Internet of things

A beginner's Guide to the world of IoT

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Jul 2020

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What you will learn

You'll understand about the technology of Internet of Things

you'll get to know about different communication technologies and how we use them in our projects

You'll learn about micro-controllers and sensors. You'll also learn about Arduino and its basic functioning.

you'll learn about Nodemcu and programming arduino and nodemcu with the help of Aduino IDE

you'll learn about the protocol of IoT i.e. MQTT, you'll learn about Node-RED and you'll be able to work on the front-end using nodered.

you'll learn about Raspberry pi and head-less mode of setting up raspberry pi and creating a broker in raspberry pi

Finally you'll be able to make a complete home automation project using Nodemcu as the basic micro-controller and Node-RED as the Front-end Dashboard to control the appliances


About the Course

In this Offline Course You'll learn about the technology of Internet of Things. This course is a basic course to get yourself started with the technology of Internet of Things. You'll learn about IoT, its architecture, different communication models, Node-red and in this course we will be working on IBM's Node-red and Mqtt protocol. We will also be working on different micro-controllers and focus on the basic functionality of Micro-controllers . Here we will be learning about Arduino and Nodemcu. we will learn how we can use Nodecmcu with Node-red to receive messages over MQTT protocol to make our home Automation system.

We will be working on two Micro-controllers in this course. First one is arduino and the second one is Nodemcu.

Additionally we will learn about the interrupts and how we can use interrupts in our programs. We will be using one wire communication protocol to add an IR sensor to the arduino board. Also you'll learn to transfer the data between the two boards or two micro controllers using serial communication.

This course also focuses on MQTT protocol and gives the complete understanding and the working of MQTT protocol. you'll learn about the terms related to the MQTT, i.e. Mqtt broker, Pub/sub, topics, Payloads, QoS(Quality of Service) etc. which will help you to get a better understanding of the Internet of things project.


Internet of things
Internet of things
Internet of things
Internet of things



Introduction to IoT

Architecture of IoT - 01

Architecture of IoT - 02

Communication Models in IoT


Introduction to the Arduino Board

Analog Pins

PWM Pins

Power Pins

Programming the Arduino Board

Getting Started with Arduino

Serial Communication

Getting Data from the Sensor

External Interrupts

Program for using Interrupt

The Project

Getting Started with Nodemcu


Circuit Explanation

Programming Nodemcu with Arduino IDE

The MQTT Protocol

The Mqtt Program

Final Project

Raspberry Pi and Node red

Getting Started With Raspberry Pi

Setting Up Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

wpa_supplicant.conf file

Installing Nodered


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