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Git and GitHub Crash Course

Learn basic Git features: commit changes, checkout commits and branches, merge branches, sync with GitHub

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1.5 hours


Jun 2021

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What you will learn

Learn what Git is used for

Perform basic Git operations

Stage and Commit changes in the Git repository

Create new branches

Merge branches

Create repositories at GitHub

Synchronize local and remote Git repositories

Explore contents of the Git Objects


This course is about basic features of the Git and GitHub.

Learn how to use Git and GitHub in about an HOUR!

  • Commits, branches, merging, GitHub and Git Objects

If those terms are new to you - jump in and you will learn what is Git and how to use its core features.

Become familiar with Git and GitHub to use it in your own projects and projects you potentially will contribute to in the future.

This is fast Git and GitHub Crash Course that will give you basic understanding of the Git and GitHub. Also using several practice activities you will practice core Git and GitHub feature like committing changes, pushing to the remote and merging branches.

We will start by installing Git and initializing new Git repository. You will learn that Git has 4 types of objects: blobs, trees, commits and annotated tags. Each object has unique SHA1 hash. Also all objects are stored in the folders. Every object has just single reference to it - SHA1 hash. Files are stored in blobs. Filenames are stored in other Git objects called trees.

You will learn how to make changes, stage them and commit afterwards. Also you will learn and practice how to observe commits tree and checkout different commits to "travel in time" between different states of the Git repository.

During this course you will practice all core Git and GitHub features

In practice sections you will perform multiple practice Git activities:

  1. Initialize new Git repository

  2. Configure Git author name and email

  3. Make changes in the working directory, add them to the staging area and commit

  4. Explore commits history

  5. Checkout different commits

  6. Create branches, checkout branches and merge branches

  7. Analyze contents of the Git objects

You will also learn and practice different GitHub features

  1. Create remote repository at GitHub

  2. Connect local and remote repositories

  3. Pushing and pulling operations

  4. Making changes in the files directly at GitHub

All Git operations you will perform in the Terminal - this is the best way to get started with Git to understand it better.

With this Git and GitHub Crash Course you will get lifetime-long access to around 20 lectures and multiple practical exercises. After the course you will become a confident user of the Git and GitHub and will be able easily perform basic Git tasks.

Don't wait and join the course now!


Git and GitHub Crash Course
Git and GitHub Crash Course
Git and GitHub Crash Course
Git and GitHub Crash Course




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Git Crash Course Overview

Getting started with Git

Installing Git

Initializing new Git Repository

Git Object Types

Hashes of the Git Objects

Committing changes in the Git Repository

Adding changes to the Staging Area

Configuring Git author name and email

Committing changes

Exploring commits history

Basic Git Commands

Checking out commits and branches

File tracking statuses in Git

Staging and Committing changes using one command

Branches and merging

Branches and merging of the branches

Branches merging in action

Exploring commits tree using graph option

Working with remote repository at GitHub

GitHub and repository hosting services Overview

Creating remote repository at GitHub

Pushing from the local repository to remote

Committing at GitHub and pulling to the local repository

Exploring Git Objects

Exploring and reading Git Objects

Reading contents of the HEAD file


Git Crash Course Summary


Hassan10 June 2021

you go through the happy path I think we need to see revert and rebase and rsert and other commands but as a crash course it is very good

C5 April 2021

Great overview of github; the differences between git and github, how to list/view file structures, stage and commit files, how to merge etc. Thank you!

Sagar3 April 2021

Nice Tutorial for learning.. I was a novice in Git and not having any understanding of different commands. This course helped to learn the basics to very nice extend.

Benoit31 March 2021

I like very much this Git and GitHub Crash Course by Bogdan Stashchuk in 1 hour. I love the fact that course was half theory and half hands on examples of how to used Git and GitHub. Bogdan was a very good teacher, good pace of the course, not to slow and not to fast. Finally, Bogdan seem to have fun teaching us the fundamental of Git and Github. This is a good course for starting to learn the basic of Git and GitHub

Yulian31 March 2021

This course is a great introduction to Git and GitHub for the absolute beginners. It gives you a good general understanding of the topic. You complete it in a couple of hours and can decide if you want to continue with a longer course. I think many big courses can benefit from having such small companion courses.

Federico31 March 2021

I really did not expect so much for this free course but it was more than expected ! Really clear graphs and its necessary for this topic ! Really nice explanations and really nice console examples and instructions !!

Kanumuru30 March 2021

The course is amazing, I was git and github, but you have explained everything with pin point. Truly inspiring Mr Instructor

Ryan29 March 2021

This is a great crash course to get started. Everything you need to get going is clearly and fully explained.

Jérôme29 March 2021

As a crash course, this is flawless. It's to the point with enough information to get started with major features.


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