Get up to speed with Majestic link building

Learn the basics of link building and start getting practical results using Majestic's suite of tools.

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Get up to speed with Majestic link building
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Oct 2017
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What you will learn

Plan their own link building campaigns

Find quality link prospects

Evaluate competitors' link building campaigns

Develop strategies to overtake competitors.

Why take this course?

🚀 Get up to Speed with Majestic Link Building! 🌐

Course Title: Get up to Speed with Majestic Link Building
Instructor: Ken McGaffin
Course Description:

Dive into the world of high-quality link building with our comprehensive course, powered by Majestic's expansive link database. Get up to Speed with Majestic Link Building is designed for both SEO novices and seasoned professionals who wish to harness the power of Majestic's tools to build and analyze backlinks effectively.

🔥 Why This Course?

  • Practical & Useful: Each video is short, sweet, and straight to the point – between 5-10 minutes long – ensuring you gain valuable knowledge without wasting time.
  • No Fluff: We cut through the noise and provide only the most essential advice for a quick learning curve.
  • Real-Life Strategies: Learn non-spammy, actionable backlink strategies that can be applied to your websites right away.
  • Expert Guidance: With real-life examples and easy-to-follow instructions, you'll understand how to use Majestic tools effectively for your business needs.

🌟 Student Testimonials: 🌟

"I have to say this is a must-have course for anybody involved in SEO or using Majestic." – Michael
“Down right to the point. They teach you how to use Majestic's tool with easy to follow examples. Then they give REAL backlink strategies that are not spammy, first time I see this compared to other courses here in Udemy. Gave a bunch of ideas for my websites and opened up a world of possibilities.” – David
"Good information, very inspiring." – A.T.
"Excellent Training — Thank You!" – Leandro
"Sehr gut erklärt. Wertvolle Erklärungen." – Robert
"Majestic is a broad platform which helps a lot on the Link Building process of a Business Website. This course includes full explanation on how to use the entire platform and how it fits into the Business needs of every single type of organization... Recommended!" – Jose
"Amazing course... Explains pretty much everything about Majestic and Link Building." – Rupesh
"The course is designed so beautifully and covers what is required to learn. Thank you." – Amit
"Very useful! Thank you!" – Joanna
"This course provides important fundamentals of backlinking strategy." – Rani
"Está muy bien esta formación." – Julia
"Really informative." – Kenan
"I love this course!" – Dusty

Perfect for You If: 🚀

  • Marketers: Eager to understand modern SEO practices.
  • Entrepreneurs: Looking to build a competitive edge in niche markets.
  • Startups: Wanting to establish presence and reputation in your market.
  • New Agency Staff: Needing to quickly learn how to use Majestic's tools.
  • Students: Considering a career in online marketing.

Course Highlights: 🎓

  • Real-Life Examples: Apply learning principles to your own situation with practical examples.
  • Transcripts Available: Follow along with clear transcripts, even if English isn't your first language.
  • Worksheets Included: Simple, straightforward worksheets guide you on what to do.
  • Majestic Subscription Beneficial: Get the most from the course with a basic Majestic subscription (not mandatory).

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Our review

Course Overview:

The course has received a global rating of 4.10 from recent reviews, indicating a strong positive reception among its users. The majority of the feedback praises the course for its relevance and clarity in teaching how to use Majestic and improve link building strategies. The course content is deemed simple yet effective, with several reviewers noting that it has significantly enhanced their understanding of Majestic and link building for both personal and client projects.


  • Comprehensive Content: The course material is considered comprehensive and relevant, offering simple techniques that are demonstrated effectively.
  • Ease of Understanding: Users have found the instruction to be clear and easy to follow, with the ability to revisit sections for clarification if needed.
  • Practical Application: Reviewers appreciate the practical examples provided, which allow for direct application of the techniques taught.
  • Knowledgeable Instructor: The instructor is described as very experienced and helpful, with a teaching style that makes complex subjects understandable.
  • Real Backlink Strategies: The course stands out by offering non-spammy backlink strategies that are both innovative and practical.
  • Resourceful: The course comes with great resources, further enhancing the learning experience.
  • High-Quality Content: The content has been rated as phenomenal, with several users highlighting the quality of information provided.
  • Recommendation for SEO Professionals: It is recommended for anyone involved in SEO or using Majestic, offering valuable insights into differentiating clients' businesses.


  • Outdated References: Some elements of the course, such as specific tool names and options, seem to have changed since the course was recorded, which may cause confusion among new users.
  • Quiz Design: A few reviewers pointed out that the quiz could have been better designed, with one user suggesting that figuring out the answers might be a matter of trial and error rather than true understanding.
  • Lack of Explanation on Terminology: Beginners may find the course confusing due to a lack of initial definitions for key terms and an explanation of how to interpret complex data presented.
  • Limited Scope on Other Tools: A desire for additional courses on other link building tools like Moz Open Site Explorer, Ahrefs, SEMrush, and BuzzStream suggests that users would appreciate a broader perspective on the tool landscape.
  • Inconsistencies with Platform Features: One user noted that some features discussed in the course, such as the Tracking Report option, are no longer available in Majestic.

Additional Feedback:

  • The course is described as "down to the point" and "to the point," indicating its efficiency and focus on the subject matter.
  • The presentation style is commended for its lack of sloppiness and its ability to engage users effectively.
  • The course is deemed "amazing" and "eye-opening," particularly in terms of understanding backlinks and their role in a business's online presence.

Final Verdict:

Overall, this course is highly recommended for individuals involved in SEO or those who are looking to use Majestic for link building. Despite some outdated references and the need for clearer explanations on certain aspects, the course offers valuable insights and practical strategies that can be applied to both personal and client projects. The positive feedback from users underscores its effectiveness in delivering a high-quality learning experience, with the caveat that users should be aware of the current features and nomenclature of Majestic.



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