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How to Get Hired: Win at every stage and Get Hired Today.

Strategies, Tactics, Hacks & Tips. Master the Job Interview. Get more Job Offers. Have Job Success. Higher your Salary.

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Jul 2021

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What you will learn

Separate yourself from other candidates

Confidence going through every stage of the process

Understand what companies look for in a candidate

An attention grabbing Cover Letter

Build a Professional and Powerful Resume

Ace every type of Interview: Phone, Face to Face, & Group Interviews

You will be able to Maximize Recruiters and Staffing Firms

Negotiate effectively and gain a higher salary

Build Rapport Instantly and make a Great First Impression

More activity, opportunities, and results!


Hey guys! Welcome to the "How to Get Hired" course. First off, Thank you for taking the time to look at this. It really means a lot.

For those that don't know me, I have over 12 years of executive recruiting and career coaching experience, but what really put me on the map was when I started my own company called Candidate Advisors five years ago. Candidate Advisors is a nationwide resume writing and career advisory firm that focuses on helping people get hired.

In my career I've read over 200,000 resumes, interviewed over 5,000 candidates, and have placed over 1,000 people at different companies all across the United States. I've written resumes for VP's at major brands like Nike and General Electric. I've also placed executives at Nestle Waters, Morgan Stanley and Berkshire Hathaway to name a few.

My goal for this course is to get you hired by giving you confidence and the correct information so you can WIN. I'm going to provide you with the blueprint on how to succeed at every stage of the job hiring process. This course includes innovative strategies, tactics, and tips that will separate you from the competition and get you hired.

This course will cover a variety of main topics such as resume & cover letter writing, interviewing, negotiating, how to maximize recruiters, job search strategies, and much more.

We're living in a very interesting time where companies aren't following the transitional way of identifying and selecting candidates to hire. This course is here to provide you with the framework and knowledge of what to expect and how to handle it, so you won't be surprised by any prospective employer when going through the grueling job hiring process.

Thank you again for taking this journey with me and for spending your time participating in this course.

I hope you get everything you expect, and much more.



How to Get Hired: Win at every stage and Get Hired Today.
How to Get Hired: Win at every stage and Get Hired Today.
How to Get Hired: Win at every stage and Get Hired Today.
How to Get Hired: Win at every stage and Get Hired Today.


Why should you be here?


Cover Letters

Why Cover Letters are important and what it should entail.

Writing a Professional Resume

Resume Writing, Formatting, Guidelines, Buzz Words & Tips

How to search for your next job.

Staffing Firms & Recruiters

Advice for Recent Graduates

Changing Careers

LinkedIn Job Searching

LinkedIn 101

Why Your LinkedIn Job Search Is Failing

LinkedIn Job Search Strategies and Techniques

SEO and Keyword Basics

This might be decreasing your Response Rate

Creating Content

How to Win in every type of Interview

Apply to a few companies you DON'T want. Why?

Phone Interviews

Dress Code

First Impressions, Building Rapport, and Body Language

Scheduling an Interview

Understanding the Selection Criteria Managers Use.

In person - Face to Face Interviews

What Questions to Ask

Experience & Accomplishments

Group Interviews


How to Negotiate effectively.

The #1 way to ask for a raise.

Bonus Material

Self Awareness


Counter Offers


Final Thoughts


Constance29 August 2018

Thus far , currently listening to video the instructor is delivering excellent information!!!????????

Jodie10 May 2017

This course is excellent! The content was incredibly helpful and presented in an extremely organized and thoroughly effective way. Thank you!

Shannon15 December 2016

Feeling really prepared now as I go into the search for a new job. Michael gives a ton of useful information about every step of the hiring process and what it takes to get hired. Overall very happy with this course. Would highly recommend to anyone who is out of work or anyone who is looking to change jobs.

Kelly22 November 2016

I appreciate the insider's view on what hiring managers are looking for. In addition, he provides a lot of specific advice, which is often difficult to find when you're trying to figure out how to approach an interview.

Alex5 October 2016

Excellent content on staffing firms and how to use LinkedIn. The whole course was straight to the point and easy to understand. Feeling encouraged...

Michael22 September 2016

Really happy with this course. Instructor is very positive and knowledgeable. Information and tips provided are extremely helpful.

Paul12 September 2016

Great tips. The instructor is personable, concise and clearly knows what he's talking about. Thank you!

Andrew2 September 2016

Very informative about the entire job search process. Would have like to have seen maybe some mock interviews pointing out the good and bad parts of those interviews.

Blake22 August 2016

Great investment! This course really covers everything you need to know and more. I've been at the same company for 6 years and I've just started to look for something new. I feel very confident now heading into the process. Michael does an amazing job delivering the content.

Peter20 August 2016

The course was okay but rather generic. I did not learn anything new from watching it. I was hoping there would be much more information on how to write a powerful attention grabbing executive level resume and cover letter but there wasn't. I am honestly kind of disappointed.

Jonathan18 February 2016

Provides great insight on those things that make a big difference - each section included several key learning points to remember. A great investment of my time - the value easily exceeded the time and cost invested. Weaving in some relevant stories/examples that reinforce the key point and you will leave the viewer with hooks/metaphors to apply in the future.

Paul12 January 2016

If you are looking for a new job, I would highly recommend this course. The instructor will provide you with great tips on improving your resume, writing a cover letter, interview tips, and negotiating skills. After taking this course you'll feel much more confident in your approach to finding the right job.


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