Getting Started with Todoist

Learn how to be more productive today with one of the most powerful task management tools available.

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May 2021

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What you will learn

Understand how to navigate Todoist's many features.

Take advantage of many of Todoist's hidden, more advanced features.

Start getting things done by integrating Todoist with other tools you use.


You can be more productive right now. Learn how by taking full advantage of the popular task management tool Todoist. Millions of people around the world rely on Todoist every day to help them get stuff done.

We'll start this course by getting an overview of Todoist's interface. We'll get familiar with some of the terminology and features you'll come across when using Todoist. Some of the features we'll cover include:

  • Understanding projects

  • Adding and using labels

  • Search queries and syntax

  • Saved searches with filters

  • Gamification with Todoist karma

  • Setting up mobile, location and time-based reminders

After we're familiar with some of the core fundamental concepts, we'll start learning some more advanced features. We'll learn how to share projects, assign tasks to others and how we can save time by using project templates. We'll also learn how we can organize tasks using labels, work with filters, list and board views, use sections, sync Todoist with Google Calendar, take advantage of reminders and so much more. We'll wrap up this course with a look at how I use Todoist so you can steal ideas to help you hit the ground running.

By the end of this course, you'll be armed with the tools you need to be a more productive and effective person using Todoist's powerful features.


Getting Started with Todoist
Getting Started with Todoist
Getting Started with Todoist
Getting Started with Todoist


Course introduction

Course introduction

Todoist free features

Interface overview

Adding tasks in Todoist

Completing, editing and deleting tasks

Working with projects

Working with tasks and projects together

Task and project hierarchies

Using favorites

Adding time and date to tasks

Creating recurring tasks

Sharing projects

Controlling notifications

Changing the theme

Customizing Todoist to fit your needs

Gamifying productivity with karma

Todoist Premium features

Todoist Premium features section introduction

Adding attachments and comments

Stop forgetting things with reminders

Organizing tasks with labels

How filters work in Todoist

Saving time with project templates

Emailing tasks to projects

Backing up Todoist

Advanced Todoist

Advanced Todoist section introduction

Syncing Todoist with your calendar

Using Todoist in Gmail

Using Todoist in your web browser

Finding your history in Todoist

Steal ideas from how I use Todoist

3 of my favorite third-party integrations with Todoist

Filter Recipes

Filter recipes section introduction

Filter recipes: Everything due at work today

Filter recipes: Everything due outside of work today

Filter recipes: Someday/maybe


Aleksandra8 October 2020

This course explained basic Todoist concepts very well although many of them are very intuitive, but also there are hidden gems I knew nothing about. The Advanced section and Filter recipes are the most valuable. I liked the part where the author explains how he uses Gettings Things Done logic for Todoist projects and labels. Overall the course is concise and clearly communicated for new Todoist users.

Lee25 July 2020

Absolutely. Now using this app, and course shows me how to easily adapt the features to suit my needs.

Warehouse8 May 2020

It was indeed a good match for me. However, I started getting tired of everything when I got to know some sections of the features could only be accessed with premiums.

Vijay25 April 2020

Yes it was good . It cleared some confusions and doubts .it also provided additinal tips and triks. Half star less in anticipation for future tips and tricks

Joao12 April 2020

Superando minhas expectativas! Realmente o Todoist é uma ferramenta mais completa do que parece, mas sem algum treino eu iria demorar muito tempo pra descobrir algumas coisas...

Marton4 January 2020

Good introduction and step-by-step breakdown of Todoist features with a few tips how to increase your productivity.

Jack5 July 2018

Having just discovered ToDoist I needed help. This course does that. The application has changed since this course was recorded and should be updated but the basics are the same and this program can be very useful.

Edward5 May 2018

So far the information covered seem to be as expected. But it is driving me nuts that the instructor is talking about something, a button a feature, whatever - before he actually moves the cursor over it or types it on the keyboard. I dont know if it is just his style or a problem with the software that he is using, but I find it agravating.

Gustavo9 January 2018

All good ..sometimes was difficult to follow the cursor visually across the screen on demos. Otherwise fine.

Niko30 December 2017

I found this very helpful to get started with Todoist. Definitely recommend this course to those, who are starting with Todoist.

Lee29 September 2017

Really thorough with lots of realistic examples. Gave me many ideas of how to adapt Todoist to my specific workflow which I'd not thought of prior to taking this course.

James30 August 2017

Very thorough and well presented course, but now nearly two years out of date. Some screen shots and instructions are no longer reflected in the app.

Nicholas11 August 2017

Presenter keeps me interested. Simple. Logical. Guiding nicely so far. I'd previously used Todoist, but stopped as I couldn't be bothered to learn it. Now, this guy is teaching me. Well done - thank you!

Steve24 June 2017

IMHO this course is an absolute necessity if you are REALLY interested in benefitting from all of the bells and whistles Todoist has to offer. The instruction is second to none and is the best tutorial I have found after months of research. Lynda.com does not have a course and they would be hard-pressed to do a better job anyway. I HIGHLY recommend this course and the instructor who is a master in his presentation skills.

Michael6 May 2017

Concise course which quickly gets a user up to speed using the robust features of Todoist; well worth the time and cost.


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