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GMAT Reading Comprehension- A guide to absolute beginners

A comprehensive course that teaches proven methods to master GMAT reading comprehension and gain confidence to crack it

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Aug 2019

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What you will learn

By the end of this course, you will be equipped with all the necessary tools to crack the most tough section of GMAT verbal exam-Reading Comprehension.

My unique approach of linking Movie concepts to GMAT Reading Comprehension makes the session interesting and will help you to definitely master GMAT Reading Comprehension.

In this course you will learn how to draw an analogy between movies and GMAT Reading Comprehension by applying my '3 point formula'

At the end, you will be able to a) Comprehend the passage full, fast and accurate and b) arrive at correct answers even to most difficult questions


1) 3 hours of comprehensive coverage covering all the minute details of GMAT Reading Comprehension

2) Solving 3 real time GMAT passages by comprehending the passage para to para and representing it pictorially by paraphrasing technique and applying it to solve the complex GMAT questions ( Unique method)

3) Diluting complex concepts of GMAT Reading Comprehension and making it easier so that even an amateur can understand it

4) Applying the concepts of movies to GMAT reading comprehension and making it more interesting and fun

5) Extensive coverage of examples wherever required to get a good grasp of the concepts

6) Most importantly the transferable skills one gets to crack GMAT Critical Reasoning by learning GMAT Reading Comprehension thereby preparing for GMAT Reading Comprehension will automatically make you to crack GMAT Critical Reasoning Section with ease.


GMAT Reading Comprehension- A guide to absolute beginners
GMAT Reading Comprehension- A guide to absolute beginners
GMAT Reading Comprehension- A guide to absolute beginners
GMAT Reading Comprehension- A guide to absolute beginners



Introduction to GMAT Reading Comprehension

What are the takeaways from this course ?

Course Curriculum

POE- Process Of Elimination Technique

Analogy of GMAT Reading Comprehension with Movies

Understanding Reading Comprehension through Movies

Three Point Formula to understand GMAT Reading Comprehension effectively

Formula Point 1 - Reading Principles

Formula Point 2 - Link Approach

Formula Point 3 - Dealing with Questions

GMAT Reading Comprehension: Question Categories

GMAT Generic Question Category

GMAT Specific Question Category

Understanding the logic of Question categories

Understanding Generic Questions

Understanding Specific Questions- Inference

Understanding Specific Questions- Strengthening

Understanding Specific Questions- Weakening

Understanding Specific Questions- Except

Practice GMAT Passage- Application of Principles

Real time GMAT Passage 1 - Paraphrasing the passage

Solving Generic Questions

Solving Specific Questions

Practicing more real time passages

Real time GMAT Passage-2 : Paraphrasing the passage

Solving Generic and Specific Questions- Passage 2

Real time GMAT Passage-3 : Paraphrasing the passage

Solving Generic and Specific Questions

Conclusion and Thank you

Conclusion and Thank you


La21 December 2019

I wanted reading comprehension but if I can't understand the teacher. Why reading comp. have to do with watching movies. I can't follow him even with close caption. I can't take this course. What is that in the background. Sorry I don't like to give a bad rating

Khadir15 September 2019

Yes it is a good match because in this institute sir start with basics and he explain each and every topic clearly.He not only teaches the topics related to course but also teaches how we can use that knowledge in real world.Its the best institute which i find.

Kavyasree15 September 2019

This video is amazing! It's very useful for those who are interested to crack GMAT. Content in did video is really awesome..I suggest u people to take this course for gaining good knowledge.

Nandita13 September 2019

The course is very interesting. There is clarity and ease , in the teacher's teaching style. Would recommend the course to others.

Dinesh13 September 2019

It is an useful course for those who are willing to crack GMAT, GRE, TOEFL etc., you can start this course with minimum English knowledge without proficiency.


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