GIMP Computer Graphics For Kids and Beginners of any Age

Have fun while you master GIMP. Many of Photoshop's capabilities - without the steep price tag!

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Aug 2021

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What you will learn

Use all the GIMP tools to create a variety of fun and useful graphics projects

The skills acquired will make learning any other graphics software easier.


Creating computer graphics is fun! It's also a useful skill in today's world. This course uses GIMP, the most powerful and popular FREE graphics software. The tools and concepts covered are common to virtually all graphics programs. 

GIMP has many of the same features as Photoshop, but without the price tag! GIMP runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

The course is very hands-on. When a skill is demonstrated in the video, students are encouraged to pause the lesson and practice until they can perform the same operation. 

The suggested age range is 12 and up, however younger students with good computer skills, or who have the help of someone older, may enjoy the course as well. And certainly, many adults will appreciate the gradual progression and detailed instructions, as well.

** Revised 1/2/21 to include information about new features up to GIMP 2.10.22


GIMP Computer Graphics For Kids and Beginners of any Age
GIMP Computer Graphics For Kids and Beginners of any Age
GIMP Computer Graphics For Kids and Beginners of any Age
GIMP Computer Graphics For Kids and Beginners of any Age


Getting Started


How to Install GIMP on a Windows PC

How to Install GIMP on a Mac

GIMP Software Overview and Layout

Layers - the Key to Graphics Success, Painting and Filling

Using the Paintbrush and Saving Files

Painting an Outlined Image Using Layers

Layers, Tigers, and Bears – Oh My!

Fill a Layer With a Solid Color, Pattern, and Gradient

Fill Rectangular and Circular Shapes With a Solid Color, Pattern, and Gradient

Flipping, Scaling, Rotating, Cropping - Otherwise Known as Image Transformations

Transform Tools – Flip, Rotate, Scale, Crop

Create a Photo Montage of Multiple Cropped and Scaled Images

How to Export in the JPG, GIF, and PNG Image Formats & When to Use Each

Terrific Text

Styling Text - Fonts, Size, Color, Text Modes

Text/Image Project - Text Message Overlaying an Image

Filling and Outlining Text

All about Fonts

Convert Text to Image and Color It

Text Cutout to Reveal Images Project pt. 1

Text Cutout to Reveal Images Project pt. 2

Super Selection Skills (If using 2.10, view Lecture 57 for slight tool changes)

Using the Rectangle and Ellipse Select Tools

Using the Lasso Tool, Saving Selections to Channels

Using the Fuzzy and Color Select Tools

Using the Intelligent Scissors Select Tool

Using the Foreground Select Tool

Scintillating Selections Project

Iwarp and Animated GIFs

Using the Iwarp Filter

Creating Animated GIFs

Up to Speed With Quick Masking

Creating and Using a Quick Mask

Fabulous Photos

Using Curves and Levels to Correct Over and Under Exposed Photos

Using the Blur and Sharpen Filters

Correcting Colors and Using Layer Blending Modes

Adjusting Photos With the Healing Tool, Red Eye, Dodge, Burn, etc.

Using GIMP Filters and File-Create-Patterns

A Closer Look at the Color Selector Dialog

The Mysterious GIMP Layer Mask

Layer Masks Explained

Sample Uses for Layer Masks

Create a Composite Image Using Layer Masks

GIMPShopping With the Clone Tool

Using GIMP's Clone Tool

Perfecting Your Paths (Pen) Tool Skills

Paths Tool (Pen) Basics

Using the Paths Tool to Make Selections

Using the Paths Tool to Create a Cartoon Character

Other Tools and Operations

Additional GIMP Tools

Additional GIMP Menu Items

Final Project - Magazine Cover and Interior Pages

Magazine Project Overview

Tips and Troubleshooting

Section 14: GIMP Version 2.10 New Features

GIMP 2.10

Installing GIMP 2.10, Themes and Icon Sets

Automatic Alpha Channels, GEGL Filters With On-image Preview

MyPaint Brushes

Create and Edit a Gradient Right in the Image!

Save Gradient, Gradient Editor Dialog, Export as CSS

Layer Dock Features

Layer Group Mask

Unified Transform Tool

Warp Transform Tool Replaces iWarp

Handle Transform Tool

Selection Tool Updates

Rotating the Canvas

Symmetry Painting

Spiral & Supernova Filters, Shadows & Highlights Adjustments

Creating Image Slices

Color to Alpha Option and Creating Filter Presets

Version 2.10.4 Fast Load Speed & How to Straighten Images With Measure Tool

Version 2.10.6 Vertical Text & Long Shadow Filter

Version 2.10.6 Vertical Straightening, Little Planet Filter, File Dialog Changes

Version 2.10.8 Update - Mostly Bug Fixes

Section 15: GIMP Updates 2.10.10 - 2.10.14

Lecture 67: GIMP Update 2.10.10 Improved Bucket Fill Based on Line Art

Lecture 68: GIMP Update 2.10.12 Curves, Free Select, Layer-Transform-Offset

Lecture 69: GIMP Update 2.10.14 Viewing Outside the Canvas, Foreground Select

GIMP Update 2.10.18

Toolbar Groups and High Contrast Symbolic Icons

Composite Preview Mode & 3D Transform Tool

Merge Layers


Yogesh30 November 2020

perfect... I have gone through various tutorials on GIMP and found this one is unique touching all the minute details...


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