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Get Repeat Sales with an App in 90 Days

(without breaking the Bank)

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

This is a must-watch course for any small business or startup planning on investing money in an app

Find out exactly how your business can benefit from an app

Plan Ahead: Mobile Trends, Online Consumer Buying Behaviour and why this is important for your Business

Commit to Marketing: Learn how to launch, market and track success of your app campaigns


Dear Udemy Student

Small businesses and startups with limited resources often struggle with their app project, or experienced inadequate customer service from vendors who do a great sales pitch but don't deliver, who overcharge or don't provide the app marketing support businesses need to ensure their investment pays off.

This course helps you avoid all of that stress and may even save you some hard earned money!

I've created this course for anyone who's planning on investing in an app with the hope that they'll gain an understanding of app marketing basics BEFORE they make that investment, not AFTER. If you're following this course, I hope this will help you make an informed decision on your marketing investment.

We've been developing Small Business Apps since 2013, have worked with many businesses from different industry sectors and therefore have experienced, first hand, both the challenges and sucesses of introducing apps into an organisation.

This course has been offered to you free of charge. We hope you'll find it useful.

Please don't forget to leave us a review when you do and look out for my next course on LinkedIn Marketing

To your App Marketing Success!


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Get Repeat Sales with an App in 90 Days
Get Repeat Sales with an App in 90 Days
Get Repeat Sales with an App in 90 Days
Get Repeat Sales with an App in 90 Days


An Introduction to this short free course

Introduction to this Course

Introduction to Module 1

UK Mobile Trends and Why They Matter

How your Business can benefit from an App and a few App Marketing basics

Introduction to Module 2

Three Key Differences between Apps & Websites and where to spend your Money

Introduction to Module 3

How will you benefit from an App (Part 1)

How will you benefit from an App (Part 2)

Introduction to Module 4

Introduction to Module 5


Giulia21 May 2019

A brilliant course that provides very clear insights. I love the fact that it constantly encourages the students to think about the best strategy and the specific priorities for their own businesses. Also love the little quizzes!

Rafael6 May 2019

Joyce clearly knows mobile marketing and explains that in detail. I am really enjoying the course. Very useful, very insightful and the quiz is fun. I recommend this course.


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