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Git Essentials: Mini Course

Learn the key concepts and modern Git workflow that every developer uses these days in this mini course!

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Nov 2020

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What you will learn

How Git and GitHub work

Learn the entire daily workflow that most developers use

Install git on Windows, Mac and Linux

Configure SSH for authentication

How to clone a GitHub repository

Create and use a remote repository on GitHub

How to add files to your own GitHub repository

Creating git branches

Staging, committing and pushing files to GitHub

Viewing your Git history

Git on the command line

How to merge git branches


Welcome to Git for Everybody (AKA. Git Essentials), the updated version for the modern web developer.

Note: This is the free mini course

This is a course that will teach you enough to get started working with Git and GitHub.

By the end of this course you will have the knowledge and confidence you need to work in a tea and start working on open source projects!

I've worked with several teams over the years and everything you'll learn in this course is what I tend to use almost every day and certainly every week.

Here's the rough outline of everything you'll learn in this course:

  • How to use Git on the command line (pro tip: it's more important to learn Git from the command line first than it is to learn how to use a visual tool. Servers don't have visual programs ?)

  • Installing Git on Windows, Mac and Linux

  • How to configure Git on your computer, and add your SSH key

  • Creating, cloning and adding files to a GitHub repository

  • Managing files, commits and branches ⭐️

  • How to merge branches into other branches ⭐️⭐️

  • How to view old files from an older time

  • And much much more!

We'll work through lots of examples together and get you hands on experience with all of this by creating your own repositories and adding work onto mine.


Git Essentials: Mini Course
Git Essentials: Mini Course
Git Essentials: Mini Course
Git Essentials: Mini Course




Git for Everybody

Why the command line?

Install Git (Windows)

Install Git (MacOS and Linux)

Getting stared with GitHub

Configuring Git on your computer

Creating and adding your SSH key

How to clone a repository

How to create a new GitHub repository

How to push to your GitHub repository

Git status

Unstaging a file

Undeleting a file

Git origins and remotes

Git branching

Committing to a new branch

Merging a branch into master

Seeing your Git history

Downloading updates from GitHub

How to get updates from GitHub

Checkout: code-time travel

README.md files

Mini Course Complete & Next Steps

Bonus Lesson


Moses7 May 2021

The instructor is well versed with theoretical and practical knowledge on GitHub. I wish his advance course would be free, but nonetheless, with discount I might purchase it. Thank you Kalob

Aashish2 January 2021

Kalob has been completely on point throughout the course, amazing and easiest explanation. Looking forward to see more of the content.

St-Germain27 November 2020

Perfect! I will want to get most of his courses, I love the way his simple and direct teaching is done, well explained, clear, I'm very glad I took a look on one of his courses, it's definitively not the last!!

Roengrut18 November 2020

This is a GREAT minicourse. It teaches me a lot of stuffs of Git to be in a higher level of good coding practice. Awesome contents and great explanation.

Simon8 November 2020

Interesting course found it very useful as someone who prior to the course knew about github/git but didnt really understand it. 4.5 stars as occasionally information was too fast and i had to go over videos several times but that was on the later videos. Overall I feel confident to move my code onto github and will continue learning git. I would recommend this course.

Paul30 October 2020

Kalob does a great job getting you started with Git. As a beginner, this course was easy to follow and understand. I am now a lot more enlightened and more comfortable working with Git and Github. Thanks to Kalob.


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