

Hot Pumpkin Soup

Lauki ki Kheer


SESSION 1: Yoga Flow For Weight Loss & Increased Metabolism

SESSION 2: Yoga Flow For Relaxation & Stress Management


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