Get Published Using the FREE Kindle Create App

How to use the Kindle Create app to quickly and easily become a published author on Amazon KDP

Get Published Using the FREE Kindle Create App
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Jun 2022
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What you will learn

Learn how to use the Kindle Create app

Become a published author on Amazon KDP

Publish a print book on Amazon KDP

Publish an eBook on Amazon KDP


This course will show you how to use the FREE Kindle Create app to quickly and easily publish both a print book and an eBook to the Amazon KDP platform... no tech skills required!

When I published my first book back in 2017, I thought the hardest part of getting published would be WRITING the book.

Boy was I wrong.

That was when the editing and formatting process began, and THAT'S the part that overwhelms so many first-time authors, preventing them from getting published.

Don't let that be you!

If you follow along with this simple and practical guide, I promise you'll be getting published on the Amazon KDP platform in no time flat, and that it will be quicker and easier than you ever thought possible.


About your instructor Adrian Kwan...

My authoring journey began in late 2017 when I decided that I wanted to publish a book based on inspiring stories about women who'd managed to survive incredibly tough times such as domestic violence, substance abuse and mental illness.

After taking a VERY expensive course on self-publishing (which was of VERY limited use), I decided to do things my way and published 'From Fear to Freedom' which went on to hit #1 on Amazon in Australia, the US and the UK.

As is often the case, my life took a detour and I ended up in the world of beauty pageants (that's a long story for another day). To cut a long story short, I decided to put my book-publishing talents to use and published the two-volume monster 'Confessions of a Pageant Queen', containing interviews with 160 pageant queens from arond the world.

Both volumes went on to crack the Top Ten in Amazon.

In 2022 I'm doubling down on authoring and self-publishing. My journey in this industry has certainly not been a simple one and much of it has been learnt through sheer trial and error (often very late at night).

If I can pass on even a small part of that wisdom to you and save you years of wondering 'what if', then I will consider it well worth it.

My belief is that EVERYONE has a book in them. Some may want to pen a best-seller. Others may simply want to publish a book as a bucket list item. For others still, it might be a useful tool for their business or personal brand.

No matter where you fit in that spectrum, I hope you will get great value (and very PRACTICAL value) from the courses I publish here on Udemy.

Make sure you let me know what book projects you're working on so that I can better help you achieve your authoring goals!



Course Introduction & Overview

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Overview of the Kindle Create app
Why use the Kindle Create app?

Creating your book in Kindle Create

Import your manuscript
Identify your chapters
Front and Back Matter
Pick a Theme
Set Print Settings
Export your KPF file

Uploading/publishing your book to Amazon KDP

Uploading your print book
Uploading your eBook


Wrapping it up and next steps

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