Getting Started with Power BI: A Basic Course for Beginners

Embark on a journey to master the basics of Power BI, Microsoft's powerful data visualization tool.

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What you will learn

Basic Data Connection: Students will learn how to connect Power BI to simple data sources, gaining an understanding of basic data import techniques.

Introductory Data Cleaning: Learners will be introduced to the Power Query Editor for basic data cleaning tasks, such as removing duplicates and filtering data.

Fundamentals of Data Modeling: Participants will learn the basics of creating data models in Power BI, including simple relationships between tables.

Basic DAX Formulas and Visualizations: Students will acquire foundational skills in writing simple DAX formulas and creating basic report.

Understanding the overall life cycle of a building a Power BI Report from start to end.


Welcome to 'Getting Started with Power BI: A Basic Course for Beginners,' a practical guide to mastering Power BI in six key stages. Designed for absolute beginners, this course demystifies data visualization and analysis with Power BI, Microsoft's dynamic business intelligence tool.

Stage 1 - Connecting to a Data Source: Begin by learning how to connect Power BI to various data sources, laying the foundation for all your data visualization projects.

Stage 2 - Data Cleaning Using Power Query Editor: Delve into data cleaning, where you'll use the Power Query Editor to refine and prepare your data for analysis.

Stage 3 - Data Modeling: Discover the art of creating relationships between different datasets, a crucial step in building effective data models.

Stage 4 - DAX Formulas: Unlock the potential of DAX formulas to perform complex calculations, enhancing your data analysis capabilities.

Stage 5 - Visualization and Bookmarks: Learn how to transform your data into insightful visualizations and use bookmarks to build interactive, user-friendly reports.

Stage 6 - Publishing onto Power BI Service: Conclude by publishing your reports onto the Power BI Service, sharing your insights with others.

With this step-by-step approach, ensuring you gain confidence and proficiency in using Power BI for your data analysis needs.



Introduction to Power BI
Installing Power BI Desktop on Windows
Creating Virtual Machine for MAC Users (For Power BI Desktop)

Power BI Development Life Cycle

Power BI Development LifeCycle
Stage 1 - Connecting to Data Source
Stage 2 - Data Cleaning & Transformations
Stage 3 - Data Modelling & Relationships
Stage 4 - Creating Measures Using DAX
Stage 5 - Creating Visualizations
Stage 6 - Publishing Report to Power BI Service
Stage 7 - Next Steps


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