Gmail Productivity Ultimate Course 2021

Everything you need to know about Gmail in 2021

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May 2021

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What you will learn

By the end of this course, you will learn all the secrets of Gmail and save hours a week

How to manage your emails with labels

How to turn yourself into email ninja with keyboard shortcuts

How to set a Gmail reply for you if you are on vacation

How to create a text or image signature

How to perform actions quickly on many emails

How to navigate the brand new 2019 Gmail Version

How to search in Advanced and find any email you’re looking for

How to reply to mail faster with Canned Responses

How to use filters to automatically process a message

How to set contacts and contact groups: save time and be productive

How to clean up your email: archiving and deleting


01. Introduction

  001. Overview

02. Gmail Account Setup

  002. Overview

  003. Setup Gmail Account

  004. Summary

03. Settings

  005. Overview

  006. General

  007. Labels

  008. Inbox

  009. Accounts and Import

  010. Filters and Blocked Addresses

  011. Forwarding and POP/IMAP

  012. Add-ons

  013. Chat and Meet

  014. Advanced

  015. Offline

  016. Themes

  017. Summary

04. Account

  018. Overview

  019. Home

  020. Personal Info

  021. Data & Personalization

  022. Security

  023. Payments & Subscriptions

  024. About

  025. Summary

05. Google Apps

  026. Overview

  027. Account

  028. Search

  029. My Business

  030. Maps

  031. YouTube

  032. Play

  033. News

  034. Gmail

  035. Meet

  036. Chat

  037. Contacts

  038. Drive

  039. Calendar

  040. Translate

  041. Photos

  042. Duo

  043. Chrome

  044. Shopping

  045. Finance

  046. Docs

  047. Sheets

  048. Slides

  049. Books

  050. Blogger

  051. Hangouts

  052. Keep

  053. Jamboard

  054. Classroom

  055. Earth

  056. Collections

  057. Arts and Culture

  058. Google Ads

  059. Podcasts

  060. Stadia

  061. Google One

  062. Travel

  063. Forms

  064. Summary

06. Main Menu

  065. Overview

  066. Inbox

  067. Starred

  068. Snoozed

  069. Important

  070. Sent

  071. Drafts

  072. Categories

  073. Chats

  074. Scheduled

  075. All Mail

  076. Spam

  077. Trash

  078. Manage Labels

  079. Create New Label

  080. New Meeting

  081. Join A Meeting

  082. Hangout Contacts

  083. Hangout Conversations

  084. Phone Calls

  085. Summary

07. Side Panel

  086. Overview

  087. Show/Hide Side Panel

  088. Get Add-Ons

  089. Summary

08. Conclusion

  090. Summary


Gmail Productivity Ultimate Course 2021
Gmail Productivity Ultimate Course 2021
Gmail Productivity Ultimate Course 2021
Gmail Productivity Ultimate Course 2021


Setup Gmail Account

Setup Gmail Account

Gmail Features

Priority Inbox

Turn on Canned Responses

Create Rules to Automate Delivery

Organize Folders

Remove Formatting Option

Turn on Undo Send

Contact Group

Vacation Responder



Keyboard Shortcuts

Gmail offline

Conclusion and Bonus Lecture


Bonus Lecture


Michaletzky18 August 2020

Maybe I was looking for a more advenced one, but it's still good. Explaining the very basic features in a short and clean way. If you are not familiar with the topics included and don't want to learn it from googling them, check it out

Fayeq22 July 2020

The videos and explanations are great but I sometimes get lost The pointer or mouse should be highlighted so that we know where you are doing. Thanks for your free course

Georgios22 July 2020

It is very nice and very informative course with a very short videos and direct to the point without waffle! I strongly recommended for everyone who wants to get a good idea and a general overview to learn Gmail!

P.Karthik4 June 2020

Nice experience with this course and I am totally happy the way of explaining that Gmail tricks in a short time.

Ajeetpal27 May 2020

It provides easy way to learn about gmail,so it is useful for those learners who eager to know about gmail.

Ahmed25 May 2020

it is good course but not fully comprehensive I look forward to see some uptades from my good instructor Best Regards

Adnan1 April 2020

Poor Sound quality. Gmail signature lesson could have been better. keyboard shortcuts, Gmail offline and undo send lessons enjoyed most. Thanks to the instructor.

Baptiste31 January 2020

Le formateur connait bien son sujet, le contenu de ce cours est clair mais ne va pas chercher en profondeur. Je trouve qu'on est passé à côté de pleins de fonctionnalités. Dommage...

Ibrahim3 January 2020

It was easy learning about Gmail from Learn Tech Plus. The lectures were great and it was easy understanding what he wanted to deliver.

Siddhartha3 May 2019

If you have a habit of checking things under settings tabs, then you are already finished this course. Not worth for the price. I'm really sorry for my open review.

omkar25 March 2019

I used the promocode and then got it for free. there is a channel called simpletivity. Watch his videos and then you will learn about teaching. This is the problem with the people. They can't tolerate criticism. Learn from criticism and stop calling such comments as spam

Edison14 March 2019

It's quite interesting to discover some Gmail features that im not aware of, e.g. keyboard shortcuts,email blast,etc. Im a Gmail user for quite some time now and this lecture gave me a quick refresher. It could have been better though if you've come prepared and sounded certain on each video being discussed. There were times that you're not that certain on the topic specially at the start of each videos hence, there's a need for you to start again. It appears that we're all at the same page discovering it, instead of you leading us to the subject being discussed.I also noticed that the discussion revolves around the "setting" tab.Creating a gmail accnt and setting up a background and a profile pic is the only difference which makes me feel like naming the tutorial as "gmail setting" course. Although I kinda understand that because the "productivity" features which is what the course is all about is located there. You could have somehow introduced us to some stuff available on gmail instead of focusing on the setting alone. I also noticed that there' s no option to forward or backward the video unlike any other courses I've taken on Udemy.Unless, I got it wrong. Reason why im saying this is bec there's a specific topic i didnt catch which I want to go back. Now, I would have to play the entire video again just to review the part that I've missed which is going to be a waste of time and unproductive to say the least. Incorporating an engaging tone of voice is also a plus. Lastly, Im not sure if I really got the idea of what forwarding is all about. We could have rephrased or expound it so that your audience will have a clear understanding of what we are trying to explain. I dont know though if it was just me who didnt capture it. Overall, your good and the topic was explained accordingly.Looking forward on your next course. All the best!

Ram23 February 2019

I've learnt so much about Gmail features that I never knew about. I would definitely recommend this course to everyone who has a Gmail account to get the most out of Gmail.

Ankit22 February 2019

It was an average experience but 1 to 2 tricks where really helpful which I didn't know about. But the could have been more organized and well designed off.

Prabhudas17 February 2019

I expected more from this course. But its too basic and incomplete. Some features are not even working for Instructor. After 6 videos instructor feels somehow bored to teach us. Anyways some concepts are good to utilize in our daily Gmail work. Thank you.


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