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Git & GitHub For Beginners - Master Git and GitHub (2021)

Git & GitHub Masterclass for Beginners - Master Practical Key Concepts and Workflow of Git and Git Hub (Let's GIT IT!)

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May 2021

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What you will learn

Understand some "Common Problems" developers face (without Git)

Learn what is Version Control System (VCS )

Download & Install Git Source Control System

Create "First Git Project" (Initialize a Git Repository)

Learn the key concepts of "Git Basic Workflow"

Understand the difference between "Git Untracked" and "Git Tracked" files

3 stages: Working Directory - Git Staging Area - Git Repository

Learn Git Common Commands - "git status", "git add", "git commit", "git log"

Review Changes using "git diff"

Unstage & Revert - Important Git and GitHub functionalities

Remove a file from a Git Repository

Git GitHub: Introduction to GitHub [*Remote* Version Control System]

Create a GitHub account

Configure Remote GitHub repository with Local Git

PUSH Local Repository to GitHub Repository

Creating New Repository on GitHub

Clone, Fork and Pull using Git and GitHub

GitHub: Raw, Blame, and History

GitHub: Watch, Star and Fork

GitHub Issues & Labels

Git Premium Content Visualization

Git GitHub: Branching - Theory + Hands-On

Git and GitHub: Merging - Process, Steps, and Merge Techniques

Merge - Fast Forward in Git

Merge - Recursive Merging (3-way) in Git and GitHub

Conflict Resolution using Git - General Intro + Usage


--> Ultimate Master Class for Git, GitHub, GitLab, and SVN <--

*** The Course Has been Optimized and now includes also Git and GitHub Premium Lectures ***

Ladies & Gentlemen!

--------------------------------- Introduction ---------------------------------

So you want to learn Version Control Systems.

Maybe that's Git, GitHub (or maybe both Git GitHub), GitLab, or even Bit Buckets. Doesn't really matter.

Let me teach you all the FUNDAMENTALS you need to get yourself STARTED as FAST as possible.

I know that your time is precious and maybe you're about to start a NEW JOB at your dream company or maybe you need to start working on your projects right away - so LET'S NOT WASTE TIME!

Studying our Git and GitHub Masterclass course will save you PLENTY of time googling and trying to connect the dots.

So WELCOME to my Ultra Practical & Summarized Git and GitHub Course to get yourself started! Let's Git It, shall we??

--------------------------------- Who is it for? ---------------------------------

Whether you want to improve your development skills, become a better programmer, or even increase your chances of getting your dream job.

You've come to the right place.

My name is Vlad and I’m talking about none other than my Version Control Systems (Git & GitHub) Ultimate Course where you're going to learn the basics of Git, its workflow, what is GitHub, and how Git and GitHub are connected.

So, if you’ve been using Python, C#, C++, or maybe you’re a Web Developer who’s using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS - what I can tell you, is this one thing - this course is definitely for you!

--------------------------------- About the Course ---------------------------------

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Version Control Systems (General - without Git / GitHub)

1. Common problems developers face (two main scenarios - without git, no version control, no collaboration)

2. What is a VCS in general (*and also what is Git, Git Hub, and even GitLab in particular)?

Chapter 2 - Learning Git Essentials

1. Git - Download & Install (covering "git version", "git help", "git help <command>")

2. Configuring basic git information (name+email).

3. Creating First Git Project (creating a project directory, "git init", "git status", talk about ".git" directory.

4. Basic Workflow of Git (creating new "hello_world" file, "tracked vs untracked", "3 stages", "git add", "git commit", "git log").

5. Basic Workflow of Git - Additional Practice (working with additional files in the project, modifying files, "git add .".

6. Reviewing Changes (diff "working directory" VS "last commit", "git diff").

7. Removing a file from git repository ("git ls-files", "git rm <file>", "git rm <file1> <file2>..., "git rm -r <dir>").

Chapter 3 - First Steps with GitHub

1. Why we need a Remote Version Control System (in general) and GitHub (in particular)?

2. Collaboration Importance.

3. What is GitHub and what does GitHub have to do with Git? Choosing RVCS!

Chapter 4 - Getting Started with GitHub

1. Creating a GitHub Account.

2. Configuring Remote GitHub Repository with Git.

Chapter 5 - GitHub (Commands & Functionalities)

1. Push Local Repository to GitHub.

2. Creating a New Repository on GitHub.

3. Clone, fork, and Pull - functionalities on GitHub.

4. Raw, Blame, and History - who to blame on GitHub :D.

5. Watch and Star.

6. GitHub Issues & Labels.

7. ".gitignore" - on both Git & GitHub.

8.  Git GitHub: Branch & Merge.

9. Conflict Resolution using Git and GitHub.

Chapter 6 - Version Control Premium Content: Visualization, Flow, and Commands

1. Introduction to Extended Visualization of the Git mechanism

2. Local Git Workflow Diagram

3. Untracked files in Git

4. Tracking New Files in Git

5. Staging Modified Files

6. Two States After Staged

7. Committing the Changes - as part of the Git Workflow

8. Skipping the Staging Area

Chapter 7 - Branching - Full Introduction To Merging

1. Branching - Real Life Scenarios [Intro To Merge]!

Chapter 8 - Merging - Process, Steps, and Merge Techniques

1. Merge - Fast Forward Technique (+Git example)

2. Merge - Recursive Merging 3-Way Merge

Chapter 9 - Conflicts Resolution

1. Merge Conflict - General Introduction

2. Merge Conflict Resolution - Core Part & Usage (solving conflicts in Git)

Chapter 10 - GitLab (Remote Distributed Version Control System) - Introduction

1. Creating GitLab Account

2. Create "MyFirstVehicle" Project on GitLab (remote git)

Chapter 11 - GitLab (Start Working)

1. SSH - Configuration & Clone

2. Create a new file & Push it to the remote git repository on GitLab

3. GitLab - Creating New Branches

4. GitLab - Merge Requests

Chapter 12 - SVN (SubVersion) - Centralized Version Control System

1. SVN - Introduction

2. SVN Workflow

3. SVN VS Git

4. Installation Preparation

Chapter 13 - Tortoise SVN - Down to Business

1. Tortoise SVN - Download & Install

2. Tortoise SVN - Creating a New Repository

3. Tortoise SVN - Hands On

4. SVN - File Differences

5. SVN - Branches

--------------------------------- Why Git & GitHub Version Control Systems Ultimate Course? ---------------------------------

Since I know many of you guys want to get to business right away - I’ve created this ultimate course with the most essential content you will need to feel confident with Git and GitHub and get yourself started as fast as possible.

You will get all the necessary explanations, straight to the point, without any irrelevant content - exactly what you need (including all the "git setup", etc).

And the last thing that I want to mention here - this course will be yours to keep as the Git and GitHub Cheat Sheet you can and should use whenever you will need it.

So I guess you know that this "Git and GitHub" course is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for you and that’s something you must have in your Developer ToolBox.

And without further ado, ENROLL in the course RIGHT NOW and I’ll see you inside.

* The content is mainly regarding "Git" and "GitHub", but ALSO you will get a few ADDITIONAL sections such as "GitLab" and "SVN". So much content to get yourself started! :)


The AlphaTech.


Git & GitHub For Beginners - Master Git and GitHub (2021)
Git & GitHub For Beginners - Master Git and GitHub (2021)
Git & GitHub For Beginners - Master Git and GitHub (2021)
Git & GitHub For Beginners - Master Git and GitHub (2021)




Introduction to Version Control Systems - WHY you should be using it?

What is a VCS? [Choosing Git!]

Git Essentials

Download & Install

Configuring Basic Git Information

Creating First Git Project

Basic Workflow of Git

Git Workflow - Additional Practice

Reviewing Changes in Git - using "git diff"

Removing a file from Git Repository

GitHub: First Steps & Basics

Why we need Remote Version Control System?

Collaboration & Online Backup - Importance

Choosing GitHub RVCS!

Creating GitHub Account

Quickly Exploring GitHub

Creating New Repository on GitHub

GitHub: Commands & Functionalities

Trying to Push Local to Remote

Configuring Connection using SSH

Watch & Star

Raw, Blame and History of a file on GitHub

GitHub Issues & Labels


GitHub Fork Functionality

Clone from Remote to Local Repository


Miguel10 October 2020

I really liked, but it could be improved in regards the SSH key explanation i felt you went too fast in that part, maybe it's because you didn't had time, but a slightly broader explanation could be good, also i don't know if i miss it but i think the part of going back to a previous snapshot of the project could be explained further, anyway it's a decent course.

ParSha4 October 2020

Thorough overview of using Git and Github. This is a great introduction, but extra self practice is definitely necessary to become fluent. This would go great if you have a project in mind that you'd like to start so you can follow along. Thanks for taking the time to put this together!

Ajay29 September 2020

I know git hub but not this much. And i like every video in this course very detailed on explaining topics Thank you for the amazing course i loved it -> Alpha-tech @vald

Vaibhav26 September 2020

At the beginning of the course: The way you explain the concept is awesome and the best part is to relate the problems with real-life scenarios, it is the best way to understand any problem. I think I'm gonna enjoy this course a lot. After finishing up the course: As I said before "I'm gonna enjoy this course"... this is what I did... It was nice and the knowledge and information I get from you are so awesome. Thanks for being my mentor in this course. Thank you.

Joseph20 September 2020

The course is great! The teacher is really engaging and makes everything simple enough to learn from. He won't bore you with unnecessary details and coding but is straight forward.

Saswat16 September 2020

The concepts are explained in details even though it is a crash course. A great one for anyone looking for a quick learn on Git and GitHub.

Samia13 September 2020

Yes, It was good although I still need some more tutorials. But I got the basic of GIT and GITHUB. Thank you.

Romit11 September 2020

Git commands not covered properly. Resolving merge conflicts was not explained as it was in agenda and how to revert was also not explained

David11 September 2020

I was expecting the course to cover also branches as in my perspective it is the trickiest part of working with Git

Sara10 September 2020

it was a good and compact tutorial, I recommend it to beginners in git & github. if i want to suggest some changes, is a little more content about how to create readme files on github. Thanks

Klaudiusz4 September 2020

All informations mentioned in this course are very well explained, but some of important one are missed, but it is understandable because it is crash course. Even though, i truly recomend this course. After this course and some other resources found in internet you will be able to work with Git and Github without any problems

Felipe2 September 2020

This one is straight to the point. No bla bla, you just get the basics and start using Git. Highly recommended for beginners. Congratulations for the hard work! Keep it up!

Sagar1 September 2020

The course was good. Every concept was explained properly. The only thing that I found not entertained is Readme.md.A little bit of explanation about it would enhance the knowledge about git and GitHub.

Manvik27 August 2020

Yes, the course was great and the instructor was amazing. The only thing that could be improved was if the correct subtitles be added to the videos.

Oded26 July 2020

Very professional. Such a great CRASH COURSE! Saved me a lot of time. I definitely recommend this course!


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