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Life Coaching a Makeover for Your Faith

Change the Perception of Your Faith


1.5 hours


Jan 2020

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What you will learn

This course will not change your faith, but it may change the perception about your faith!

The perception of your faith is about the way you practice your faith.

It is also the way in which others see your faith through the filter of their beliefs.

It is how others perceive your faith.

And this perception of your faith is responsible for the religious beliefs you practice today!


When you have faith, you trust or believe in something very strongly. Faith is often used when describing religion. Some believe that we attract good things because we believe and expect good things to come our way. Similarly, you may believe and expect bad things to happen to you. For those who have a religious affiliation, faith may come from reading God's word through the readings of religious texts or attending church gatherings. Faith can be acquired through knowledge about a certain religious philosophy. Faith can be an expression of a certain belief system. Or faith can be an element of trust. These basic meanings exemplify ultimate trust and sincere belief that something good is eventually going to happen to make all well, regardless of the circumstances and situations that may be present. Faith is often an expression of your belief in God or the teachings of your religion. Faith and belief are two sides of the same coin. In religious traditions, it is the inner certainty or attitude of the love that is granted by God himself.

“Give Your Faith a Makeover” is a re-alignment of all the elements that collectively produce your faith. It is also a way to change your perception of faith in the context of your religious beliefs and your ability to abide by your faith in the face of adversity.  This course offers valuable insights on the impact of life coaching on this subject.


Life Coaching a Makeover for Your Faith
Life Coaching a Makeover for Your Faith
Life Coaching a Makeover for Your Faith
Life Coaching a Makeover for Your Faith


Give Your Faith a Makeover


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