Grant Writing: How to Write Nonprofit Grants for Beginners

A complete beginners guide to writing and applying for grant funding

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Grant Writing: How to Write Nonprofit Grants for Beginners


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Jan 2017

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What you will learn

Research and discover potential grant opportunities

Compose complete grant applications

Organize grant writing materials for current and future use

Revise and rewrite grant applications to ensure success

Assemble grant applications to apply for funding


Every nonprofit is unique. You are fighting for a specific, unique cause. You are serving a unique part of society, whether it be the dung beetles in Alaska or the homeless in Los Angeles. You have unique employees who are dedicated to your cause. You also have unique funding needs. Because there are so many things that make your organization unique, I want to help you tell your own story and apply for your own grants.

I have developed Grant Writing: How to Write Nonprofit Grants to cultivate your grant writing skills and empower you to write successful grants. There are millions of grants that you can apply for and quite a few foundations hardly receive any applications for their grants. This is money that could be accessed if you dedicate time to writing grants.

This course is designed with nonprofit organizations and their employees in mind. You will learn about the key aspects of a grant application, you will find grants that you can apply for, and you will go through the entire grant application process.

Your learning will be facilitated by video presentations, worksheets, quizzes, and assignments that will solidify the grant writing process and propel you towards getting funded.


Getting Started

Welcome to Getting Funded--The Grant Writing Process

Part 1-- Getting Started

Is Your Organization Ready to Apply for Grants?

Getting Organized

Google Drive Folder Assignment

Parts of a Grant

Case Study: Musana

The Parts of a Grant

End of Part 1 Assignment

Finding a Grant

Part 2--Finding a Grant

Grant Types

Grant Research Resources

Finding Grants Assignment

Using Guidestar

Finding the Right Grant Quiz

Know the Funder, Make a Good First Impression, Find a Good Match

Writing the Grant

Part 3--Writing the Grant

Crafting the Need Statement

The Facts

How to Find Supporting Data and Statistics to Build Your Case

Project Description

Evaluation Plan

Project Budget

Supplemental Documents

The Revision Process

Part 4--The Revision Process

Tips for Effective Writing

After Submission

Part 5--After Submission

We Were Funded! Now What?

Why Didn't We Get Funded? What Do We Do Now?


Tandon26 March 2021

I am working my way through the course and so far the instructor has already mentioned a few items that I need to improve.

Sharon3 February 2021

Yes it gives me an idea of what I need to help the non-profits to have in place to get the process started and increase their chances of being approved

Karen12 November 2020

Because I have never written a grant, this is a good course for me to learn what will be the organization's best bet for getting noticed.

Francis5 November 2020

The course was quite educational and enlightening,it has revealed to me the constant mistakes I have been doing over the years,in the proposals I have been writing. I see myself writing a better proposal for the NGO for funding only to donors we are qualified to,and also be well prepared for the proposal Application presentation in terms of documentation

Yvonne2 November 2020

I am a beginner in the grant writing process and feel that the course is pitched at a level that I can understand, benefit from and hopefully immediately put into practice.

Michael12 October 2020

A lot of good, understandable, beginner information on grant writing for non-profits. This has helped quite a bit!

Patricia9 September 2020

It did give me some information that I didn't know. I guess I wanted more therefore, I will take another class. Thank you

Susanna17 August 2020

Good course with many great ideas. I am in the beginning stages of Grant Writing, and welcome all additional information. I plan to review this course periodically.

Alysa10 August 2020

I have Zero experience in grant writing. This class shows the basic steps you need to write a grant. I especially liked the attachments and quizzes!

Ronald3 August 2020

I have not completed the course yet- at this point- I have learned a lot. After completion, I have found more information than expected and I strongly feel all of it- will be very helpful.

Carolyn25 June 2020

I like the variety of information covered. This is a good overall a-z explanation of grant writing. Now that I know briefly what it entails, I can move on to more specific courses related to my part in grant writing.

Lindsay26 May 2020

This is a good course for beginners but the specific stories could be much shorter and were often frustrating to sit through because they were so long. The presentation of this course could be more practiced so there aren't so many verbal crutches and long pauses.

Brenda26 December 2019

This really help me better understand the process and I begin to write my first few grants. Thanks for the great information

Jaya23 June 2019

I enjoyed this course because it was easy to understand and follow. The added resources along with the instruction was a good fit.

Lindsey20 June 2019

While it was a good basic jumping in place, certain things like 990 was assumed that I knew and I had to stop and look it up. Perhaps a note pop-up for things that need to be explained but not infringe on time.


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